Top 10 Pokemon We Hate With A Passion

Posted on April 5, 2013 - 12:30pm by DrCoolGuy


This list is dedicated to Alpha Unit because he made me laugh minutes before posting this. You go, pup.

Welcome back every one to another wonderful-ish installment of Pokemon Talk! Last time we discussed some of the super cool things we should see in Gen VI, but now we’re back to our scheduled programming. We don’t love everything about Pokemon.

So after what seems like forever (a month), we decided to go back to the list we had planned before that whole Generation VI nonsense was announced. With every Pokemon we love in the rich history of the series, there are always going to be a significant handful that we cannot stand to the point where even catching it for completionist sakes isn’t worth it.

So we got to thinking, we might as well try to agree on ten Pokemon we just can’t stand. Either it’s one sucky little Pokemon or some really OP Pokemon that just looks like a loser. Whatever it is, we tried to be fair, so we attempted to obey the following rules:

  1. We are covering the aspects of both design and usage in the meta game. Whether it may look so ugly its existence defiles our very being, or they have a setup used in the competitive scene that just makes you cringe are what we’re looking for. (That Spore Breloom makes CoolGuy jealous of my skills)

  2. Just because it’s powerful, does not automatically mean we hate it. Garchomp may be the most overpowered Dragon known to man, but when it comes down to it, his design is too cool to ignore. The same goes for really bad, but awesome as fuck Pokemon, like Delibird.

  3. To make sure one generation isn’t overly favoured over another. We are setting a limit of only (2-3) per generation. Alternatively, there has to be at least one Pokemon per Generation, so we can hate on everything equally. Of course, the honourable mentions in this case would be moot, as they are more so our personal opinions on what should be on this list.

  4. And please, this is our list of Pokemon WE hate, not Pokemon everybody seems to hate on. No incredibly easy pickings here (i.e. Garbodor). Vent about dumb Pokemon all you want in the comments, but these are just ours.

  5. Always blame Thunderplant (read: Fan Boy) for any mistakes made.


And, as usual, our honourable mentions, so let’s cut to the chase:

  Monkeys - Mostly Infernape and the Simi-group

Fuck you Infernape

I really hate monkeys. They are easily the dumbest animal. I narrow it down to just monkeys because there are really only four that matter: Simisear, Simisage, Simipour, and the worst of them all, Infernape. That’s right, rage now, because I really fucking Infernape. It’s rude of me to leave out the Simi Pokemon if I hate Infernape so much. They try to serve a function of “you can’t figure out type advantages well, so here, lemme hold your hand.” And, well, when you get down to it, they look really stupid (cause they’re monkeys). They’re dumb in their own right, but that’s really it about them.

Infernape. Infernape, Infernape, Infernape... Why are you so... good? I’ll admit, I hate that this guy is so good. He’s been dominating OU ever since he hit the scene, and he manages to still be prevalent among all the new additions. He’s a little TOO good, especially compared to the other Gen IV starters. And he’s just another Fire/Fighting starter (commence comments on how Fennekin better not be Fire/Fighting). I’m all for good Pokemon, don’t get me wrong. I play primarily in the OU tier everyday, but I still, no matter what, refuse to use this ugly ass fucker. “Oh, but DCG, he’s based of Son Wukong, who’s the king of monkeys!” Well, that doesn’t make monkeys less the-worst-animal-ever. But oh, do I have one major reason for hating him:

In Gen IV, when playing either Pearl or Diamond, if you DO NOT choose Chimchar at the beginning of the game, the ONLY Fire Pokemon you will have for the Elite Four will be Ponyta/Rapidsh. That just fucking sucks. And you wanna know what? I was in that very predicament. It’s even one of the reasons I dislike D/P as much as I do. It’s all because of Infernape. Fuck you and your monkey ass monkey.

Note: Primeape is a Pig Monkey which is different and Aipom’s just got a cute as fuck face. I mean, come on. Look at that handsome devil.

  Male Combee

You could have just evolved into this...

Let me be on the record here. This is the only time I’m going to mention a pre-evolved Pokemon on this list, as we purely went for either a Pokemon’s family of final evolved form. This is also the only time where gender plays our interest because a male Combee is the most useless Pokemon you can get.

