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Thunderplant's Top 10 Generation V Pokemon

9/11/11 10:01pm

I'm a biased motherfucker, and my opinions are obviously better. Care to explain otherwise? Read the damn list!

Hello people, and welcome to mah first blog. Long time G1, first time blogger. Initially, I wanted do a "Top #" of some kind, and since I'm a fan of Pokemon, why not do that? Here is how I'm doing it. The Pokemon will be judged under two categories: Online Playability and Design. I regularly play online with some friends of mine, so I have some knowledge of the metagame. Also, I've seen lists that only complement on the Pokemon's appearance, only to realize they have a crap movepool and/or base stat. Also, no legendaries, as they will automatically be in the top placings (some of the less phallic looking ones, obviously) With 150 new Pokemon in this generation, what Pokemon made this list, and what didn't? Well read on to find out. But for now here are the unlucky Pokemon that didn't make it.

Serperior (Jalorda)

Flame shield up. Initially, Snivy would be the top choice for everyone because of the Smugleaf meme. (And why not, he's a fucking snake?) But aside from the design, it's base stats are fucking strange. Base speed and defenses (113) and (93), respectively mean that he's a speedy tank. Aside from the low amount of grass sweepers, I have no to little use for it. This is my opinion, obviously. I know that it does have Swords Dance, but so does Sceptile. But overall, it's just an average Pokemon.

Design: 7/10 (Well, it's Smugleaf for a reason)
Usefulness: 4/10 (For a grass only type, it has a lot of weaknesses.)

Samurott (Daikenki)

What?! Another starter type? Well, I hate Emboar with a passion so he doesn't make the list at all. Awesome attacks, notable defense and "decent" speed. Another bulky water is added to the clan! Aside from the lack of special defense from other water type, this actually does have a decent movepool. But other than that, I have no idea how to use it. XP Like Jalorda, they both have a similar problem with having a mix of physical/special moves, where the lack of versatility kills them. But I guess they could both be efficient mixed attackers. It pains me to say it, but it actually came close to my Top 10.

Design: FUCKING NARWHAL SAMURAI AUTO 10! (And I'm serious. I love this thing.)
Usefulness: 5/10 (Better than Jalorda because of only two weaknesses)
Now on to the list. I am basing them off mainly the following criteria. If they are personally appealing, they automatically are on the list. If they have less than 5/10 on the usefulness category, they are kicked out of the Top Ten. I would have mentioned more, but I'm just too lazy. XP

10. Durant (Aianto)

Type: Bug/Steel

-Swarm - Powers up Bug-type moves in a pinch. (If you have >1/2 health, Bug moves get a 1.5x boost)
-Hustle - Boosts the Attack stat, but lowers accuracy. (Attack Up 50%, Accuracy Down 20%)

Base Stats:
HP: 58
Atk: 109
Def: 112
SpA: 48
SpD: 48
Spe: 109

Think a faster Scizor, because that's what Durant pretty much is. But hey, that's not a negative. It has the speed and attack to qualify as a sweeper, and with Hustle, his attack pretty much doubles (with the accuracy drop). It can survive physical attacks, but one flamethrower and it's toast. Movepool is similar to his comparison, except for a few noticeable threats. Durant can learn Stone Edge, AND Thunder Fang. For a tiny critter, it can inflict heavy damage. Ranked lower on the list because it has very little running with it. With design being an introduction factor, I had to add it. But looking back, he could easily be switched with Samurott. (In fact, I might do a revision with Durant being replaced)

Design: 7/10 (Initally grabbed my interest when I first saw it)
Usefulness: 6/10 (Aside from Hustle, which also is a negative point, it doesn't have much running for it.)

9. Ferrothorne (Nutrey)

Type: Grass/Steel

-Iron Barbs - Inflicts damage to the Pokémon on contact. (Pretty much Rough Skin)

Base Stats:
HP: 74
Atk: 94
Def: 131
SpA: 54
SpD: 116
Spe: 20

Talk about pitiful speed. But even with a x4 weakness to fire, it still has amazing defenses. It pretty much replaces any support grass type, as its movepool screams support Pokemon. If Stealth Rocks, Spikes, Leech Seed, Protect and T-Wave don't scream support, then I don't know what does. Notably offense moves it can hold are Power Whip and Gyro Ball. (Or Explosion if you feel like making a Forretress clone XP) One of the better walls of this generation, it definitely is worth looking at. Design wise, it just grew on me. I could say it was filler, but to be quite honest, I liked the lil' bugger.

