Top 10 fruits and veggies in video games!

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People can blame a lot of things upon video games. Violence, obesity, bad sight, agoraphobia, sexism, but one thing they cannot blame is nutrition. Every classic video game tried to teach us the benefits of fruit and veggies. They were everywhere as bonuses, rewards, weapons, enemies, friends, and healing items. This list will honor those teachings! Oh! and thanks g1 Garet_PL for the awesome logo!

 10. Turnip: Source of vitamin C, A, and a killer taste  (can release some cyanide)

Turnips deserve an honorable spot on the list for their presence in Mario 2. They’re definitely the ambassador of that game, along with shy guys and Birdo, as they have been referenced in many other titles such as Smash Bros. Strangely enough, in another game, Turnip is the name of a character. In the classic PSone RPG Chrono Cross, you can recruit this member after pulling it from the ground. Of course, Chrono Cross’ cast being larger than the Canadian Army, it makes Turnip a more than forgettable character, which is why Turnips are not higher on the list.

This is why this guy is shy now!


9. Pumpkins: Source of Alpha and Beta Carotene
(no Gamma though)

Although it is also thrown by Mario & Co. in the later Mario 2 stages, pumpkins are omnipresent in other games, mostly in the form of Jack-O-Lanterns in RPGs. Being related to Halloween and general horror does give pumpkins an unfair advantage. You have to admit, though, that pumpkins with evil faces are pretty scary. My researches also show that there seems to be pumpkins in Minecraft, so there you go; another reason to make it land on this list.

Never forget SMW's pumpkins piranha plants!


8. Eggplants: Treats cholesterol and a great replacement for cigarettes (contains nicotine)

I’ll admit I haven’t played much Kid Icarus in my youth. So I barely know about the eggplant wizard. But still, it’s an eggplant wizard. That alone deserves a spot on the list. One game I did play that had eggplants though is Ice Climbers. I remember climbing up the mountain only to be rewarded by bonus eggplants. Remember when you were a kid? There’s no way an eggplant was a reward for you...

Eggplant wizard in action


7. Onions: Anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-“boringsexlife” (aphrodisiac)

I’m pretty sensible to onions. They really tend to hurt my eyes. They’re strong and pretty pragmatic in cooking, just like Onion Knights. Sure this job class has been present in only a couple of Final Fantasy titles, but I haven’t heard of the pumpkin warriors or the celery mages. Furthermore, another RPG series also has an Onion-based character. Little Peco from Breath of Fire 3 is basically an onion on legs. Is he powerful, crucial to the story and story-driven? No, of course not! But he’s there so it counts.

Apparently aphrodisiac... meh...


6. Cherries: Reduces cholesterol, diminishes heart disease risk, but only in rats

Yes, they have one Pokémon representing them... But that’s not why cherries are here. Cherries are included because any kind of slot machine that respects itself has cherries in it (exception, Sonic Casino Zone). They usually give you a prize even if you just have one also. Considering real slots machines could be considered has video games, cherries are the most abundant fruit around. That is IF you consider slot machine as video games, which is why these are lower on the list.

Cherries are kid-friendly in slot machines


5. Tomato : One of the best antioxidants, also prevents the doctor from putting a finger in your ass (diminishes risks of prostate cancer)

Is it a fruit or a vegetable? No one cares... This list is about both anyways. When you see the “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” you don’t really have the time to think about it anyway. When you get attacked by mutant tomatoes in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2, you can’t argue with them either. God knows when you see a Maximum Tomato in Smash Bros. you don’t mess around either. Your only chance is to think about it in the Kirby Series as your entire health restores. (It’s a culinary vegetable and botanic fruit)

Seeing how I fight for it, a trophy indeed!


4. Berries: Now with the 90’s superpower of breathing! (known as super-fruits for their oxygen radical absorbance capacity)

Before the golden and silver years of Pokémon(see what I did there?), the little critters were mostly empty-handed. You had to heal them, cure them, and recover their PP. They were almost as annoying as a Sim stuck in a pool. Then came berries: Magical fruit that Pokémons could use to heal themselves! Of course, berries had been used to heal wounds in a lot of RPGs as Star Ocean, for example. Usually taken from small bushes, they constituted one of the basic nutritional elements of prehistoric men and are still one of the main sources of food in outdoor survival. For their use in real life and the portrayal of this use in video games, berries land in the fourth spot.

Teaching kids about survival!


3. Bananas: Source of protein, fills you up and turns you into a mutant (slightly radioactive)

Of course DK’s prized possessions were going to make this list! How could I not include bananas? This fruit is so good even carnivores like crocodiles want to steal them. Of course a couple of games, like Pac-Man, used them as bonus, but in DKC, bananas were on their currency. This is how important they are to the Kong world. In another famous series though, you just throw them away to slow people down. The less useful item after coins, it’s still a standard and a great trap to use in a yellow square on SMK’s Rainbow Road.

DK's source of strength: radioactive bananas!


2. Mushroom: Low calories, source of vitamin B, but still fungus

Breloom, Shroomish, Foongus, Amoongus, Paras, Parasect are all examples of this veggie’s variety. It can go from being poisoned to hallucinogen or just plain edible. They can also be worth a fortune. This makes them omnipresent as monster in many MANY games.But in the end they are mostly known as the emblem for the Mario series. With Poison Mushroom, Super Mushroom, Tiny Mushrooms, Golden Mushrooms, Toads, and Goombas; Mushrooms are the most recognizable veggie in video game history, period. So what is number one then?

You might remember these


1. Melons : Source of vitamin C and great for dessert! Gimme some sugar!

After all the renowned veggies and fruits, I choose melons? Yes, melons. Bonus fruits in so many games and not to forget, fairly famous in Yoshi’s Island. They allow you to spit out the seeds, fire or ice. They were amazing in this game. But their most renowned, their most appreciated insertions are in games like Dead Or Alive, Tomb Raider, etc. In the end, everyone loves melons: Plump, juicy, firm, big melons. Just thinking of melons makes me think of digging face first into them.... Ah, melons!

Everyone loves melons!
(Copyright:Desiree Elyda / not photographed by me... unfortunately)

Yes I did create an entire top 10 just to talk about boobs. Are you really surprised?

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