Introduced in Gen IV, honey was means of getting a random Bug/Aipom/Munchlax a day, depending on what tree you slathered honey on the day before. It’s essentially Headbutt from Gen II, except instead of Pineco and Hoothoot as many times you hit the tree, you get Combee or Burmy once a day. Burmy is a horrible Pokemon with NO redeeming qualities but at least Combee can evolve into Vespiquen, an interesting Pokemon with unique moves like Attack and Defend Order. That is, if you get a female. The male Combee DOES NOT EVOLVE. You essentially wasted your slathered honey tree on a Pokemon with a 224 base stat total. 70 Speed? Okay. Now lets list all its Gen V moves: Sweet Scent, Gust, Bug Buzz, Bug Bite, Tailwind, Air Cutter, Endeavour, Snore. Did you count eight moves because I did. At least through Gen IV Tutoring its move pool is more versatile with the likes of Swift, Ominous Wind and the greatness that is Mud Slap. Wait...oh. So what better than to run a Choiced Physical Sweeping set up and watch it die in LC you sick fuck.

It’s design is stupidly cute, so I can’t argue with that. I understand the concept of grunt bee’s being the support for the queen bee a la real life, but all I want is an evolved form. So until the day a Vespiking appears, I shall forever hate this bug and the fifteen trees wasted on trying to get Vespiquen. (87.5% Male! Game Freak you evil fuckers)


Now, since we took such a long time to finish this, this blog got around through word of mouth and reached the many peers we socialize with. Zimphf is an awesome person to play video games with, and when he isn’t too busy playing Monster Hunters, he’s chatting on g1 After Dark during the nonexistent hours of the morning. When he heard that a certain Pokemon somehow didn’t make it to the list, he had to include this personal honourable mention the two of us neglected to even mention due to how useless it is.


Now this hu​nk...

I hate Luvdisc. Oh, the many ways I hate Luvdisc. I’m going to go ahead and say what I do like about it, or I should say the only use for it. You can get the much needed Heart Scale from Luvdisc, and most of Gen III and Gen IV, it was the easiest way to farm them. There, now lets just say that not only does Luvdisc take up too much space in your storage, it also is pretty worthless when it comes to being viable in any form of combat. This Pokemon is so bad, that Smogon has not even bothered to list any useable set or strategy for Luvdisc.

Using a Luvdisc is like that trainer who decides that Magikarp with flail is good enough and oh-so hilarious. Hell, Magikarp with flail would actually be better than Luvdisc. But enough about angry rant, let’s actually compare it as a useable water type... It’s bad... Just really, really bad. It needs so much personal training to make it even close to as good as a tree. No, not Sudowoodo, I’m talking about an ACTUAL tree. Any possible moveset isn’t even that great, and besides having Lucky Chant and Water Pulse, it really is pretty lackluster.

I don’t really have too much more to say about Luvdisc besides that it may very well be the WORST Water-type Pokemon, hands down. And I should know; I love using any Water-type in the game. I even gave Luvdisc a try, but shit, I would rather try to win with a full team of Magikarp than use Luvdisc. Also, a heart? Seriously? It looks dumb and just makes me wanna play Zelda.


Now for the main point. Here is


Dr. Cool Guy and ThunderPlant's Top Ten Pokemon We Hate With A Passion!


#10 Ferrothorn (Gen V)

Okay, so maybe that looks a LITTLE cool...

Ferrothorn was introduced in this latest generation in a somewhat inconvenient spot. Ferrothorn (the pre-evolved form) is found in Chargestone Cave with his troublesome ability: Iron Barbs. Any time you physically touch it, you lose health. This is beyond annoying considering every other Pokemon in that cave will probably have Sturdy, thus racking up a crazy amount of chip damage over time. God it’s frustrating. On the other hand, you could use this to your advantage in the main game. It’s an awesome way to whittle down Pokemon. Either way, his evolved form is kind of ugly. It just has... dangly ass prickers coming out of it... Dafuq...
Bulbapedia is assuming this Pokemon is partially based on a Duran. Those things smell really foul. I can never understand how people, even members of my own family, can eat the stuff. All Pokemon draw inspiration from some source material, and Ferrothorn should be no different. Except in this case, it’s a Duran mixed with military flails? What the fuck are you serious Nintendo? This design makes NO fucking sense. If you wanted something that made sense that resembles Ferrothorn look no further than Forretress. Otherwise, the Pokemon in question’s design literally is a ball of spikes and I just can’t stand how this thing works.
Alas, this guy’s pretty much a Gen V OU standard. Having impressive bulk and modest attack alone would be awesome, but with access to Spikes, Stealth Rock, Leech Seed, and Power Whip makes him a pretty stand-up Pokemon. Yeah, it gets worse. Thunder Wave, Protect, Explosion... The list goes on. There’s no bound to Ferrothorn’s bothersome move pool. And we haven’t even got to his typing yet: Grass/Steel. That’s pretty amazing with 11 resistance and only two weaknesses (Fighting as one and Fire as a double weakness). So why is it that we hate this son of a bitch? Well... Read what I just wrote. He’s a pain in the ass to deal with...
#9 Unown (Gen II)
Spr 2c 201L.gifSpr 2c 201O.gifSpr 2c 201L.gif
Spr 2c 201W.gifSpr 2c 201E.gif
Spr 2c 201S.gifSpr 2c 201U.gifSpr 2c 201C.gifSpr 2c 201K.gif


