Top 10 Scariest Spiders in Video Games

Posted on November 4, 2012 - 9:20am by Woodyman


Woodyman counts down the top 10 scariest spiders in video games.

WoodyWeen is extended until next Monday, November 5th due to Hurricane Sandy.

Editor's Note: I always hated those jumping spiders from Super Mario Land myself. Damn things jump right at you!

This WoodyWeen season I wanted to count down something Halloween themed or scary. I already counted down the top 10 ghosts in gaming and top 10 skeletons, and EVERYBODY makes a list about zombies so I wanted to do something different. Therefore, I went to the Twitter masheen and asked the people what they’d like to see. I got some suggestions but the one that really stuck out was one from ScrewAttack Chad.


He suggested that I count down the Top 10 Spiders, but that seemed a bit generic so I decided to go with the scariest spiders. Not only spiders, but also spiderlike creatures. So no raging in the comments that blah blah isn’t a spider!


So enough talking let’s go with some music and rules.



The Who – Boris The Spider


System of a Down – Spiders


Marilyn Manson – Wight Spider



-If you don't like the list that's fine. Just don't be a douche. It’s my personal list, yours will obviously be different.

-One entry per franchise.

-All entries are from games I have played.

-For this list I am counting spiders and spider-like creatures.

-All entries are chosen on how they scared me personally.

-There might be some spoilers.


Enough jibber-jabber, let’s get on with the list.


10.) Skulltula Family – Ocarina of Time

OMG! An actual Zelda entry on a Woodyman list?

Must be a miracle right?

Well, no… The miracle is that this list doesn’t have an entry from the Mega Man series in it.

Now it’s true I’m not the biggest Legend of Zelda fan, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never played the series.


The Skulltula Family live in the House of Skulltula which is located in Kakariko Village which is in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time… now that is a mouthful. The house is occupied by a family who are cursed to be some sort of Hyrulian/Skulltula hybrid. If you speak to an old man in the village he’ll say "Folks around here tell of a fabulously rich family that once lived in one of the houses in this village... But they say that the entire family was cursed due to their greed! Who knows what might happen to those who are consumed by greed..." When I first entered the house I was shocked, the Skulltula family are extremely creepy and disturbing… but does that make them scary? Not really…


What makes the Skulltula family scary for me is their backstory. They were cursed because of their excessive greed. Then when you enter the house, the father of the family tells you that if you help them break the curse, he’ll make you very wealthy. When I was a kid this immediately sent up some red flags. If I help to Skulltula family so that I get wealthy, doesn’t that make me greedy as well? I always thought that if I helped them, then I’d become cursed to, so I often tried to avoid the family as much as possible. It scared me, so it takes the number 10 spot.




9.) Spider Jockey – Minecraft

Now Minecraft in general is just a creepy game. There’s a BIG reason you’re first step when playing the game is to find or build a shelter. That’s because when night falls, the creatures come out. You have your typical zombies, skeletons, spiders, and even Endermen (who creep me out beyond belief).


I think the worst of these mobs are the skeletons, because they can shoot you from long range, and the spiders because they can jump, are quick and are sneaky. It’s a good thing there isn’t some sort of crazy Spider/Skeleton hybrid right?... RIGHT? Well actually there is, and it’s called a Spider Jockey. The Spider Jockey is the rare occasion when you see a skeleton riding a spider. “A Spider Jockey possesses the ranged arrow attack of a skeleton plus the vision, agility, and wall-climbing ability of a spider, and the two creatures attack and take damage individually.” If you don’t have any armor or a ranged weapon then I say “RUN!” The spider jockey is treated as two enemies so they can kill you twice as fast. All the power of a spider and skeleton without any weaknesses, this foe is terrifying.




8.) Mimi – Super Paper Mario

Now for me there’s a difference between creepy and scary.

Mimi from Super Paper Mario on the Nintendo Wii is on the border of that line. That’s why she is only in the number 8 spot on this list.


Mimi is a member of Count Bleck’s (antagonist) Army. Her normal appearance is that of a sweet little girl, and she uses that to her advantage to catch her enemies off guard and to get people to do what she wants.


So why is she on the list? Mimi doesn’t seem that scary!

Well Mimi has one special ability that makes her stand out.

