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Posted on August 28, 2012 - 1:28pm by KabalsUmbreon180

 Fighting games have been one of my favorite genres of Video Games because of the action and crazy combos many characters  perform. Another big reason is because many fighting games have amazing music which when I tell people, they look at me weird since they probably never really listened to the theme behind all of the combat or actually cared to listen to some. Before the list begins, here were some of my guidelines.

1. The song had to have beeen played during a battle so character selection, title and loading music are not in this list

2. If it’s a remix, then the song had to originate in a fighting game so the Pokémon theme in SSB would not be on the list

3. Both stage themes and themes of individual characters are allowed

Well, let the countdown begin!

10. Clock Tower (Marvel vs. Capcom 2)

I know that one of the elements that people didn’t like about MvC2 was the jazz music, but to me the music because it reminds you that this game is supposed to be fun, not some intense battle to the death. I chose Clock Tower because it’s more upbeat with the saxophone into than the others yet still has that calming feeling in Jazz music. The mini-solos in the song with piano, which had awesome rifts and the guitar, are always amazing and whoever bashes this music in the game are wrong in my mind.

Well, it's all fun until you face Iceman. 

9. “Writhe in Pain”/ Millia’s Theme (Guilty Gear XX)

Millia’s theme has always felt in my opinion that it could have been in a Castlevania game, especially in the beginning with the organ. What grabbed my attention in this song was the drum that just pounded in the intro because that told me that this music is about to destroy you but then just goes back to the organ. The first time I heard it, I was a bit puzzled, but was taken by surprise when the song just suddenly transitioned into this pure heavy-metal sound. The switches between the guitars and the organ throughout the song as well the melody created when the instruments collaborated was fantastic.

8. “Yo Check This Out”/ Combo’s Theme (Killer Instinct)

Rare had a lot of great music in the games including the KI series like Combo’s theme in the original game, which just radiates swagger and was pretty catchy when I faced him. The hip-hop style creates an upbeat impression that always made it fun facing Combo but the loud bass while adding to the music’s great sound, always made me know that Combo was cool yet a little shady. Also, who else in fighting had a theme in which there were Michael Jackson woos, I thought so.

7. Deadpool Stage Theme (Mortal Kombat II)

Besides the main theme song, not many songs from the MK series really stood out from me except the Deadpool theme. The omnipresent bass would always send shivers down my spine while the piano and the drums just gave me that evil ocean atmosphere that you would feel watching a horror movie where the sharks or crocodiles are killing people. I think Ed Boon wanted that impression since the loser is basically melted to bone in the acid pool.

At least Liu Kang's happy that he can't listen to the music anymore. Just look at that smile.

6. “Moonlit Wilderness” (Tekken 5)

This theme just made what many gamers call the best arena in fighting games awesome. The techno percussion alone pumps anyone up when their fighting their destined encounter (like the Church in Soul Calibur 2) and choir just adds to the fact that this battle is pretty damn important. Another element that this song adds is isolation, just the choir and especially the few piano notes in the middle of the song tell you that it is just you and your opponent in this large field in a no holds bar battle.

5. Hi Senko’s Theme (Marvel vs. Capcom 3)

This was an excellent remix of her original Darkstalkers theme. The strings throughout the whole song feels like a folk song that just depicts a pure happiness while the guitar and the drums gave the song its fighter flavor. The song flowed smoothly through my ears while getting me energized who I start fighting as Hisenko.

4. “Unbreakable Stained Glass” (KOF Maximum Impact)

Maximum was the first KOF game I played and whenever my brother allowed me to choose the stage to fight him in, I always chose Ancient Ruins because of this song. I loved the mix of the choir chanting that you would hear in an opera with fast beat drums and an organ that had an awesome organ melody. This song created an ambiance that felt like a mix between an RPG game and a fighter, which could have been perfect for a fighting game with a branching storyline. Yet people say that video game music can’t be beautiful.

3. “Unblessed Soul”/ Ivy’s Theme (Soul Calibur I)

I feel as though Ivy’s theme sums up many of the fighters’ stories in Soul Calibur. The music created an exploration atmosphere similar to how these fighters are exploring through Europe and Asia in order to find Soul Edge whether to use it for power or to destroy the evil sword while encountering several different opponents. If you read my past blogs, I’m picky when it comes to the introduction of the song and this song executes the hook perfectly with the organ combined with the drums and strings that stop linger for a few seconds. However, the song still keeps those few drops of darkness that amplify her evil laugh, a great fit for the daughter of an evil pirate.

2. “Catus Carnival”/ Taokaka’s theme (Blazblue)

Taokaka has always been my favorite in the Blazblue series and one reason is that her music is awesome. Out of all the amazing music from the Blazblue series, Taokaka’s theme always stood out to me. This song fits her carefree fun lifestyle perfectly and is always in my playlist whenever I need a cheer me up. The fast pace tempo rock style mixed with the flute and Piano fits the idea that Toakaka is supposed to be the comic relief character that see’s fighting as a way to play, hell she has the what I think is the funniest name for a distortion move called “I’mma beat the crap outta You”.

If you nickname someone Boobie Lady, you're probably a fun character.


And the number one fighting game song is...






1. “No Turning Back” (Soul Calibur II)

This theme is absolute fighting bliss for me. Even in the beginning, the song just explodes with energy with the drums and just adds on with the tambourine and the strings. Once the song hits the crescendo, you are just sucked into the beautiful library scenery and pump you up while you facing usually Raphael or Ivy but also to suddenly be able to transition in the soft calming music from a harp were genius. Also, just the blend of European style music from the tambourine and the castanets (the clam percussions used in flamenco music) playing off each other as if the instruments themselves are battling to a choir singing in the background was just amazing.

I would like to dance Ivy, but to the music, not your sword!

Those are my favorite fighting game songs, what are your favorites? Comment below about the music that gets your blood pumping for a special, fatality or astral finish. Till next time and remember, fighting game music is awesome!

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