Top 10 scariest things in non-horror games

Posted on July 11, 2012 - 3:30pm by Canadian Brony


*Strictly experience based. Don't feel discouraged if your scary thing isn't on this list.*

 Most of the time, a video game will stay true to the rating it is givin. MOST of the time. While M rated games usually have freaky stuff in them, E rated games tend to cross the line sometimes and scare you with something unexpected. Hell, even M games do that occasionally. So what are some of the worst things that have been used to shock us in the past? It all begins under the waves...

#10: Sonic series- Water

Sonic has never really been known for having scary moments. Or at least not to my knowledge. I played Sonic all the time when I was little and it never gave me the willies. Except on one occasion that always occured whenever I stayed underwater for too long. About a minute would go by and everything would be fine. Until this music starts:


Nothing ever made my heart race more than this music. The sheer panic you feel when you realize, I'm responsable for Sonic's death if I don't get him on land ASAP. Even today this music scares people. So why not just give this spot to the music instead of just water? Water leads to this music and something that leads to something scary is scarier than the scary thing.


#9: Super Mario Sunshine- Shadow Mario

Now you may be thinking "What? Shadow Mario never scared me!" Did you ever stop and take the time to really think about what he was? He's a watery clone of Mario that is hell bent on ruining his image and successfully capturing Princess Peach. But the real horror comes in when you see his face up close.



He looks like a goddamn demon! Sure he becomes less scary once you figure out who he really is, but before you find out, you're left thinking that you're fighting a demonic clone of Mario who plans to do god knows what! Don't tell me I'm the only one who thought that! I KNOW other people did too!

#8: Banjo Kazooie- Clanker


Let me just say something before addressing this abomination. Banjo-Kazooie freaked me out as a little kid and not just because of this thing. The whole game just really unsetteled me and it still does to this day! I get that its a great game, but it creeps me out! Anyway, Clanker. Look at him. You first encounter him after you've swam through a narrow tube and you come out face-first in front of this behemoth. Tell me. Is THIS what you want to see after exiting from a narrow tube?


Your first thought was probably "OH SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? ITS GONNA KILL ME! WHY? WHY? WHY?" Then you find out he's friendly, which is one thing I can forgive the game for. You don't have to fight him. But I can't say the same for...

#7: Snacker- Banjo Kazooie


THIS is what drove me away from Banjo Kazooie. Snacker. Basically he's just a shark that appears out of nowhere when ever you fall in the water at Treasure Trove Cove. But heres the catch: he's invincable. You can't fight him. Or maybe you can. I wouldn't know since he scared me away from the game. And unlike Clanker, he's not friendly. In fact, he want s to "snack" on Banjo and Kazooie's sweet, sweet flesh. He even has his own theme:


As if we needed to relive the horror that only Jaws could bring us.

#6: Waterwraith- Pikmin 2

It's been said a million times before. Pikmin is cute. It has been known to give a few "shocks" from time to time, but its a safe game all around. That is until you enter the Submerged Castle dungeon in Pikmin 2. This dungeon is known for being notorious with hazards even though the only Pikmin you can bring down with you are Blue Pikmin. But as you fight through the hazards, you remember to take your time since theres no time limit. All seems fine and dandy until this happens:


WARNING! Very loud introduction! Turn down your headphones!

I remember my first time encountering the Waterwraith. I lost half of my Pikmin on the first encounter. This thing has no mercy. And his AI is smart too! He knows where you are and how to get you! If you encounter him before getting all the treasure, just leave and come back for it later. Its not worth losing half of your army.

Okay. No more water related stuff.

#5:Pokemon-  Litwick/Lampent/Chandelure

I get it. Litwick looks cute. But allow me to recite it's Pokedex entry:

"Litwick shines a light that absorbs the life energy of people and Pokemon, which becomes it's fuel as it burns."

Is this a fucking joke? Nintendo turned a candle into a Grim Reaper in training! People use that thing to battle, which means they're always close to it! Litwick is slowly killing it's master! But it doesn't stop there. Heres Lampent's entry:

"It arrives near the moment of death and steals spirit from the body."

Seriously!? A lamp that steals souls? I thought Pokemon was for kids! Kid games shouldn't have soul stealing lamps! But Chendelure's is by far the worst:

"Being consumed in Chandelure's flames burns up the spirit, leaving the body behind."

Haha! Jokes over Nintendo! Where is the real Pokedex entry? What? That IS the real entry? Uh........ okay, I'm gonna give you the number to this therapist. You go see him and come back once you feel better.

#4: Half-Life 2- Poison Headcrab

Why Poison Headcrabs? Why not regular Headcrabs? Truth is, regular Headcrabs don't creep me out. In fact, I want one as a pet! But Poison ones? If I saw one of those in real life, I'd destroy it on sight. (I'm sure any sane person would, but you never know). Lets make some comparisons shall we?

Regular Headcrab: Dull, weak looking jaws, have a cute little waddle, resemble reptiles or mammels making them more tolerable to the human eye.

Poison Headcrabs: Sharp, strong looking jaws, crawl like spiders, resemble arachnids making them more hatful than they already are. Did I mention that they're POISONOUS?

Plus, they have black skin so you'll never see them coming if you're in a dark room.

#3: Mimi- Super Paper Mario

In case you didn't know, Mimi is one of the villians from Super Paper Mario. She resembles a bratty young girl who always wants to win and likes shiny things (rubies to be exact). So what makes her so scary? It all starts during the second chapter of the game. Mimi tricks Mario into working for her and once Mario figures out what she's up to, he stops her and goes to help Merlee, the one Mimi has been holding hostage. Mimi shows up in front of Mario again, but this time, she has a...... different look.

Seriously, thats like something out of The Exorcist. Mimi's true form was one of the few times in a video game where I had to pause so I could process what just happened. I understand that Super Paper Mario is quite possibly that darkest Mario game, but I don't think that excuses this.... thing.

#2: Super Mario 64- The evil piano

Super Mario 64 is one of those games that you love, but you know it hasn't aged well. By todays standards, the controls are outdated, the graphics make everything look maniacal and the games doesn't seem as "generous" as the other mario games. Some of you may like that or disagree with me. I get that. But one thing we all hated in this game (or at least all of us should've.) was the haunted house stage. The music is haunting (which you'd expect) Books and funiture fly at you, and ghosts can be found crwling all over the place! But one room seems empty with only a piano and stool. You approach the piano, think its just decoration, when it lashes out at you!


That scream might've been added in or maybe it wasn't. I would believe it either way. Also, you can't kill the piano. It's left to terrorize all others who come its way. 

#1: Majora's Mask- The whole damn game

What makes Majora's Mask scary? WHAT MAKES MAJORA'S MASK SCARY? How about everything!? Allow me to list off some stuff that gave me nightmares as a kid!




creepy Link statue,


scary faces when you put on a mask,


and who can forget that goddamn moon that ruined so many childhoods?


Even the Happy Mask Salesman rubs me the wrong way. Why is he so happy? Is it a cover up?


"I've seen some shit."

I'm not insulting this game. If I did, swarms of people would try to kill me. So believe me when I say, its a good game. I just tramutized me to the point of never wanting to play it again. That and I watched an LP of it, so most of the fun is taken out. And I guess it doesn't help that theres so much creepypasta about accross the internet. 

So g1s, what did you think of this list? What are the scariest things you've experienced in non-horror games? 

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