Today's Takeaway - Love your Avatar, buy some crap

Posted on December 8, 2011 - 6:20pm by Sean Hinz

Like my martial arts stance? Yeah, I've been working out my Xbox Live Avatar a lot lately. He is looking a whole lot more fit than I feel. Now I just wish I could show everybody how cool my digital persona is. Oh, what's this? Cafe Press is telling me I can show everyone, in a variety of ways!

Yup, Microsoft is working with Cafe Press, letting users put their Avatar on a number of shirts, mugs, or even a duffle bag. On top of this, you can put them in 13 different poses. I am not really too sure who wants these, as wearing a picture of yourself is kind of pretentious (this isn't that different). Maybe if I were a kid, it wouldn't be too big a deal, but you know what they should really do... let my Avatar wear a t-shirt with my Avatar on it. Now that would be Meta.

 Head over to the website to mess around by entering your Gamertag and making your Avatar roll through the gambit of silly poses. Just don't be fooled into buying any expensive clothing. Yeah, $22 is a little pricey for having such a small graphic on it. Also, wearing this on a date will repel the opposite sex. The more you know.

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