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UPDATE: There's an overwhelming response to this show, so thank you very much! BTW, couple of quick hits:

  1. No need for a scorekeeper this time! I found a better choice for homemade Jeopardy boards.
  2. Remember there's NO PRIZES INVOLVED, at least for the time being. I won't be able to donate anything yet, but g1s can gladly join in and donate their own stuff! I will accept anything - games, artwork, collectibles, sh*tty games, consoles, WHATEVER! I might donate something in the future, but g1 Jeopardy's main purpose is just for bragging rights, that's it.
  3. Still need an extra recording assistant, so PM me if you want to collaborate!

Editor's Note: Here's another neat concept from the mind of Jetz.acx. A few rounds of Jeopardy should be a nice way to bring the g1 community together for a good bit of fun. 

 Just this once, I'll put some music for you guys to hear while reading this article.


Jeopardy is one of the most popular quiz shows here in the US. It has a very simple premise: three contestants take turns uncovering clues in the form of answer behind money values, and then they ring in to answer them in the form of a question. If the player responds correctly, he/she will earn the money. However if it's wrong, that same amount will be subtracted by his/her current total of winnings. This is why it's called Jeopardy - you're constantly wagering your money every time you try to respond to a clue.

Anyway, the "clueboard" is this giant 5x6 TV board in which each column has 5 clues of a particular category, all with increasing money values. The bigger the money, the harder the clue. There's also that famous "Daily Double" that could appear anywhere on the clue board, which give that lone player the chance to wager any amount of money they want, but then they will have to answer a pretty difficult clue in order to win it or else they'll lose their wager.

The iconic Jeopardy clueboard. Your parents SHOULD know what it is.

There are three rounds: Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, and Final Jeopardy. The difference between the first and second rounds is that Double Jeopardy doubles all the money values and has two Daily Doubles instead of one. The Final Jeopardy is where a final category with a clue is given to the players, where they will wager one final amount before giving their answer. (It's also where the classic "Think" music is played) When this round is finished, the player with the biggest amount of money wins.



Now that you understand what is Jeopardy and how it works, I'll tell you how G1 JEOPARDY works. Instead of having boring trivia about history and/or stuff you learn from school, we're going into the stuff you care about - VIDEO GAMES. And of course, ScrewAttack in general. So...each category will have 5 answers and questions (remember that the question is supposed to be the response!), all having to do with the category I told you right now.

So here's an example: Say I got as category, um... THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. One of the clues goes like this:



The response? "What is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time?" Simple to understand.



Well...a lot. It means that it's a whole new show that will be featured on g1 Features. It means that g1s will have a chance to have fun together. And it also means that I want volunteers for a pilot episode that we'll do on March! That's right, I'm preparing two clue boards for you people which I'll promise they'll be ready for March for all of us to enjoy. Using this pilot episode, I'll be able to prepare a base template for future shows (thus speeding up the editing process) and then, hopefully, continuously broadcast future shows for more g1s to join in and have some fun.'s the thing. See, I have this issue here that, well, I need a few things. Especially from you g1s. This is very ambitious, and I do think some of you might find this boring, but who knows - MAYBE through this game show we MIGHT earn a few new followers of the growing community! Aha!


So...what do we need? Well lemme tell you how the show's going to work:

  • All Jeopardy games will be played at either TinyChat (dubious method) or Skype (better method). I say Tinychat's a dubious method because the quality will suffer and it's more complicated to record stuff. We might however do the pilot episode over there though, so stay tuned.
  • There will be three contestants per game, of course. If streamed on Tinychat, all three will need to download Audacity and record themselves as they play. (See why it's hard?) Skype however only requires a simple friend request as there are recording programs out there around the nets to facilitate the whole process. Wee!
  • Players ring-in by simply typing something on the chatbox. (not the question, simply write ANYTHING, it's the ring-in!) The first to type in will have the chance to answer first via voice chat. If he/she gets it wrong, I allow other players to ring-in, if at 5 seconds no one answers the question is revealed.
  • Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy rounds will play as in the game show. If you need to know how a typical Jeopardy show plays out you can go and search on Youtube and look at how they play. Or you can just wait until the pilot episode comes in. I'll talk to potential players all about the rules later on.
  • I'll need help on recording. While the clueboard will most likely be recorded by me, I'll need an extra recorder for the video chat and possibly a scorekeeper. The latter may or may not have a program to aid him/her.
  • Pauses occur at Answer 13 of Jeopardy round, End of Jeopardy Round, and End of Double Jeopardy Round. These pauses will serve as a way to split the recording a bit and not take a huge toll on the computer's memory.
  • Final Jeopardy will be played just like in the game show: after the category is revealed, players will PM me their wagers before revealing the clue. After the clue is revealed, they have 30 seconds to write down their question, also via PM. They can correct themselves if necessary, however after reaching the time limit, they will no longer be allowed to send in their responses.

How frequent are we going to do this? Provided that I'm the only one who's working on the clues right now and there's a lukewarm reception towards my tweets lately, it's most likely to be a monthly feature, if not bi-weekly. Potential players can leave a comment below and I'll pull out three g1s at random for an opportunity to play on the pilot episode. When it will be? I'll tell you in the near future. What I can tell you is that this is happening, and it will definitely be fun, especially when you see the categories and say to yourself "gosh, I should have watched/played X before".

For those who are going to volunteer on recording and scorekeeping, hit me with a PM over here at ScrewAttack and I'll see what we can do about it. Until then, this is JETZ.acx SIGNING OFF.

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