You just beat Falkner and his underleveled Pidgeotto, and take a misleading left to the Ruins of Alph. After doing an easy puzzle of Kabuto, you fall down into a small snake-shaped room, where you are introduced to one of the twenty-six possible designs of Unown. Literally the Pokemon responsible for all the Gold/Silver schoolyard rumors, there are hundreds of Urban Legend of Zelda (see: TVTropes) relating to this unknown Pokemon. From finding the GS Ball in a secret room for catching every single Unown to even having it spell out a name, the rumor-mill is endless. The actual prize for catching all the Unown? Well for one thing your Unown Dex is complete and your collection of Unown become alphabetized. Oh, and you can use your Game Boy Printer to print out the sprites and text of Unown. Huh, well that blows.
Unown is the definition of a gimmick Pokemon. He’s supposed to be some mystical and mysterious Pokemon with some sort of hidden power. Get it? Hidden Power?! But seriously, Unown’s only saving grace is that he gave the world that move, because it’s awesome for almost everybody except Unown. And there are 28 of them, as if one wasn’t bad enough! So his design kind of baffles me. Yeah, he’s the Latin alphabet; he only makes sense to people who know languages written with that alphabet. So children in other Asian countries may have no clue what they’re looking at. And if they may notice some similarities or (please, don't) try to use it to learn the alphabet, HALF OF THE UNOWN BARELY LOOK LIKE THEIR RESPECTIVE LETTERS.
You are a silly, silly, person for EVER using Unown in ANY competitive battle. 72 Attacks and 48 everything else for base stats is laughable for one thing, but having Hidden Power as its only move is another big problem. Anyone familiar with the competitive scene knows that Hidden Power is a Special attack that, with the proper IV distribution, can be any type the user sees fit. With a maximum base power of 70, Hidden Power would be considered a good move, but only when used with a selection of other moves. It’s the go-to Special Attacker filler to counter weaknesses and checks. Wait... 252+ SpA Choice Specs Unown with HP Psychic vs. 4 HP/0 SpD Magikarp = 217.58 - 256.04% HOLY CRAP WHY ISN’T HE IN OU?!
#8 Basculin (Gen V)

You know you're in for a treat when the two Gen V Pokemon are this high up on the list.

Basculin is Gen V’s go-to fish Pokemon. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. He’s got some decent stats for a Pokemon you can catch around level 15 and learns some okay moves. And hey, he even looks kind of cool. Our only problem with Basculin is the fact that Game Freak tried WAY too hard with him. Having two unnecessary forms and being literally everywhere with water makes him a nuisance at best. To make matters worse, he’ll appear in areas with level 40+ Pokemon while still only being below level 20 himself. Annoying? You betcha.
He’s a fish. Technically a bass despite looking like a fucking piranha. Now here is the part where I go “Carvanha is way cooler and better and sexier” but you should already know that. If not, shame on you for not liking the torpedo shaped shark named Sharpedo. I don’t understand that despite all this, it gets two useless forms. The difference between said forms, aside from a stripe on their heads is ability. It feels incredibly uninspired especially considering that we had the same thing with Gastrodon, except in the case of the aforementioned there was a significant difference between the two formes. A blue or red stripe does not cut it for such a boring fish.
I mean, I guess Basculin has meta game capabilities? Like many boring Water Pokemon, Basculin has a really standard move pool with nothing very amazing. It fortunately isn’t just a Swift Swimmer, but that’s really the only thing giving it some credibility. Adaptability is nice, especially with STAB Aqua Jet and Waterfall, but... that’s not impressive at all with a meager 92 Atk and the ability to take exactly one hit. Your best bet is honestly just Choice Banding yourself and Aqua Jetting everything in sight. Then, just pray they don’t have a Water Pokemon or something with Water Absorb/Rain Dish or anything. Don’t even give this lame-o a chance.
#7 Grumpig (Gen III)

Low quality or not, not gunna lie, this is a vast improvement...