Mimi can transform! She can imitate anyone she wants, and morph her body into weird and grotesque shapes.


While she isn’t that scary herself, this scene will always haunt me for years to come.


And that’s why Mimi is on this list.


Oh yeah… and she can’t be hurt by attacks right at this point… SCARY!




7.) Spider Queen – Okami

I was really expecting to put Spider Queen higher, but the other entries on this list scare me more.

Spider Queen from Okami is the very first boss in the game, and she is terrifying in appearance, but not so much in difficulty.


The Spider Queen is huge… especially compared to the games protagonist. It’s a giant, dark-colored spider with a woman’s head and body… the creepiest thing about Spider Queen is that her eyes are not on her head, instead they are her weak spot hidden in her flower abdomen. She works for the main antagonist of the game Orochi, and vows to stop Amaterasu.


As I said above, the boss battle isn’t very tough. The Spider Queen’s body is almost invulnerable to attacks but it’s quite simple to exploit the queen’s weakness. Using vine, one can quickly expose Spider Queen’s flower abdomen and eyes and then attack. Despite the relative ease of this fight, The Spider Queen’s sheer size alone is intimidating and scary enough to bank a spot on this list.




6.) Amnion – Silent Hill

This entry is very similar to the next one, but loses because entry #5 on has more destructive capabilities, and connect with me nostalgically. It scared me as a child, but Amnion did not…


That’s mainly because I was never a big Silent Hill fan, so I didn’t play the series much. I only found out about Amnion and Silent Hill: Homecoming very recently.


I played through Silent Hill: Homecoming rather recently, and thought it was okay, but wasn’t a huge fan. I plan on attempting Silent Hill 4 soon, but that’s once I increase my courage a bit. The one thing about Silent Hill: Homecoming that really scared me was Amnion. Amnion was the final boss of the game and is REALLY REALLY creepy looking. Amnion is a human-like creature that has the bloated appearance of a drowned corpse or a pregnant woman. Attached to the creature at the ribs are six metallic legs with large claws at the end. It also has an odd umbilical tube like body part erupting from its mouth. The boss fight is tough, but the real reason Amnion is in the number 6 spot is that when I played this game, it reminded me of the next entry on the list and brought back my nightmares from my childhood.


5.) Spiderdemon aka The Spider Mastermind – Doom

Sometimes, a creature can be scary just because of how powerful it is. Such is the case for Spider Mastermind from the original Doom. Now Doom is probably the first game I ever played that can be considered “scary”.


Spiderdemon aka The Spider Mastermind is the final boss of the original Doom game (and the only one I ever played) although it did make several other appearances in Doom games. Now at first glance, the Spiderdemon doesn’t really look like a spider. To me it looks like Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on top of some four legged mech. Nevertheless this thing is scary.


The first reason Spiderdemon is terrifying is its appearance. A giant killer brain with glowing red eyes and a row of sharp teeth with wires everywhere and four giant metallic legs is pretty damn scary. Second of all its difficulty. It’s true that Spiderdemon can be taken down with a few BFG hits, but without it (or if you opt out of using it), you’re in trouble. The Spider Mastermind has ~3000 hit points and a chain gun mounted on the front of itsbody that’ll kill you quicker than you can say its name. The only reason I just can’t put Spiderdemon any higher is because it’s REALLY not a spider… but it’s close enough to cinch the #5 spot.




4.) Yakuza – Metroid Fusion

Now I’m sure you are all wondering what could possible beat an entry from Doom and an entry from Silent Hill… Well, those aren’t real spider, but the final four are.


Now it’s obvious that I am a huge fan of the 2D Metroid games, I’ve played through every single one but I must admit that one of my favorites has to be Metroid Fusion on the Game Boy Advance. While this game is more linear than the earlier games, it still has the mysterious and lonesome atmosphere that make the Metroid games actually scary to play. It’s one thing to have a scary character or an enemy in a video game, however that character is even more frightening when there is a scary atmosphere as well. Metroid Fusion has that atmosphere.


