Titanium Man of Flash Gaming 5 - Tell 'em What They Won!

Posted on November 25, 2013 - 11:58am by TMoFG


TMoFG 5 is over, what did Team Final Dugan win? Let's find out!

Well TMoFG 5 is over, some of you liked it some of you hated it. I thought it was “okay”. There were some bugs and the team mechanic sounded better on paper then in reality, but it was a fun experiment. I know this will be my last TMoFG I host for a while, but I cannot say the same to Darkhyrulelord… I ain’t sure what he’s planning.


Nevertheless, I hope you at least had fun and let’s find out who won.


Game #1 – Achievement Unlocked 2

Team Final Dugan

Finalplayerryu – 14:12:40

Dum Dum Dugan – 9:14:73

Total – 23:27:13


Team Runner-ups

Atsinganoi – 8:57:97

LurchenGamer – 16:08:87

Total – 24:66:84


Winner – Team Final Dugan


Game #2 – Rektagon

Team Final Dugan

Finalplayerryu – 34

Dum Dum Dugan – 29

Total – 63


Team Gentlemen

Woodyman – 42

Ryan Stout – 19

Total – 61


Winner –  Team Final Dugan


Bonus Game – Spank the Monkey

Team Final Dugan

Finalplayerryu – 513mph

Dum Dum Dugan – 461mph

Total – 974mph


Team ScrewAttack

Craig – 690mph

John – 870mph

Total – 1560mph


Winner – Team ScrewAttack


Team Final Dugan almost swept the boards but considering the last game was a bonus, they lose 0$ off their prize. That means they each win 1 Steam game of up to $30. Please PM me on my Woodyman account. So I can give you your prize. HINT: If you wait until Steam winter or Black Friday sale you might be able to get more prize for your buck... just saiyan.




Congratz Team Final Dugan, you deserve this. See y'all for Season 6 of TMoFG!

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