Top 10 Sega Genesis games

Posted on May 9, 2012 - 5:42pm by Jawbreaker Alumni


The Sega Genesis is my second most played video game console, next to the N64. So many great games, but let's look at my favorite games.

Number 10: Golden Axe

One of the hardest arcade to console ports, Golden Axe didn't fuck around. The music is still fun to sing to today, it has some of the best death cries in video games period, and it's a solid, fun beat em up that stands out. The only reason it's at number ten, I still haven't been able to beat it to this day. Fuck you death adder.



Number 9: Mortal Kombat 1

Kids, do you ever look at the ESRB label on video game covers? Want to know why that exists? This game is the reason why. Like most kids, I first played this in the arcades and had a blast. And when it was ported onto the Genesis, it was goretastic. Now, I am not that good at Mortal Kombat, i'm better at Street Fighter, but that doesn't mean I don't have a good time with this game. The fatalities are the selling point of this game and what a selling point it is!



Number 8: Earthworm Jim 2

Earthworm Jim 1 was crazy, Earthworm Jim 2 felt like an acid trip. EJ2 takes that insanity to another level, and starts to push your sanity a bit. The reason EJ2 is at number eight is that I don't find the music all that memorable and while the game is longer, it's much easier than EJ 1. The first time I got a game over I was on the last level, whereas for EJ1, it took me years to beat it. But EJ2's gameplay uses Jim's abilities to the max, so it has that.



Number 7: Mortal Kombat 2

MK2 improved on what MK1 did. More characters that would become household names, including Shao"You Suck" Kahn, the stage fatalities which were very nice treats, and of course, more fatalities. Now I said earlier that i'm not that good at Mortal Kombat, but I smile like an idiot everytime I get a stage fatality. Whether it be the acid bath, or becoming a human pin cushion, seeing those fatalities pleases me... I obviously have some issues.



Number 6: Sonic 1

If you don't have Sonic 1, you don't have a Genesis. PERIOD! This is the game that I had with my Genesis, and I haven't looked back since. Of course, you have the legendary music of Green Hill, Spring Yard, Star Light, etc. You have the introduction of Dr. Robotnik/Eggman, who is still on of my favorite villains. And you have the hero, Sonic (duh), who can go super sonic fast and has that cool hip attitude that was cool in the 90's. Unfortunately, this game also has Labyrinth Zone, which is without a doubt the most infamous zone in Sonic history. If a video game character goes to hell, Labyrinth Zone will be there waiting for you...



Number 5: Streets of Rage

The Super Nintendo had Final Fight, the Sega Genesis had Streets of Rage. I'm pretty sure everyone was a winner there but anyway, the city has been taken over by corruption, it's up to you to put an end to it! It's very fun to whack enemies with a pipe, but what really sells this game is the soundtrack. Seriously, go listen to the soundtrack now, stop reading and do it now. Ok, now that you're back, this game has multiple endings as well, where you can kill your friends and become a crime boss! It's cool, but kind of defeats killing all those enemies.



Number 4: Sonic 2

More levels, more speed, and of course, the introduction of Miles Tails Prower, who is the best sidekick ever! Sonic 2 takes everything Sonic 1 got wrong and fixes them while keeping the speed and platforming elements that made Sonic famous. There is not one track that I hate in this game period. Every song is catchy and every level is well designed. Sonic 2 also has in my opinion the most feared boss in Sonic history...

Well, were boned...



Number 3: Streets of Rage 2

What's not to love about this game? Kickass action, off the wall music, great graphics, you get the idea. Mr. X has returned and he's not happy and decides to kidnap on of your teammates and now you have to rescue him! From the second you start the game, the music pumps you up and gets you ready to fight. Knives and pipes make a return, but sadly, your cop friends are nowhere to be seen. R.I.P. Cop buddies.



Number 2: Sonic 3 and Knuckles

Back in the day, you had to beat the game in one go instead of saving every five minutes. Also, Sonic games weren't played by Sonic fags-NO END SENTENCE, BEGIN ANEW! Sonic 3 connected each zone by an interactive cutscene, making Sonic 3 one giant world. Sonic 3 also has the best special stages in my opinion and introduces Knuckles the Echidna, who is a prick.  A wise man once said (Lewis Black) that the good die young, but pricks live forever! Dr. Robotnik tricks Knuckles into thinking that Sonic is the bad guy, only to steal the master emerald behind his back. The music is completely different from the past two Sonic games, as it's has a more R&B feeling to it, I think. You can play as Tails, who can fly, and you can play as knuckles, who can glide. Sonic: Dammit, how come everyone can fly but me? Ultimately, the length of Sonic 3 and Knuckles results in a grand adventure to stop Dr. Robotnik. Oh, and Hyper Sonic seizures for the win.



Number 1: Earthworm Jim 1

Earthworm Jim 1 defined the Sega Genesis-No, Earthworm Jim defined the 90's! If you want to play a game that reeks of the 90's, this is the game to play. It's platforming at it's finest, easy to play, but hard to master. It is difficult, as the later levels will kick your ass up and down and all around. The music is perfect for the game, as it fits the atmosphere for each and every level. And did I mention that it's hard? This is one of those games that took me years to beat, but when I finally did it, it felt so sweet. Although, the ending is a real WTF? And no saving! So if you want to beat this game, you're going to have to work for it! So go dust off your Genesis and play this game. NOW!

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