Today's Takeaway - 10/24

Posted on October 24, 2011 - 5:20pm by Sean Hinz

I don't get it. Sticking to a review scale you've developed should be easy. While reviewing games is difficult, because it is impossible to manage expectations for the whole of the Internet. It is just rather misleading. Sure, there is no industry standard and that makes it difficult to bounce from site to site and expect a 7 to mean the same thing everywhere. I myself having only written a handful of reviews for ScrewAttack am still getting used to the scale. So if it is so difficult, why make it harder on everyone, by breaking your own scale? Like YAHOO did by giving Batman: Arkham City a 6 out of 5... WTF?!

Even if I could find the review scale on your site (which I couldn't), a six is not on there. So if a five signified that this was a must play game for any gamer, any console, any generation, then what is a six? Should I sell all my personal possessions, abandon my family, and try to go out playing this game, like Nick Cage drank booze in Leaving Las Vegas? Is that what you want me to do YAHOO Games?!

I just think we all need to stop blowing things out of proportion. Think about what happens on meta-critic when you give a 6 out of 5. That translates to a 120! Like that smart kid that keeps blowing the curve in Chemistry. I hate that kid. What do you guys think? Should a website be allowed to break their own review scale? And if they do, do you also think it makes reviewing more difficult?

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