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Every Wednesday I count down my Top 10 Favorite Blogs from my past. Today is Thursday (I was too busy yesterday... SORRY!) However today is also #3 and it's my most popular blog of all time. It's the Top 10 Pink Video Game Characters. Now that I look back at the list, it's not perfect. And there are a few things I would change (Like including Rain from Mortal Kombat)  but too late now... ENJOY!

Tales of a Part-Time Gamer

EP 7: Top 10 Pink Video Game Characters

Hey g1s, once again it’s me Woodyman. I know I’ve been quite active lately but never count on it… I’m here sometimes and gone much more often.


Therefore, for my last list of 2010 I decided to pull out all the stops! This list is going to be so bad ass it will kiss your mother and not call the next day!

Pink is often thought of as a girly color, by the average person. Sure there has been an increase in men wearing pink throughout the last couple of years, but it seems we will never fully accept the idea that real men can wear pink… not that I ever do. But I do have a purple hockey jersey and a maroon t-shirt with an Irish pub sketched on the front.  Nevertheless, there are still characters from popular culture who wear pink or just are pink hued. So here is my tribute to those brave enough to wear pink and still kickass, whether they are man, woman, or any combination…



-The character can either be pink-skinned or just wear an abundance of pink clothing, or just one of their defining characteristics is pink coloring

-All characters are from games I have played before at least once.

-There is no one character for franchise rule… because I don’t play that!

-If you don’t like the list, make a suggestion I’m open to feedback

-No Pokemon or Digimon


So let’s begin!


10. Dan

I recently played my first Street Fighter game about a week or two ago. I found a PS2 copy of Street Fighter: Alpha Anthology at the local Salvation Army for 3 bucks. After hearing so much hype for the Street Fighter series (especially from g1s and Screw-a-Staff) I decided to make the purchase and give it a go. I found it quite, fun but hard. I just wish I didn’t have so many gramer friends, so that I’d have someone to play with. So back to Dan, I know he is a joke character, and hated by all but you have to think about this. Dan competes in a fighting competition with teleporting Indians, bear wrestling Russians, and crazy Chinese reporters with legs that go on forever. He may suck, but how many of you would try to take these freaks down? That’s why Dan makes the list, and it’s also why he’s only number 10… MOVING ON!


9. Nana

This pick is going to be hard to justify, but I think I can do it. Nana is an ice climber along with (her brother) Popo. Together they climb ice covered mountains to rescue vegetables from a giant condor. HOW BADASS IS THAT? However, that isn’t the reason Nana is on the list. In Smash Bros. she teams up with Popo to take down EVERYONE! She’s defeated Bowser, Master Hand, and Tabuu all while looking pretty damn sexy… Yeah I said it!!!


8. Rain

(This video has nothing to do with Rain the character, but

A: I love it,

B: The music kinda fits, and

C: Look at Stryker at 1:42-tell me you didn’t LOL from that!)

This one is close to what I have to say about Dan. In all honesty I don’t really like Rain but he is in a fighting tornament with 4-armed mutants, shark-faced baddies, and gods. Now, I can hear a lot of criticism on this choice for two reasons…

#1 – Rain is awesome how do you not like him?

            To which I respond, STFU!

#2 – Rain is purple, he’s a joke character in reference to Prince’s song Purple Rain. He himself is a prince. Since he is purple, he doesn’t belong on this list.

In many of the pictures of Rain, and his first appearance in Ultimate MK 3 he looked pink. Therefore, what I say goes!!! Rain is pink, he has magic powers, he’s a prince… HE’S IN!


7. Mocchi

Oh god, a sleeper, and probably a pick that’s going to get me hated on by the Screw-A-Community. When I was still gaming pretty hard I had a PS1 and a Monster Rancher game. I played it non-stop until a douchebag friend of mine stole it and broke it. (We’re no longer friends, not because of this game… kinda) I was also a really big fan of the cartoon series, even though it confused the hell out of me sometimes. (Why the hell was there a blue and white wolf creature NAMED TIGER!?!!?? I don’t get it.) Either way, I picked Mocchi because he’s just so F-ing cute, and yet he’s badass. I feel like I grow some ovaries every time I watch this show because of Mocchi’s cuteness factor. That’s why he’s on the list. Also the show, had an awesome theme song.


6. Birdo

Birdo, Birdo, Birdo, where can I begin with him…her… it. I’m sure all of you know this creature because of its appearances in the Mario franchise. I kinda wish Birdo made it in the Smash Bros series, but then again it would probably be very close to Yoshi, except pink and can shoot eggs faster.  The real reason Birdo is on this list is its appearance in Super Mario Bros 2 (I didn’t know about the whole Doki Doki thing until about a year or two ago… lol) It is the first boss battle you face, and then you face it again and again. It is more memorable to me then any other boss including Stuart Little and Mr. Toad. Plus the music in the boss battle is killer. Birdo is on this list for all those reasons and the fact that it is a gender confused freaky dinosaur who has a vagina for a mouth and can shoot fireballs out of said mouth/vagina. Also it tries to kill you with EGGS! That means it is sacrificing its own children to destroy you… it is one BAMF! (Dane Cook reference)


5. Roy Koopa

To Koopa kids were one of my favorite parts of Mario 3 and Mario Wii… They are the byproduct of Bowser and Peach (They did it… a lot!) and they always try to kick Mario’s butt to help out their daddy. That’s dedication! Roy Koopa is one of the toughest Koopa kid from both games, and yet he wears shades and a pink cap ALWAYS! Roy Koopa has his mother’s fashion sense, and his dad’s toughness. He was renamed Bully Koopa in one of the shows due to his cruel nature, and even had a Brooklyn accent. He’s just a jerk, and we all love him for it. Any questions?