Of the people who actually stepped in the grass of Rugged Pass in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, how many of you actually found a Spoink on your first try? A significant bit, since the encounter rate isn’t too bad and I don’t see why you didn’t catch it. This thing is as cute as Spheal! But unlike Spheal who evolves into the badass known to all as the mighty Stallrein, Grumpig isn’t that amazing of a Pokemon. Sure you only need to level it up approximately 12 levels to reach its final form at level 32, but its nothing too impressive of a Pokemon. With Sidney as an Elite Four member, and already facing Brawly, having a bulky Psychic Pokemon isn’t something worth having during the main game.
Normally I’d say pigs are pretty darn cute, but not when they’re the fat and gross kind. Spoink is friggin adorable, but me oh my is Grumpig a waste of space. It’s lardish and bland. Despite its lavender skin being one of my personal favorite colors, that black, lavender, and pink color scheme is fairly atrocious. Sure, it’s Japanese name is pronounced Boopig, which sounds a heck of a lot like Boopin, but he still kinda blows. Honestly, there isn’t much to say about Grumpig that’s either rage-tastic or critical. He’s a forgettable Pokemon that has absolutely nothing going for him, and that’s enough to hate him up to the #7 spot for me.
Despite looking incredibly forgettable, Grumpig does has it’s niche in NU as a special Wall. With 80/65/110 defenses, this pig just eats up any Special Attack moves, especially Ice and Fire type moves with his Thick Fat ability. Add a 90/80 Special Attack and Speed, you could even run a Choiced set up with it. However, a defensive set up is way better, despite it’s lack of recovery move. With such possibilities as Dual Screens, Thunder Wave, Taunt and Heal Bell, it is actually the possibilities of movesets that restrict Grumpig. You can’t have Whirlwind to get rid of set ups without getting rid of Heal Bell. Sleep Talk would mean voiding your defensive setup. So you have to choose wisely as to how you want you pig to be used.
#6 Relicanth (Gen III)

He's just... a gross combination of everything.

Relicanth is a psuedo-fossil Pokemon, seeing as he has that very same type combination. This little critter can be found while diving in RSE and who the fuck knows where in Gen IV and V. I mean, let’s face it, he’s not even that cool looking to bother hunting down and catching one. It’s easy to see why, too. In most games, you’re bound to have a Water and Rock/Ground type on your team, and you often get a Fossil pokemon early on-ish. He has no place on a team since you’ll most likely need to surf to get this ugly fuck anyways.
What the fuck is with the Pokemon series and trying to come up with different variants of fish based Mons. Not only is this one based on a fossil, but it has that old man face. Come to think of it, this just so happens to be my favourite fish in this list because of it’s unique appeal. Sure it’s essentially a carbon copy of the Coelacanth, but damn I’m a sucker for fossils. Especially ones necessary with puzzles such as the Gen III sidequest to summon the Regis from their eternal puzzle. Other than that, there isn’t much of a unique outlook on this living fossil, other than that strange red dot that has no purpose whatsoever.
Water/Rock is a relatively unseen in the meta, especially considering there are only five fully evolved Pokemon with that type combination (for those curious, Corsola, Kabutops, Omastar, and Carracosta). Unfortunately, Relicanth is possibly tied with Corsola for bottom of that list. He doesn’t have access to Shell Smash like Carracosta or Omastar, and he doesn’t have a place as an offensive spinner like Kabutops. But hot damn, he has... I guess Rock Head/Head Smash combo...? Cooooooool...
#5 Bronzong (Gen IV)

I'm still not sure where its face is

A commonality in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum caves, due to Mt. Coronet taking half of Sinnoh, Bronzor is the go-to Pokemon for those who want some bulk in their team. To get a Steel/Psychic fairly early in the game would make your adventure easy, as Bronzong’s predecessors Metagross and Jirachi have been known to decimate the competitive scene. However, facing it can be quite the problem, especially considering Lucian of the Elite Four carries on his his team. I’ll mention why after a word from our Doctor friend here.
Metagross doesn’t make that cut for being somewhat brittle and slow (since few poor EVs into his defenses). I personally wanted to put Jirachi on this list for very similar reasons with fewer weakness. That para-flinching bitch is the bane of my existence in OU. But Bronzong... That unpredictable son of a bitch. He can resist so much and run multiple sets. He’s just rude. And why is it Game Freak designs all the good Steel types to be kind of ugly? He’s a... bell? Made of bronze? I mean I guess that’s... neat? Not really, guys. Also, he clearly looks blue, and his Pokedex entry lists him as green. Come on. I get what they were going for, as bronze, being an alloy largely consisting of copper, will turn a blueish-green as it oxidizes (hooray chemistry!) but he’s still stupid.
500 base stat total. 116 duel Defenses. Only two weaknesses, where each one could be deflected with either of Bronzong’s abilities. (Levitate against Ground and Heatproof for Fire) This beast is a bane to all players in the higher tiers for these reasons and more, like his eight resistances and one immunity. Whether it be a Tank, Support or Special Attacker, you know when you’re against this that you are in one hell of a battle. Oh, and did I mention he has a diverse movepool for said supportive and offensive means? You make this fucker set up anything and you’re in for one uphill battle.
#4 Mr. Mime (Gen I)

