TMoFG 3 - Sign Ups and Rules

Posted on July 29, 2012 - 5:40pm by TMoFG


 Season 3 of the Titanium Man of Flash Gaming has arrived! Sign up now to prove that you are the best g1, at flash games.

Titanium Man of Flash Gaming - Season 3



 Hey g1s,

I am Woodyman and I’ll be your Game-Master for Season 3 of one of the greatest online competitions of all time…


That’s right, it’s time for Season 3 of Titanium Man of Flash Gaming or as I like to call it, TMoFG 3.



Now if you’re new here, you’re probably wondering WTF is TMoFG?

Well I’ll tell ya!


TMoFG is a video game competition similar to ScrewAttack’s Iron Man of Gaming (IMoG). In this competition, you compete with other g1s in a series of online Flash Games, to find out who’s the best Flash Gamer. 

(All games are free to play, so ANYONE can join!)

It’s that simple!



• Every Monday a new game will be announced. Your object will be to get the highest score/lowest time etc…

• Rules for each specific game will be posted with the announcement

• You have until Sunday (MIDNIGHT EST) to play the game and send me your best score/lowest time via a Print Screen (usually)

• Any signs of cheating will result in immediate disqualification

• The first game will be announced Monday, August 20, 2012.

• You have until then to sign up!

• If you wish to sign up comment below

• For those that want to sign up, make sure that you put in an email address or a twitter account info in case I need to remind you to send in your score.

  • The winner shall recieve a game from Steam. If the winner does not have a Steam account then he/she shall receive a prize from
  • Prizes will be $20 or less... I'm not made of money
  • I'm made of wood


If you took part in season 1 or season 2 of TMoFG you know how things work, well this time it’s gonna be a little bit different!




Instead you will be given a set amount of points for how good you do in the flash game.

  • If you get first place you’ll get the most points.
  • If you get last place you’ll get the least amount of points.
  • If you fail to hand in a score, you’ll get ZERO points
  • After 10 weeks (10 games) the 5 g1s with the highest scores will face one final challenge!
  • Then the g1 with the highest score will be crowned Titanium Man of Flash Gaming!


This means that anyone can take first at any time. It only matters, WHO YOU BEAT.




If you have any questions comment below, E-Mail, or tweet me @Woodyman_g1


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