As long as you're smaller than he is, Bully will push you around. His favorite sport is stealing lunches from second-graders in wheelchairs. Bully is the most dangerous of the kids. The oldest, he would try to take over his dad's position as king, if his dad would stop being such a big bully and let him do it. Bully has a gang, but nobody will join it. He thinks he's totally cool, and loves fifties greaser music in Nintendo style.”

“Dad would want a pointless act of violence in his name.”
Roy Koopa, Bowser Knows Best


4. Peach

Sorry for the picture above, if you’re offended...too bad.


She sucks in that game.

As I probably already established above, Super Mario Bros 2 was one of my favority games growing up. I often play as Luigi now, if I ever play nowadays but when I was a kid I always played as Peach (Surprisingly this didn’t turn me gay, lol) She can fly!

Let me repeat that… She can FLY!... SHE CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though it’s only for a short time it’s still quite awesome. I’m kind of disappointed at how she’s portrayed in nearly every other game she’s in. (Constantly being kidnapped, never giving up the nookie, being the quintessential housewife, and fighting with a frying pan.) But her flight powers, and ability to take matters into her own hands in Super Mario Bros 2 makes up for all of that.


3. Tomba

Hahahahahahaha!!! Here is the what you may call a sleeper. Tomba is a pink-haired cave-dude who kicks pigs’ asses all because they stole his bracelet. I really don’t know how to describe this game and this character except that he just completely kicks ass. This game is a rarity in the PS1 library so it will probably run you about $50 bucks for a used copy but it’s completely worth it…. BUY THIS GAME or Tomba will nibble on you…. Oh wait I got more to say! “The series is the brainchild of Tokuro Fujiwara, who also created the Ghosts 'n Goblins and Mega Man series. It was also one of the earliest Playstation games to take advantage of the Dual Shock feature. ” There’s a sequel, and Tomba has a flying dog as a pet… GET THIS GAME!!!!!!!


2. Earthworm Jim


As I stated somewhere before, I grew up with my Genesis. I’m 21 and had a NES but barely played it. On my Genesis I had Earthworm Jim 1 (Never played the second one.) it was my most played game and stopped working quite early just because I think it overheated, by being played so much. The game was fun and zany, just like me when I was a child. Just look at the plot. “The storyline involves many colorful characters. Jim was at first an ordinary earthworm who did very earthworm-like things such as flee from crows and eat dirt. One day, in the space above Earth, the evil Psy-Crow had cornered a rebel spaceship pilot who had stolen an "Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit" built by Professor Monkey-For-A-Head. The suit had been commissioned by the evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt so that she could further conquer the galaxy. In the ensuing space fight, the suit was dropped to Earth, and fell on Jim. By a stroke of luck, Jim managed to land within the collar of the suit, and it ended up mutating him into the large and intelligent (at least by earthworm standards) superhero he is today. Jim overhears Psy-Crow talking to Queen Slug-for-a-Butt about the scorch marks left by the suit and her plans for her sister, Princess What's-Her-Name. Jim thus sets out to rescue the princess, fighting many enemies along the way, such as Major Mucus, Chuck and Fifi, Evil the Cat and Bob the Killer Goldfish, although none of this is apparent throughout the game.”

ScrewAttack also said plenty on Jim in many VGV’s or Top 10’s (IDK which) but let me just tell you that this game changed my life… Even the first video game related content I did was based on Earthworm Jim. (The captioned pictures above.)


1. Kirby

I know what you are thinking, ‘Oh come on! That is so predictable…’ I tried to think of a reason, Kirby shouldn’t have been at number one but I truly can’t. I can take the cop out route and say that since Kirby was originally white he doesn’t belong but that would just feel cheap. I first played a Kirby game on my NES, and didn’t pick up the controls of the pink fluffball until Super Smash Bros. Brawl, yet he still is my favorite Nintendo character of all time. Kirby is a true hero, in all of the games he appeared in (Unlike Mario) and all he wants to do is save the world from King Dedede and eat tomatoes. In addition to this, Kirby is the ultimate in cute!

But the biggest reason Kirby is at #1, is his ability to suck everything up, and then steal their powers. He is the super duper version of Megaman.

Kirby is the ultimate, in coolness… no doubt about it!

I know that Kirby loses his ability to suck in the new Wii title coming out (or out already) and therefore I am truly worried about the game’s direction, but I will still give it a try… once there’s a price drop, until then I’ll just use him in Brawl to kick some ass.


Thus ends my list of top 10 pink game characters, I know I’m inconsistent in some of my descriptions and I think I said Badass a thousand times, but overall I’m happy with the list and that’s all that matters… I hope you enjoyed, but if you didn’t tell me why, I am always willing to chat.



As I said before, this is my last list of the year, I’ll have another one New Years Day that I am super excited about, and I’m sure you will be to.


In the meantime expect some more reviews, and original series. Until then take care and happy gaming.




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