Top 10 gaming sins you know you're guilty of

Posted on September 27, 2012 - 4:00pm by darkhyrulelord


Admit it, you've probably done at least one not-so-honorable action in a video game or two in order to achieve greatness. Fortunately for you, you are not alone so no need to feel guilty as I declare the top ten gaming sins that are prevalent among gamers... I admit that I do them sometimes as well.


Red Hot Flare -- Megaman 10

As the Great King of Evil, I have to confess that I have used some dishonest tactics to gain victory and power in games.  However, I'm pretty sure that no one's perfect since, I'm sure that plenty of you do the same thing. Some are more obvious than others, but when your pride is on the line, you pretty much have to do ANYTHING it takes in order to win. I mean... just look at Mario Party.  Therefore, I'm going to reveal all of you the Top 10 gaming sins that I notice that are prevalent in this world and that I KNOW FOR A FACT that you have committed at least once in your life! I did them plenty of times since I'm evil.

(Also don't take this list too seriously, I'm just joking around as usual and this is a very sarcastic list.)

#10: Play on Another Person's File (without permission)

This rarely happens, but I'm sure that you have played on someone else's in-game save file before....usually without asking them.  Even worse, they may actually save anything that they may have done in the game.  This means that they may have progressed further in the game, and now you may have no choice other than to skip it and beat the game or to start over just to go through the missing parts....and that's no fun.  Or, they have destroyed all of your in-game stats since they weren't so good at the game.  For example, imagine a new player who decides to play on your Pikmin 2 file for whatever reason.  The next time you check out the file, you discover nearly all of your 1000s of Pikmin have bit the dust and that you have somehow wasted 15 in-game days.  It's like finding your house filled with shredded toilet paper because you left the dog home alone.

Why do people do this?  Well, this usually happens with younger gamers since they sometimes had no clue what they were doing (I was one of them).  However, that little touch of evil called curiosity may also cause them to play on a file that isn't theirs.  What does the latter stages of the game look like?  Are they a lot cooler than the stages you are on now?  Either way, this will only lead to catastrophe.

Unfortunately, there are some of those rather malicious folks that may want revenge for something.  Therefore, they play on your file and purposely screw up everything as they cackle mischievously when you realize what happened.  While I certainly wasn't that mean, I can certainly admit that I have played on someone else's file in my younger days....YOU DID TOO!

#9: Giving Other Players Worse Controllers

This obviously happens during local multiplayer games (and often in fighters), but players try to be crafty in order to win.  Those that know the controllers will probably try their best to find a way to get the best controller.  Perhaps one of them is a little sticky on the D-pad, or one controller is slightly laggy, or maybe that N64 joystick on a controller has seen better days.  Either way, those that have used the controllers can tell which controller will give them the slight upper-edge.  This is usually very subtle (especially if the opposing player doesn't realize what's going on) but this could make the difference over who wins or not.

Some people do this to protect their "undefeated" streak or something.  Heck, a certain someone that I know when I play Call of Duty with I could SWEAR that he has a slightly better controller than I do.  Also, whenever I wish to play Guitar Hero or Smash Bros. with my brother he always wants to find a way to get the better controller.... I can't blame him since I tend to do the same.  Those that make their own controllers are very clever since they could possibly trick a player into a worse standard controller or to use the custom controller... That could have been made intentionally worse.

#8: Play for Another Player When They Aren't Looking

Ohohoho! This sly tactic is probably used regularly when you're pride is on the line or when you're impatient!  Mario Party gamers are a big offender for this one for sure.  It makes one fearful whenever they start drinking some soda or something since they may have to use the restroom at a crucial moment of the game (which is pretty much any moment anyway).  Naturally, people are impatient (or they just want to win) so they play as them poorly in order to gain the upper-hand.  The funniest part is when they try to look as if "nothing has happened" by keeping it in a somewhat similar position to what the player was last time he/she played. This unfortunately happened to Jared once in the Mario Party After Dark stream.

I can recall doing this when I was younger if I was playing for an adult and they got up and did.....whatever it was that adults do outside for what seems like hours on end.  I couldn't wait nearly for that long so I decided to play without them.  By the time they got back, they were like, "Dude!  Why did you play this level already?"  Oooooooooops.

#7: Erase a Save File or Just-so-happen to "Lose" a Specific Game

This really should be in two categories after some thought... but I'll let it be a tie.

This happens far more often when you are younger, but I'm sure that plenty of us have done this nonetheless.  Most of the time, erasing save files come by as an accident when a young gamer simply wants to start up a game, has no idea what they are doing, and in their frustration they may erase some save file.  I may be a slight control freak, but I always MAKE SURE to tell younger gamers what to do in order to play without doing anything too devastating.  It may seem like common sense that all you would have to do is to just pick a save file and press start, but you would be surprised.... You can just imagine how dumbstruck you'll become when someone decides to erase your perfect Pokemon file just to start a new game.  Then there are those kids that like to be jerks and erase any data they can find.  However, save file erasing isn't just limited to kids, I'm pretty sure that many parents who have played a game or two will use this as a PUNISHMENT for their kid.  There is nothing more cruel than doing this---it even gets Bart worried in one Simpsons episode!

