Today's Takeaway - A 23 year-old dies in an Internet café while gaming

Posted on February 6, 2012 - 6:40pm by Sean Hinz

It happens about once a year now maybe more, but the act of playing a video game can actually kill people. There are always extenuating circumstances surrounding it, but the fact remains that another person has died due to sitting in an Internet Café and gaming until they have nothing left. Last week in New Taipei City, a 23 year old man was found dead after going unnoticed for 9 hours. Two factors contributed to his death, a pre-existing heart condition and the low temperatures of his surroundings. This combined with a lack of movement and exhaustion resulted in a heart attack. All because he couldn't stop playing League of Legends.

Now this isn’t any worse than the man who died mysteriously from playing Diablo II or the 30 year old who died after a 72-hour binge. I will say this is much less worse than those two idiots from 2 years ago who 'accidently' killed their real baby, while raising a virtual one. It is all the same though and leads back to addiction. Everyone needs to take a step back and realize that addiction can be very dangerous. Addiction has the negative connotation it does, because true addicts are willing to sacrifice everything to feed their vice.

Now I will be the first to admit I might play too many games (as if that were even possible), but I try to never let it interfere with reality. I don’t really play MMOs anymore, because I tend to become obsessed without an in-game resolution. I try to keep gaming sessions around the two hour mark, though I usually break my own rules come the weekend. When I know it has been too long, I go play with the dog, walk around the block, or strum a few chords. I try to do anything to exercise a different part of my brain and unplug. Life is about balance and it is unsettling to see that someone so young may never get a chance to figure that out. Enjoy your video games, but then enjoy everything else life has to offer. There is a whole world out there and I want every g1 out there to be a part of it, for as long as possible. 

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