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Posted on November 8, 2011 - 6:20pm by Sean Hinz

ScrewAttack hosted the fifth annual Iron Man of Gaming at NekoCon 2011 this past weekend and I have all the juicy details for you g1s. Thanks to everyone who came out including the 2009 IMOG champion, Jamal "Z0phar" Nickens, also of Ultimate Gamer TV series fame. Competitors competed for points across six games: F-Zero, Bubsy the Bobcat, PacMan DX for XBLA, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Wayne Gretzky's 3D hockey, Mortal Kombat 9, and our mystery game, Rayman Origins.

2011 Iron Man of Gaming - Mike Lukianoff

The competition was tough, but in the end, Mike Lukianoff would become the new Iron Man of Gaming. His friend Adam Monigle was a close second and they claim to have trained over a hundred hours to compete in the tournament. In third was Vincent Cipolla, who flew all the way in from California to compete. Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey was by far the most exciting game of the event, with Mike's Bubsy run being a close second. I think I may have even overheard Craig say it was the best Bubsy run EVER. I think we may even have some video of that for later. Below are the results for each game and the results overall. Be on the lookout for more IMG 2011 content coming through the rest of this week.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

  1. Adam Monigle
  2. Mike Lukianoff
  3. Greg Gunter
  4. Jamal "Z0phar" Nickens
  5. Vincent Cipolla


  1. Mike Lukianoff 
  2. Vincent Cipolla 
  3. Adam Monigle
  4. Logan Johnson 
  5. Jamal "Z0phar" Nickens


  1. Mike Lukianoff
  2. Adam Monigle
  3. Jamal "Z0phar" Nickens
  4. Aaron Page
  5. Vincent Cipolla

Call of Duty: Black Ops

  1. Nico Castellon
  2. Isaiah Pope
  3. Mike Lukianoff
  4. Brian Pelfrey
  5. Jamal "Z0phar" Nickens
  6. Ryan Cimbalist
  7. Chris Castellon
  8. Thomas Sumner


  1. Josh Green
  2. Damon Barlow
  3. Mike Lukianoff
  4. Vincent Cifolla
  5. Daniel M
  6. Savon Whitehead
  7. Bryan Pelfrey
  8. Adam Monigle

Wayne Gretzky's

  1. Mike Lukianoff
  2. Adam Monigle
  3. Vincent Cipolla
  4. Geoffrey Harrion
  5. Tom Harvey
  6. Nico Castellon
  7. Ryan Cimbalist
  8. Thomas Sumner

Rayman Origins

  1. Damon Barlow 
  2. Adam Monigle
  3. Logan Johnson
  4. Nico Castellon
  5. Savon Whitehead
  6. Josh Green
  7. Vincent Cifolo
  8. Thomas Sumner

 Final Standings

  1. Mike Lukianoff 
  2. Adam Monigle
  3. Vincent Cipolla
  4. Damon Barlow
  5. Nico Castellon
  6. Jamal "Z0phar" Nickens
  7. Bryan Pelfrey 
  8. Logan Johnson
  9. Josh Green
  10. Savon Whitehead
  11. Aaron Page
  12. Greg Gunter 
  13. Thomas Sumner
  14. Isaiah Pope
  15. Tom Harvey
  16. Ryan Cimbalist


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