Top 10 Mario Characters

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My favorite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Number 10: Baby Mario

Let's start with this adorable little guy! Destined to grow up to be a hero, baby mario has the courage and spark he needs to be the mushroom kingdom's savior. The only reason he is at number ten is because of that damn crying he does all the time...






Number 9: Kamek

Kamek is the head magikoopa and has been taking care of bowser since he was a little baby. Not to mention, this guy is a giant douchebag! He kidnaps baby luigi because he forsaw future events that involve the destruction of the koopa clan by the mario brothers. And to this day, he still helps bowser out going so far as to dress as princess peach! Gross...





Number 8: The Koopalings

I know that this is kind of unfair, considering that there are seven of these guys, but you know what this is my list dammit! The koopalings are really infamous for the sole fact that no one knows where they came from. We know that bowser is their dad, but no one knows who their mother is. They are also more accomplished than bowser as they have each conquered a kingdom of their own. What a shame...





Number 7: Rosalina

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting characters in the mario series and the character with more personality than any other mario character ever. Rosalina may be immortal, considering that she visits a certain planet every hundred years. What's interesting about rosalina is that she grows from a little girl, to a caring and loving mother to the lumas, to basically a powerful and maybe immortal being.





Number 6: Daisy

My favorite princess out of the three, daisy isn't afraid to have fun. A tomboy at heart, daisy's sass and fun loving attitude make her a delight and a force to be reckoned with when you rub her the wrong way. All she needs to do is to just bitchslap the guys around and she'll have them running away in fear everytime they see her.





Number 5: Wario

This greedy, garlic eating, fart machine got his start stealing mario's castle in super mario land 2: six golden coins. After that, wario became a treasure hunter to fufill his greedy ways. What makes him so great that he uses his weight and power to beat thecrap out of enemies ten times as big as him. But whatever you do, don't light a match near this guy...





Number 4: Donkey Kong

This big ape can really pack a punch, so don't steal any of his bananas! The popular ape has stared in some of the best platformers ever, including the retro revival, brutaly punishing game, Donkey Kong Country Returns. With diddy kong at his side, the two primates can take out anyone who gets in their way.





Number 3: Baby Bowser

No, this isn't bowser jr from mario sunshine. This is bowser as a baby in yoshi's island. Even as a baby, bowser was a complete idiot and douchebag. The sad thing is that even though bowser tries to act like an evil king who wants to rule the mushroom kingdom, he was a lot more dangerous as a baby...





Number 2: Yoshi

The most loyal and adorable character, I may take him home for myself! Yoshi has been around carrying mario since the super nintendo days. All those years of having to carry the plumber around to help him save peach and how does mario repay yoshi?

Don't act like you've never done it!





Number 1: Mario

The man, the legend, the face of video games himself. Yes, the plumber in red has done more for me than any other video game character ever. He has been in hundreds and hundreds of games and represents video games in general. He is as timeless as mickey mouse and bugs bunny. And I bow before you good sir, waiting for the next mario game to surprise me.





Who is your favorite mario character and why? Let me know in the comments.

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