You play as Samus and you’re on a space station. Suddenly the lights go out and you hafta investigate to see what caused the power to go out. You make your way to the reactor, when you get trapped at the bottom of a pit. The room is a trap. It’s inhabited by Yakuza, a spider and one of the toughest bosses in the game (second only to The Nightmare IMO). This boss battle took me ages to beat because it’s so tough to avoid it. This giant ass spider moves across the room quickly, and if it grabs you, you’re gonna lose a lot of health. It also shoots out fire balls. Damn! Once you injure Yakuza enough it’s legs fly off and it bounces around the room in a fury of attacks.




3.) The Metal Queen Chrome Recluse – Brutal Legend

The Metal Spider Queen falls into the same category as Yakuza and the Queen from Okami. It has the easy boss fight of the queen, but it shines through on it’s atmosphere like Yakuza.


If you’ve never played Brutal Legend then you need to ASAP! It’s a fantastic game, and anyone who’s a fan of metal music, and anyone who’s a fan of amazing atmosphere will enjoy it. You play as Jack Black… okay, that’s not entirely true, but it’s close enough. You’re a roadie for a faux metal band, after saving one of the band members you get transported to an alternate world that looks like the album art of a metal band. It’s a very Brutal world. You’re job is to save the world from evil, with your trusty Clementine (a guitar).


Later on in the game, Jack Black’s gal is injured and the only one to heal her is the Kill Master. Unfortunately, he can only heal her with enchanted bass strings from The Metal Queen Chrome Recluse. So you enter her cave and this is where the atmosphere comes into play. Her lair is a dark and foggy cave that just keeps going deeper and deeper. You get attacked by mini metal spiders, and even bigger metal spiders. Chrome spider webs decorate the cave. It’s truly a scary scene. In addition to this, the Kill Master set up the queen as an evil creature that even he’s afraid of, and he’s a badass.


“But we don't go into her lair anymore... Lest she bite us in half, suck out our innards, and lay her eggs in our eye sockets.” – Kill Master


So you finally meet up with the queen, avoid her blades, her swarms, and her acid… kill her. Then take off like a bat outta hell.




2.) Black Tiger – Resident Evil

Doom was the very first horror game I’ve ever played, but the one I remember the most was Resident Evil. I got this game as soon as it came out.


Now I suppose I should tell y’all, that I am afraid of spiders in real life. I wouldn’t call it Arachnophobia, but it’s definitely fear.


So imagine little old Woodyman, it’s 1996 and I’m around 6 or 7 years old. I have a hacked PS1 that plays burned games, and my dad brings me home a bunch of games to try out and see if I like them.  One of the games I get is something called Resident Evil. I never heard of it before, but it didn’t sound too bad. Heck, I beat Ghostbusters on the Genesis. Then I popped it in…

5 mins later I popped it back out again.


A few days later I decided to give it another go. With a lot of light and support from my family I played that game. Then I got to Black Tiger. If you don’t already know Black Tiger is the Spider boss of the original Resident Evil game. It’s not that mutated or mechanical or grotesque. Instead it just looks like a giant tarantula. However, our fears are based in the real world and since Black Tiger looked like just a normal spider but huge, I believed it could exist in real life. I shut the game off right then and there.

A few days later I tried again, and again… but my fear never allowed me to get past Black Tiger, and I’ve never beaten the original Resident Evil.




1.) The Spider – Limbo

I can see the comments now…


Well I can imagine what the comments are gonna say when I post this…


How could The Spider from Limbo be in the number 1 spot? It’s just a silhouette!


That may be true, but try to remember what I said before… a game’s atmosphere can make a scary character truly terrifying.


And Limbo is a game chock full of atmosphere. You play as an unnamed boy, in a silhouetted world of black and white. Shadows loom everywhere making it difficult to distinguish between a blade of grass and a deadly trap. You’re making your way through this lonesome forest when suddenly you are pierced and killed by a sharp object.


What was that?


Strolling through the area once again reveals that it’s a giant spider, you walk over to it then avoid it’s attack. With quick thinking you injure the spider but that just pisses it off. It pursues you, and attacks you relentlessly until you are forced to do something about it. You think it’s gone, you think it’s dead, but you can’t be sure… it’s an opportunist killer always looking to strike when you least expect it… and you’re still all alone in the black and white land of Limbo.


Enjoy the nightmares.


(Sorry this is so late, Sandy took out my power)


Happy Gaming!



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