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Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Cartoons and anime have a lot of memorable female characters that I can't talk about because if I did we would be here forever. I'm here to list my favorite females in cartoons and anime who kick major butt and have character, not to mention some of them can be scary when angry. And when they do get angry, run.



10. Mandy: Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Don't look into her eyes... I SAID DON'T LOOK! Mandy is just pure evil, a wolf in sheep's clothing, her parents fear her, friends, even the grim reaper himself fears this little devil. She also doesn't let anyone push her around, which helps her save her friends many times. You have to be a badass to trick death into being your friend and making him fear you, but you would be like Mandy too if you had a best friend as dumb as Billy.



9. Sarah: Ed, Edd, 'N Eddy

One look at this picture and you can tell what kind of person Sarah is. The younger sister of Ed, Sarah is your typical spoiled brat who finds a way to get Ed in trouble and gets away with everything. Sarah is also Jimmy's unofficial bodyguard as she pummels anyone who hurts Jimmy. The funniest thing about Sarah is the ways she beats Ed and his friends into submission and watching her stand up to someone bigger than her. But like a good brother, Ed is always there to take care of his little sister, even if she breakes his back.



8. Bulma: Dragonball Z

I find Bulma likeable for a few things: 1. She's not as uptight as other female characters in the Dragonball universe, looking at you Chi Chi. 2. Her moments with Master Roshi when he tries to act like a perv and she pounds him into the ground. 3. Being able to marry Vegeta and have his kid, knowing that Vegeta is the stubborn super space monkey and does whatever he wants, it amazes me that Bulma was able to do whatever she did and change Vegeta, if only a bit. I just find Bulma a well rounded character overall, and not afraid to beat up an old man.



7. Ishizu Ishtar: Yu-Gi-Oh

There are some females in Yugioh that are kind of annoying like Tea, who always talks about how friendship blah blah blah, and then you have females like Ishizu who are actually important to the plot, even if she is the one caused poop to hit the fan. Ishizu was destined to protect the Millenium Necklace until the pharoah came back, unfotunately, she took her brother to see the world with his own eyes, which caused the evil inside him to go crazy and kill their father. She helps Yami by having Kaiba set up a tornament to collect the three god cards and showing Yami the ancient tablet to show him what he has to do. See, unlike Tea, Ishizu helps the plot advance and not go on about friendship, and she persuades Kaiba to help Yami defeat her brother, and she's got that exotic beauty, what more can I say?



6. The Powerpuff Girls

Try explaining to your bros that you got your ass kicked by three little girls in kindergarten. You'll be that guy who got beat up by the Powerpuff Girls. The combined efforts of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, these three are criminals worst nightmare, well second, the first being the fact that they beat you up and sent you to jail to have everyone laugh at you. The best thing about these three is what happens when they clash and go at each other. And the butt kicking. They live with Professor Utonium and fight such villains as Him and Mojo Jojo, who is just as hilarious to watch as the girls, with him going between first and third person, not knowing if he wants to be arrogant or to be like the riddler. Did I metion that they can hand you your ass?



5. Misty: Pokemon

One of the first characters that left an impact on me, Misty was a fun character to watch. Misty was 1/3 of the pokemon gang that I grew up with, and the lovable tomboy of the group. She loved water typed pokemon, and her main job was to keep Brock from attaching himself to other females. Misty also gained Togepi, the mysterious egg shaped pokemon that I still find a mystery to this day. When Ash, Misty, and Brock went their own ways, I pretty much stopped watching pokemon afterwards and to this day she's still one of my favorite pokemon characters and one of my favorite female characters in general.



4. Dee Dee: Dexter's Laboratory

Hide your buttons, Dee Dee's coming for them! Dee Dee's hyperactive character and short attention span makes her very dangerous to everyone around her. While she has a happy-go-lucky attitude when she destroys her brother's lab, when someone meses with her family, you know it's go time! I have to wonder what's going through her mind when she pushes a button in Dexter's lab, does she not know the hazards that could take place, what is she- No, wait don't push that butto- *KABLAM!*



3. Raven/Starfire: Teen Titans

Take your pick, because I choose both of them! Raven is the silent but deadly one of the group, and she's destined to be the person to destroy the world, no big deal. Raven's not afraid to fight for her friends, but making her mad is off limits or something bad might happen to you. Raven talks down to Beast Boy more than any of the other titans, but she won't hesitate to save him. Starfire is the princess of the planet Tamaran, who was turned into a slave and crash landed on earth. Starfire is not afraid to be friendly to the other titans, ask Robin. She will be either meditating with Raven or training with Robin, speaking of which one of the best things about Teen Titans was the relationship between Starfire and Robin in which Starfire learned the different cultures of Earth and Robin learned to open up and trust her. Starfire was funny and cool and a good role model, SO WTF DID DC DO TO HER IN THE NEW DC 52?! I can't even, oh my lord in heaven...



2. Wonder Woman: Justice League

Wonder Woman kicked major ass when she was with the Justice League! As one of the founding members of the Justice League, Wonder Woman helped Batman and Superman take down some of the most famous villains in the DC universe such as The Joker and Lex Luthor. Even with Wonder Woman's, shall we say costume, she punished any guy stupid enough to try anything with her, and then proceeded to crush their nuts (Ok that didn't happen in the cartoon). She's just as strong as Superman and can take and dish out a lot of punishment. In the cartoon, she and Batman had some sort of relationship, though knowing the dark knight his work always came first, and then Wonder Woman would proceed to crush something in anger. Tough, beautiful, and immortal, Wonder Woman shows you why she's one of the most powerful women in the DC world.



1. Sailor Moon/Jupiter/Neptune: Sailor Moon

This ultimately came down to a three way tie so i'll go through all three. First is Sailor Jupiter, she was a favorite because first she embodies my favorite color, second Lita (That's her name in the english dub) was one of my favorites out of all the sailor scouts because of her tough on the outside but sweet on the inside character, and third the legendary super short skirts, and this applies to all three of the sailor scouts here.

Next up is Sailor Neptune, one of the outer sailor scouts and in my opinion, the prettiest of the outer sailor scouts. Michelle (Again, name in the english dub) was very elegant and mysterious among the other scouts and had a very special relationship with Sailor Uranus. They're lesbians, but the great thing is that they're not the typical lesbian stereotype that many other shows have done and still do, in fact, they're one of the most developed lesbian couples in T.V. today in my opinion. And for some reason the U.S. made them cousins, which made things wierd because you know they are not cousins, not the way they act.

And finally the moon princess herself, Sailor Moon. Serena (English dub name) is easily the funniest out the three, as she is constantly shown as a clumsy ditz who injures herself alot. But her alter ego as Sailor Moon helped her become a strong and courageous leader to defeat the negaverse and other baddies. Sailor Moon was meant to teach girls important life lessons like standing up for your friends and doing what's right, but it gained my attention and taught me things most cartoons don't today. Plus the short skirts. She's clumsy, ditzy, and a meatball head, but she's always willing to do what's right to help others, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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