Then there are those kids that just so happen to "lose" a game whenever you want to play it or whenever they have borrowed it.  Sometimes, they may not have taken full responsibility and have actually lost it (I lost Pikmin 2 that way).  Other times they might SAY that in order to keep it!  Well, this fortunately hasn't happened to me, but I've heard tales... Or might be that they do not wish to lose to you (or they secretly hate the game).  ...*warlock punches*

#6: Rage Quit or Turn Off the Game When Someone Else is Winning

Oh boy, now we are getting into the meat of this list.

Rage quitting has happened often with gamers, but nowadays the consequences for doing so is greater for the one who did and for the other players I might add.  Online gameplay is usually getting so competitive as well (and it doesn't help that a number of these games require teamwork as well in some form or fashion).  You'd think that a score or rank deduction from those that rage quit may hinder them from doing so, but gamers still continue to do this eventually.  I won't lie when I say that I may have rage quit from a game before.

Then again, can you truly blame people for rage least when it DOES NOT hinder anyone else?  It's perfectly reasonable to see someone to rage quit over a game that is either terrible, poorly made, or is just insanely difficult.  However, the line for being reasonable is very thin when you go into games that involve multiple people.  When you rage quit in a multiplayer game (for example, a fighter) then the winner won't truly feel like he/she it's kind of poor sportsmanship.  Then again, rage quitting whenever they use cheap tactics to win (kind of like the ones listed on this list) will most likely ensue---especially if the opponent uses some incredibly broken combo on you.  Therefore, I certainly did this at times.

Even worse though is when someone turns off the game when they feel like they are losing (or if they just do it as a prank like when Craig turned off Megaman X right before Jared would have beaten it).  Not too recently, someone I knew turned off a game of Mario Party I played right before I was going to win just so that I wouldn't say how better I am at the game.  Then again, I'M SURE that he would have said how better he was if he won (he admitted it too).  This is unfortunately the reason as to why games such as Mario Party can't be used well in online multiplayer, since I'm sure that plenty of people would quit in the middle of the game or just turn it off!

#5: Screen-Looking

Admit it.  You do have done this at least once (perhaps to a low degree, but at least once).  I have done this at least once, and I'm pretty sure that I have seen others do the same at least once.   It's like putting a giant birthday present in front of a 4 year old kid and telling them not open it until months later.  Well, obviously they are going to take a quick look at what's in there beforehand (or most likely just open it)---it's far too tempting!

Besides, there are many types of levels of "screenlooking" and plenty of gamers have different standards for them.  Some simply don't care since they can do it too, others may allow a little bit just to allow the opponent to get some sense of direction as to where people are, and then others may not allow screenlooking AT ALL and may even go to the effort of getting multiple TVs and copies of the same game just to get rid of ANY chance of screenlooking!  It would not surprise me one bit if people did the later, since screenlooking is technically a form of cheating in a game.

Screenlooking is used far more often in local multiplayer FPS games since knowing where the enemy is located will give you a massive advantage in the game....since admittedly I have done so before.  There are those times when you KNOW when someone is screenlooking when they just turn a corner and attack at you immediately (knowing that you are there) and then they make some excuse that they didn't screenlook.  While a good number of times I'm sure that didn't, I've heard this excuse so many times that I start to get suspicious....

#4: Use Cheats or Look Online for Guides

Plenty of people do this and I have as well.  How is it fair for the enemies in the game and for your real-player opponents if you look up something online to give you more heath or something?  They have trained all of their lives ( least for NPCs) to fight fairly yet you decide to take some easy way out to deal with them with a simple mouse click or two?  Worse yet is that you input a code that is NOT MEANT TO BE USED NORMALLY! (This also means that you could destroy/corrupt the game---another gaming sin!) It's dishonorable to do this for the enemy yet we keep doing this!  How can we truly feel worthy when we beat Contra with 30 lives?  I mean, SURE, you beat it....but with cheats!  Cheats should be earned after you beat a game, yet the Internet puts them out under your nose like a warm, tasty cookie ready to be eaten.  *takes the cookie*  Uh, you didn't see that.

