Today's Takeaway - Broken promises are not okay

Posted on November 15, 2011 - 6:20pm by Sean Hinz

Remember when E3 2010 happened and Sony put on a pretty good press conference touting all these exclusives coming to the platform? Right now, they are hitting 33% on keeping those promises by my count. So Dead Space 2 did in fact come with Extraction, so good on Sony and EA. Battlefield 3 on the other hand was clearly missing 1943, so bad on Sony and EA. Now at E3 2011, THQ promised an "exclusive mode on the PS3 utilizing [a] signature weapon", for Saints Row: The Third. A feature which is not reportedly available now that the game has hit retailer shelves. I don't really know where the mix up is here, but it needs to stop.

There is no reason that consumers should be ok with companies making empty promises. If it influences your purchasing decision in the slightest, then they are taking advantage of you. I don't really care if the suggested mode was brought to all platforms; it's the principal of publishers holding up their end of the bargain. You want my $60, then you had better be straight with me. Saying one thing and doing something else, then I might just opt out all together. Has anyone been burned by the Saints Row or Battlefield 3 promises?

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