Today's Takeaway - Windows Kinect costs how much?!

Posted on January 10, 2012 - 6:20pm by Sean Hinz

After watching the live stream for the Microsoft Keynote at CES, I took a mental note that the Kinect for Windows would be dropping in February. I come in this morning to get the scoop on what that means for PC users and find out that Microsoft is going crazy again...

RPS has an excellent write up about what Kinect for Windows is and how much it costs. Let's just get to the elephant in the room, its $250. One hundred dollars more than its Xbox 360 counterpart and the only physical difference in the hardware is a shorter USB cable. Supposedly, through the firmware and this cable, users should be able to interact with it from about 50 cm or 20 inches, without any degradation.

Microsoft claims the price point is due to the inability to subsidize the cost through future software purchases and other Xbox services like Xbox Live. The SDK will at least remain free, but I am pretty sure this means someone will hack the Xbox model to enable "near mode" on the cheaper hardware. Here is the thing; Microsoft says this can't be subsidized, because there is no software to subsidize against it. A copy of Windows Ultimate costs $320 new, but I can get a 250GB Xbox 360 for $299. In addition, the fact that there is no software rather detracts from me wanting to try this.

Microsoft wants to sell us something that isn't subsidized by the value of an operating system, has very little software to interact with, and costs almost twice as much money... I say no thank you! How about you g1s?

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