At least with cheats you use effort to beat the game, but online guides make the road a lot easier by showing you exactly what to do and where everything is.  Admittedly, I do this often if I get stuck searching for a bunch of things and I bet many of you do too.  But some are more reasonable with others.  For example, it's one thing to see a guide to see where 100 feathers in an Assassin's Creed game are (or those salamanders in Shadow of the Colossus....yuck), but it's another to see how to get the stars in say SM64 since the developers actually put some more effort to place traps and enemies in your path.  BUT magazines like Nintendo Power, for example, show all of these bright, colorful, and vibrant pictures of where everything is and everyone (including me) eats up these things!  I recall doing this for Majora's Mask....yep.

#3: Use Exploits or Don't Play by the Rules

People use this so often that it's almost commonplace....but that doesn't mean that it's not evil!  The developers of the games worked very hard to make fair challenges to you, but you decide to go "LOLNOPE!" and then twist the rules in your favor?  How do you think those bosses and the enemies in the game feel when you do this?  They're probably crushed that all of their training and hopes and dreams of defeating you fairly has gone to waste!

Then again, I use exploits quite often since I oftentimes play on the hardest setting in the game, like all dark lords with evil pride should do.  For example, in the final level of Mass Effect, I sometimes pulled up the command wheel to get rid of that vibration or I hid in the corners of the map so that I could attack enemies without them attacking me.  In Battle Kid at the Owlbot boss, you could simply beat it by just staying in spot and avoiding a few of it's missiles instead of fighting the boss regularly.  In Megaman can bet I used that pause trick.  The list goes on and on and I'm willing to bet that many of you have exploits of your own to make those games of yours easier or to not give others a fighting chance.

Also, you might not even play by the games' rules rules anyway. Going to those warp zones?  Yep, we're both guilty of that.  I bet that the developers are looking down in shame after the games they created didn't play the way they were supposed to be as well (or maybe not if they got a lot of money anyway like in Minecraft).  In LA Noire, you're supposed to be a good cop, but then you go crashing up peoples' cars like they're tin foil!  If you played that game, I know that you did it at least once on purpose! 

#2: Take All Belongings from People In-Game

(by Rich Burlew, Order of the Stick Comics #13)

This is so common in gamers that I'm pretty sure that everyone in the world has this in-game habit to do this.  It really isn't our fault though since games practically encourage this malevolent behavior.  Point and Click games are the biggest offender since they want the player to take down everything from walls that's not nailed on to them.  Even if it's a motor less chainsaw on the wall in Maniac Mansion, you're going to take it anyway just to say that "I HAVE IT!"  Then there are those games with coins, jewels, etc. lying around practically promoting greed.  You're going to want to get EVERY ONE of those that you can.  You can't help it!  And let's not get started on extra health lying around that you take up even though you have full HP or grabbing that Rupee even though your wallet is full.

Why is this behavior a bad thing?  Two main reasons, one of them being that you will probably take away everything you can from NPC's lands and houses that you can.  What did those NPC's ever do to you?  You just go into their homes uninvited, smash their pots, open their chests, sleep on their beds, eat their food, and most likely destroy a window on your way out since it takes too long to go through the front door.  Doing this in the real world is obviously a huge no-no so why do it in a game?

Another reason is that you will take away other people's stuff in the game.  Taking stuff from NPCs is already pretty bad, but it gets worse when you do to real players. In Mario Party, do you REALLY deserve taking away that precious star from them? You already have like 6 of them, and why did you do it to the guy that only had ONE!  He probably worked very hard for that!  That evil little Boo giving you that option is many other games, but in different forms.  And you know what?  I'm evil too, so I'm going to abuse this option as many times as possible.  MWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

#1: Smack-Talk or Cursing

If you have played games before, you have done this in some form or fashion in some degree.  Don't deny it----everyone has done this before!  In fact, I DARE YOU to find someone who has played a game before and has not used smack-talk or curses before.  Oh, and when I say curses, it doesn't necessarily mean that they have cussed---it means that they have said anything negative about the game like: "I hate this game." or "This sucks." or "This isn't fair."  While some games are not equal, no game deserves to be treated this way!  Treat games the way YOU want to be treated!  Unfortunately, I'm a very bad example of this since I have cursed more than a few several times due to me being frustrated over something.

While it's bad to mock a device, it's another to mock a player with smack talk.  Once again, games like Mario Party or fighters tend to spur up such talk where the players will call themselves superior over the other or they will have some wisecrack about how much the other player isn't doing so well.  I have done this before over games like this, and other players I have played against have done the same that it's pretty much a given that anyone will do this and thus it is #1 on my list.

Why do gamers do these things?  Simple, because without them, gaming wouldn't be fun.  Just....don't do them too often.  Who would truly want a game anyway where everyone plays truly fairly?  It would be the most boring game ever.  And thus, this is why I chose to be a great king of evil.

Today's GANON award goes to JaceeZeldaGirl for her review on Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir and to Tom the Iron Man for his part of a playthrough of Super Mario RPG.  I COMMAND for you to view them!

Oh, and thanks for reading!

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