Even when reaching into your very soul he's a terrible  Pokemon.


Everybody knows who this is. Do I even need to elaborate? Well, I can at least put it into perspective. Not only does this Gen I “original” blow hard, he’s apparently so awesome in the ways of R/B/Y that you can only get one. That’s right, if you recall correctly, you’ll remember that you need to trade an Abra (Clefairy in Yellow) on Route 2 for this majestic Pokemon. Of course, he becomes more available in later generations, but that’s beside the point. It’s not like any one would want to use him anyways.

I honestly don’t mind Mr. Mine’s design. It has this charm as a court jester with the ears and feet. It’s gender is a confusing case though, as 50% of “Mr. Mime” are female. That would probably be my only problem with this otherwise “meh” Pokemon other than the fact that Mime Jr. exists. However, I can see the arguments against the design choice. The majority of his design composed of circles like a marionette’s joints, but it’s supposed to be a jester and mime at the same time? I’m not a fan, suffice to say.
Just reading what TP said confuses me. An all-around unimpressive Pokemon gets a WORSE version of itself? That makes sense. Why evolve Mr. Mime into like, Dr. Mime Ph.D when you could just give it a useless baby pre-evolution? Here was where I was going to attempt to say Mr. Mime has some decent stats with a straight face, but that’s just not happening. 40 HP and 65 Def, you’ve got to be kidding me. “Oh but Dr. Cool Guy, you’re so outrageously cool that you looked over his 100 Sp Atk and 120 Sp Def!” Well, there isn’t much use for either of those with such pitiful defenses and only base 90 Speed. Pull yourself together Mr. Mime. You suck and no body likes you. Also HOW CAN YOU BE A FEMALE GOD THAT’S UGHHHHHHHHHHHH.
#3 Girafarig (Gen II)

Originally Girafarig was supposed to look like this, and I seriously approve.

Johto’s Route 43. You’re on your way to the Lake of Rage to discover the illustrious Red Gyarados until this giraffe with a Chain Chomp for a tail appears. Baffled by the sight you immediately attempt to catch it, because hey, it just used Confusion. Congratulations, you just caught a Girafarig, the only catchable Johto Psychic in the game besides Xatu.
Woo hoo. Ya did it. You caught the most baffling Pokemon this side of Mt Silver. It’s a giraffe with a chain chomp. FOR A BUTT. And that butt has its own brain, awesome. So it’s just starin at you all crazy eyes as you battle. While Girafarig sleeps, it’s tail just watches like some sick fuck. When Girafarig chews and swallows, its tail does so also, pretending it’s eating. You know how it got there? You wanna know how? It got in a fight with Girafarig and was like “oh hey I’ll stay awesome!” like some weirdo. Oh, you think I’m making that up? Well MAYBE I AM. This pokemon could have been so much fucking cooler as a Normal/Psychic type, but instead it just got a really dumbed down movepool and stats with a creepy ass tail. WELL AT LEAST IT’S NAME IS A PALINDROME, RIGHT?!

Take a look at this poor Pokemon’s stats. SpA is his highest at 90, and it totals a pitiful 455. Its terribly mediocre in every single way, despite it being the only pure Normal/Psychic type. I say pure because Meloetta has that thing about changing forms. [beat] I’m getting off topic. Anyways, it does have a nice niche in the NU tier, as it essentially is the jack of all trades. Physical attacker, Special attacker, Baton Passer. It does have a fair share of movesets that can catch your opponent off guard, not to mention Sap Sipper makes it an excellent check against the common Grass types in all tiers.


#2 Lumineon (Gen IV)

You smug piece of shit...

