Top 10 Bowser boss battles

Posted on March 28, 2012 - 7:00pm by Jawbreaker Alumni


The King of the Koopas is a persistent enemy despite being defeated repeatedly for over twenty five years, so to honor the big brute I am going to look at my favorite Bowser boss battles.

Number 10: New Super Mario Bros: Vs. Bowser/Bowser Jr.

This boss battle shows how determined Bowser is. Bowser gets turned into dry Bowser; gets his bones shattered, and even has Bowser Jr. revive him to fight another day. The reason this battle is at number ten is because Bowser Jr. has to help his dad fight Mario. To me, for Bowser to have his son help him kidnap Peach and fight Mario means he can't do it himself and is basically helpless without his son. Also, when dry Bowser shatters into pieces, can't he rearrange himself? I mean, dry bones can come back to life by him and yet dry Bowser needs the help of magic to come back. Oh, and the mega mushroom makes this boss too easy. 

Number 9: Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels: Vs. Bowser/Fake Bowser

After going through a game that repeatedly kicks you in the balls and laughs at you, you arrive at the final level. You feel like you have accomplished something by getting to the last level despite bleeding lives like a hemophiliac. And then after coming out of the pipe, Bowser surprise attacks you! You run under him and pray the end is near. And just when you see the final axe at the right, another Bowser! AAAHHHHHH! Run to the right! For the love of God, run to the right! That's what it's like fighting Bowser in this game. 

Number 8: Super Mario Bros. 3: Vs. Bowser

Now this isn't really a battle as it is tricking Bowser to fall into a pit, but it's just as fun. I like the suspense and tension of watching Bowser's patterns and then moving at the last second. It's a unique boss battle that really keeps things interesting and I think there should be more boss battles like this. The best thing about boss battles like this is watching your enemy's face when they realize they are screwed. 

Number 7: New Super Mario Bros. Wii: Vs. Bowser/Giant Bowser

The first part of this battle is the basic run under Bowser and press the switch, nothing new right? But it's the second part that really makes this battle exciting. After Kamek sprays his magic onto Bowser, Bowser enters murder mode and starts to walk toward Mario. This is the first time in a while that Bowser is actually a threat. Whenever I fight him in his second form it feels like that years and years of failure have gotten to Bowser and now he's just pissed off. The one annoying thing about this boss is that when playing with four people everyone ends up killing each other instead of running away. 

Number 6: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga: Vs. Bowletta

Now are we fighting Bowser or Cackletta? Anyway, Cackletta possesses Bowser and fights you after beating the Koopalings and Fawful. This battle gets points for making Bowser look completely freaky! Holy crap, does Bowser have boobs? O_o Moving on, this boss battle is somewhat tough as Bowletta's attacks range from spitting fire to throwing meteors as you ultimately prepare for the true final boss. And this boss can be very nerve-racking because using all of your items and special moves here will make you vulnerable to the last boss. 

Number 5: Super Mario 3D Land: Vs. Bowser

This boss really keeps you on your toes. After Sunshine, Galaxy, and Galaxy 2's disappointing final boss battles, 3D Land's final boss battle was a breath of fresh air. Everything you learned up to this point is put to the test as you race Bowser to the top of the castle. The great thing about this boss is that it's actually tough. Using the tanooki suit doesn't feel like you are using a cheap trick, it is a necessity. When you lose the tanooki suit, it all comes down to your platforming skills and trust me it won't be easy. Also, after you complete all of the special worlds, Bowser's attacks become faster! 

Number 4: Paper Mario: Vs. Bowser

This battle is a battle of revenge. At the beginning of the game, Bowser steals the star rod, beats the crap out of Mario, takes peach's castle into the sky, and kicks Mario out of the castle defeating Mario for the first time. From there, your motive is revenge against Bowser and now not only is on a mission to save peach, but you’re preparing to get to Bowser and kick his ass! After traveling the entire world with your allies, you finally storm Bowser's castle ready to fight him at the top of the castle. Defeating Bowser makes you feel good as you feel like you have put your blood, sweat, and tears powering up, all so that you can kick him back to earth. Oh, and kicking Kammy Koopa's ass feels good too. 

Number 3: Super Mario World: Vs. Bowser

This boss gets points for making Bowser look weird and creepy and for the introduction of the Koopa clown car which will haunt my nightmares forever. Bowser's tactics change for each phase, from throwing mecha-Bowser's, to using the clown car to crush Mario. But the real star of this battle is the clown car. Bowser was obviously thinking outside the box because the clown car changes expressions for each phase. It smiles at one point, then it's sad, then it's angry. I think its genius because when I see it change expressions I lose focus and start dying. Damn you clown car. 

Number 2: Super Mario 64: Vs. Ultimate Koopa Bowser

Alright let's get this out of the way; Bowser looks terrible in this game. He looks like he's got two black eyes and walks retarded. Okay, now this boss can be hard if you suck at throwing Bowser as he makes a lot of the field disappear. What make this boss so great and creepy are the atmosphere and that church organ that plays as you fight Bowser. It makes you feel like you're in a haunted house and there's no way out. But if you can't throw Bowser into the bombs you’re basically trapped forever unless you kill yourself. 

Number 1: Yoshi's Island: Giant Baby Bowser

Giant baby bowser coming for you? Check.

Yoshi acting badass throwing eggs? Check.

Most badass Bowser boss theme ever? Checkmate.

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