Design: 7/10
Usefulness: 8/10 (Excellent wall + support for any team)

8. Cofagrigus (Desukarn)

Type: Ghost

-Mummy - Contact with this Pokémon spreads this Ability. (Pretty much gets rid of the Pokemon's ability.)

Base Stats:
HP: 58
Atk: 50
Def: 145
SpA: 95
SpD: 105
Spe: 30

A wall?! In already a group full of sweepers? Well yes. Just listening to his (and his pre-evos) backstory is haunting. This thing used to be HUMAN. Now, I realized that Jellicent is a better bulky Pokemon than Cofagrigus, but to be quite honest, his design is pretty lame. Through Mummy, it can get rid of those nuisances called Abilities that can easily destroy your team. Scizor with Technician? Not any more. MUMMY'D. It's movepool is decent; With Will-O-Wisp/Rest for bulky purposes and shadow Ball/Calm Mind for attacking. This Pokemon does have a lot in it's arsenal if used correctly, but it's usefulness lies in whether you want a wall or an attacker.

Design: 8/10 (It pretty much came from King Tut's Tomb)
Usefulness: 7/10 (It can be outclassed, but it's still decent)

7. Reuniclus (Lanculus)

Type: Psychic

-Overcoat - Protects the Pokémon from damage from weather.
-Magic Guard - The Pokémon only takes damage from attacks. (Unaffected by indirect damage. ie. Toxic, Rocks)

Base Stats:
HP: 110
Atk: 65
Def: 75
SpA: 125
SpD: 85
Spe: 30

Terrible typing for an okay Pokemon. It's stats are nothing to brag about, with HP and SpA being your best choices. Again, speed is low for whatever reason. GameFreak must be toying with us. But does Magic Guard make up for everything? I would say so. Aside from all that, Reuniclus has an awesome movepool, with Trick Room even. If you plan on running a specialized team with Trick Room, then he is definitely your best bet. If you have trouble thinking of moves, just use Alakazam as a reference. (They pretty much know the same useful moves XP) Focus Punch is a must against Dark Type. It apparently is based upon the homunculus, which brings my inner FMA fan to a joy. But you gotta admit, it is one lovable fetus.

Design: 9/10 (Makes me want to hug it's squishy outsides)
Usefulness: 6/10 (Terrible speed for Psychic of all types! Trick Room makes this a killer)

6. Eelektross (Shibirudon)

Type: Electric

-Levitate - Gives full immunity to all Ground-Type moves

Base Stats:
HP: 85
Atk: 115
Def: 80
SpA: 105
SpD: 80
Spe: 50

I'm sorry what's this now? No weaknesses? With amazing attacks and decent defenses...and crap speed. (Which is fucking strange for a Electric type Pokemon) Although you would think that speed doesn't matter with no weaknesses, it still can be outsped by the most threatening walls. Therefore, speed investment is a must, although not as significant. With a decent movepool, you can make him anything you want in the range of physical, special or mixed. It can fill out any typing with the latter, and with Life Orb, you're pretty much set. Although there isn't much to say about it, it is a decent Pokemon to have in your team with in real disadvantages. I don't know why I like it, but being a good no-weakness type does have a certain appeal to it.

Design: 8/10 (I really don't know why I like it. It's something about creepy things I guess XP)
Usefulness: 8/10 (Although has no up or downside, it's movepool can be used to surprise opponents)

5. Conkeldurr (Roobushin)

Type: Fighting

-Guts - Boosts Attack if there is a status problem. (Raises Atk stat by 50% when affected by a status aliment)
-Sheer Force - Removes added effects to increase move damage. (s the base power of all moves that have a secondary effect by 30%, whereas the secondary effects are ignored.)

Base Stats:
HP: 105
Atk: 140
Def: 95
SpA: 55
SpD: 65
Spe: 45

Despite it's pitiful speed, Conkeldurr defines an offensive powerhouse. With Guts, and an already amazing Base Atk, speed means nothing when all he's doing is killing your opponents. With somewhat respectable defenses, it can also take hits as well. With moves like Mach Punch and Drain Punch, there are reasons why Snorlax is being considered to move down to UU. Though, I will give points off for having such a stupid name. (I was watching YT vids since the JP. launch so I've become more accustomed to the Jap. names) Those are disregarded for the options you can use with this beast.