Here is where it really gets good. Let me preface this with the fact that TP and I sure know a lot about Pokemon. In fact, maybe too much. So we know Pokemon sets, moves, teams, stats, and everything you may ever need to know about Pokemon you may never even see or use. So you wanna know why Lumineon is so high on our list? We forgot this piece of crap Pokemon even existed. As generic fish Pokemon #68, Lumineon sucks in nearly every way possible, is found way too late in the game, and you probably will never see one because you don’t care to ever find one. Go drown yourself, Lumineon...

One day in the Game Freak studios decided, “Hey, we always need more water types. What kinda of aquatic animal haven’t we done yet. Butterfly fish? How about this, a fish with butterfly fins?” Fuck. No. Pale blues for a Pokemon that’s suppose to exhibit a luminescent colour scheme? I would have never known. Lanturn better exhibits that and looks better as a cute angler fish. This design is incredibly boring and uninspired, even for the standards of a fish Pokemon. It’s sad that the pre-evolved form has a better design template, and even then it’s still a boring fish.
You know a Pokemon blows when the damn thing can’t crawl out of NU from the second it was created. Lumineon has really underwhelming, but admittedly not terrible, stats. It “boasts” a fairly even spread of 69/69/76/69/86/91. That’s decent speed, I guess, and while it’s not going to take any hits with dem underwhelming defenses, we can take solace in the fact that none of its stats dip below 69. So it could be worse. But it’s movepool, oh Lumineon’s movepool; Game Freak gifted this Pokemon with generic Swift Swim set #12 and nothing more. Basically, Rain Dance (with Damp Rock), Surf for STAB, HP Grass and U-turn for coverage. Not good coverage, but coverage. I guess. You’re so sad Lumineon that I kind of want to hate you out of existence.
#1 Dragonite (Gen I)

Hey! Oh, you wanted a real Pokemon? Well see ya later then...

Surprised? Well here is the OG Dragon type and by god do we hate it. You have two serpentine and not to mention blue dragons evolve into this yellow Puff the Magic Dragon knock off. But I’ll let Coolguy here talk more about the design. Dragonite is rare to come by due to Dratini being only found in the wild by fishing with a Super Rod...or for those with gambling problems could get on in Red/Blue with the Game Corner. Of course then you have to raise it 40 levels to get to it’s most powerful form, and here begins the rant.
Dragonite. Not only do you look fat and stupid, you smell like one too. Why in the ever-living hell would something as cool as Dragonair evolve into Dragonite? Your shiny form looks like the worst shade of diarrhea-green. Why do people even like you? It’s probably because of the fact that you’ve been OU since forever for God knows why (probably hax). I mean yeah you’re cool, but I hate the way you look. I can’t think of a single Dragon that isn’t cooler than you. Just go fuck yourself. I’m done.
Charmander > Charmeleon  > Charizard. Makes sense. Gible > Gabite > Garchomp. Makes fucking sense. Remoraid > Octillery. Uhh...OKAY so metagame usage? Yup, metagame. Dragonite is the staple of the awesomeness that is the pseudo-legendary, boasting an impressive 600 base stat total and a wide movepool making it perfect for any physical or defensive set up. Inner Focus doesn’t really make much sense, since it’s predecessors carried Shed Skin, but at least Marvel Scale is a good ability for it. Not to mention, thanks to the wide variety of good Ice and Dragon moves out there, Dragonite is easily counterable in a well adjusted team. We cannot hate this portion, but because it goes from SKINNY BLUE to FAT YELLOW, he will always remain our number 1.


Well... Yeah. Dragonite kinda deserves this even though ABSOLUTELY NO ONE will agree with us. I just know it. But hey, you all should know by now I love my sleeper-hit number ones. So that’s it this time, and to prevent prolonging this like we usually do, I’ll let TP do his usual spheal.
Ice Pokemon eh. Other than the fact that you should be ashamed for making such a lame-ass joke, I think we should had a look into Ice Types next time on Pokemon Talk. In case you still don’t know, the two of us have Twitter handles in @Dr_Cool_Guy and @Thunderplant, respectively. Our Honourable Mention guest Zimphf also has a handle so make sure you’re nice people and follow @Zimphf as well. The three of us are frequents on g1 After Dark so feel free to join us if ever in the mood to hang out with your fellow g1s.
Well, that’s that people! Next time, we plan on taking the show in a different direction, so expect some surprises there! It should hopefully allow us to update more frequently too! And if you’d like to be on the next installment of Pokemon Talk, leave a comment with your most and least favorite Ice type Pokemon!



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