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Today's Takeaway - 09/21

9/21/11 6:59pm

After yesterday's takeaway we received a lot of great feedback from the g1s, but missRPGenius brought  up a point in her comment regarding our "headline style" that I wanted to bring to the community. From the inception of the "Gaming News" section, we chose to write our headlines a specific way. That style in particular was to capitalize only the first word and any proper nouns in the title. Similar to Joystiq.

There are no rules on how any site should do this and there are other alternatives. For example, Kotaku uses a more professional style, capitalizing most words; except the small, unimportant ones. Then there is Game Informer, who capitalizes every word. So which of these do you like best? Should we stick with the current format, take a more proper approach to capitalization, or just capitalize everything?

It is your site to and since you have to look at it every day (please look at it every day), it might as well look the way you like! Bring your thoughts to the comments below.

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