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Three new Mario-themed 3DS XLs on the horizon ... in China

11/1/12 6:32pm

Nintendo created a joint venture over in China with a company dubbed iQue, and its latest products are those snazzy, Mario/Mario Kart 7 themed 3DS XL models you can see in the header. They are officially known as Mario White, Mario Silver, and the limited Mario Red and Gold.

Not only do these look super cool, but they also come preloaded with both Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. That's one heck of a deal, though these puppies probably won't see the light of day in the West. First Charizard, now these...

These will launch in December, but the press release says nothing about the price.

What do you g1s think? Should Nintendo make an effort to bring out some fancier 3DS models stateside? Or are you happy with what we've got? Let us know in the comments!

Original Release: http://www.ique.com/3ds/pressrelease_3dsxl.html

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