Design: 7/10 (Name is a definite negative in his side)
Usefulness: 9/10 (Mach Punch and Drain Punch are moving Fighting Types beg to have)

4. Hydreigon (Sazandora)

Type: Dark/Dragon

-Levitate - Gives full immunity to all Ground-Type moves

Base Stats:
HP: 92
Atk: 105
Def: 90
SpA: 125
SpD: 90
Spe: 98

Level 64?! This better be wort-Holy Crap?! Are those small dragons for hands?! Yes Hydreigon is the psudo-legendary of this generation. But does it compare to the uber stylings of Garchomp? Unfortunately no. It's strange speed offsets its awesome base attacks. Not to mention, with a strange typing, it gains the weaknesses of Fighting and Bug. But since it's moveset is good (like all psudo-legendaries), has the ability to become an awesome special attacker. Not to mention, possession of Draco Meteor is a must if you intend on actually owning one. Although it can run a physical set, it would be a better investment to run a special with a lot of investment on speed.

Design: 9/10 (It's already my favourite psudo-legendary)
Usefulness: 8/10 (It's a shame really. If it weren't for it's speed, it would be an automatic win)

3. Haxorus (Ononokus)

Type: Dragon

-Rivalry - Deals more damage to a Pokémon of same gender. (Same gender, up 25%. Opposite, down 25%)
-Mold Breaker - Moves can be used regardless of Abilities.

Base Stats:
HP: 76
Atk: 147
Def: 90
SpA: 60
SpD: 70
Spe: 97

Meet your Physical Dragon sweeper. It's physical attack outbeats GARCHOMP, and only loses in speed by 4 points. As a mono-type, it has a limited movepool, in comparison to (for example) Salamance, but with moves provided will suffice. EQ and Outrage are always popular choices among physical attackers, pretty much making him equivalent to Tyranitar. With those two moves listed above, it's pretty much more than enough to kill your opponents with relative ease. Design wise, talk about overkill. It has a freakin' axe for a head. (And I love it!) It has "hax" in his name, so it pretty much implies he's in it till the end. No Ice Type will bring him down, as he'll just EQ them to victory. XP

Design: 9/10 (I just love the dragons of this generation)
Usefulness: 9/10 (Amazingly, it could even outclass Hydreigon)

2. Chandelure (Shandera)

Type: Ghost/Fire

-Flash Fire - It powers up Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.
-Flame Body - Contact with the Pokémon may burn the attacker.

Base Stats:
HP: 60
Atk: 55
Def: 90
SpA: 145
SpD: 90
Spe: 80

Dream World ability Shadow Tag?! Talk about revenge killer. Already note it has monstrous special attack, so it can easily sweep with STAB Shadow Ball/Fire Blast. Although speed may be an issue, a Timid set is probably best for it. Although it doesn't learn anything that useful, thanks to Gen V, that doesn't really matter. With a plethora of moves available for it, including Calm Mind if you want to Shadow Tag a support. (And sweep the rest of your opponents team) No wonder why his DW ability was in discussion for ban. Design wise, it's reminds me of a certain fellow with the name jack and had a desire for candles. (Not going there) I don't know why, but they really impressed me with the ghost types in this generation. Chandelure probably being the most appealing.

Design: 10/10 (It's simple, but makes its mark as a ghost)
Usefulness: 9/10 (Aside from speed, there isn't much going against it)

1. Excadrill (Doryuzu)

Type: Ground / Steel

-Sand Rush - Doubles Speed in a sandstorm (like Swift Swim for deserts)
-Sand Force - Ground, Rock, and Steel moves do increased damage during a sandstorm (I don’t know the percent increase. I want to say it's 30%, but don't write home on it. I think it's on Smogon Research, but I'm not 100% sure.)

Base Stats
HP: 110
Atk: 135
Def: 60
SpA: 50
SpD: 65
Spe: 88

Do you know how awesome he is? Well Smogon apparently does, and he is currently still being tested whether or not he's suited for the UBER tier. For a lot of weaknesses, he does have a high Attack, and decent enough Speed to call it a sweeper. Balloon automatically takes care of the ground weakness, and Earthquake with Fire/Fighting. Well that just leaves Water type as it's only viable weakness...in a sense. With a Jolly set, this thing could dominate OU (not to mention, can learn Swords Dance to already power up his already impressive attack) Oh, and I almost forgot, his abilities. Double speed in sandstorm?! With Tyranitar already dominate in the metagame, looks like someone found a dancing partner.

Design: 8/10 (He SCREAMS epic)
Usefulness: 10/10 (With a sandstorm, he can pretty much kill your team. Instantly)
There you have it. My personal Top Ten Pokemon from the recent Black and White games. Hopefully you like this, and if you have any criticisms/comments, then comment below. If there is any Pokemon you think I missed, then comment and see if it's worth a list revision. You wanna make your own list, then kindly do so. I probably missed some Pokemon, but these are the ones from the top of my head.

NOTE: Although the scoring might seem odd, it's overall based on my biased opinion on the Pokemon.

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