Top 10 songs in video games

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10 awesome video game songs

Now with links to the songs, I know I'm as surprised as you are

In accordance to usual tradition 1 per series - that made it a lot harder to make

If any of the links to any of the songs don't work or if they go to the wrong song could you please notify me 

Honourable mentions

Every song in every guitar hero or rock band game (apart from the awful covers in GH 1 and 2) I would list all of them but then we'd possibly have the longest blog post in screwattack history)

Most character's themes from MvC3 especially Deadpool, Dante and  Dormammu




Ducktales moon theme from the NES

World 1-1 from Super Mario Brothers

The Theme from final fantasy

The main theme from the legend of Zelda it never gets old no matter how you hear it

Green hill zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog -

Every call of duty zombies song (I remembered about them after finishing and being halfway through the checks to publish it )

10 - Duel with Seto Kaiba- Yu-Gi-Oh forbidden memories

Let me explain something, I have NEVER beaten this game and it is for one simple reason. THE GAME CHEATS. I've beaten Kaiba every time I've tried playing and nearly got to the last boss. Anyway this is the song from when you duel Kaiba in the finals of the tournament before heading back to Ancient Egypt. Just to get to him you need to beat a worthy line of opponents (Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood, Mai Valentine, Bandit Kieth, Shadi, Yami Bakura, Maximillian Pegasus, Isis in that order) I actually like most of the song in this game but this and the preliminary round of the tournament's music is my personal favourite. The first time I duelled him I was very close to winning destroying everything with my twin-headed thunder dragon and then all of a sudden BOOM Blue eyes white dragon appears on the field and wipes me out. (I'll post a link to the other song as well) (duel with Kaiba) (preliminary duel)

9 - Halo theme - Halo 

I hate Halo but I love this theme it just sounds so cool, if this doesn't get you pumped to kill aliens and defend the earth listen to it again. There's not really much more I can say it has guitar solos so I like it anyway, just give it a listen.

8 - Magician's theme - House of the dead series

The Magician is a badass, Final boss in the original, second last boss in 2, final boss in the special edition of 4. If you think about it he's sort of like mewtwo he may have been created by humans but he will not be enslaved by them. He has fire powers and everything. His theme is a bifecta making it seem scary and powerful while simultaneously being very dancey.

7 - Pokemon Tower - Pokemon firered/Leafgreen

 If you know much about me you can pretty easily tell that I freaking love Pokemon but I would wager that you probably didn't see this one coming. Yes cook me some creepylasagne because I love Lavender town and more specifically the Pokemon tower. I like it because it captures the mood of the place perfectly and is a underrated gem in the musical library of the games. Although there's not much there and most of the legends associated with it are annoying and I don't believe in them I still dig the creepy tone of the music here as if some other worldly presence is watching you at all times.

(Surprisingly this didn't throw a million creepypasta links into my recommended videos)

6 - The legendary theme - Gitaroo man

If you've heard this before you know what I'm talking about here it sounds awesome and is just beautiful to hear.

5 - Dr Wily stage 1 - Mega Man 2

Yeah this was a predictable one but seriously just listen to it. This song is so awesome another flawless example of 8 bit greatness. I don't think I really need to say much more.

4 - Haunted Graveyard - Super ghouls and ghosts 

This game, it's so hard to beat but the music is awesome especially in this stage. It gets the feel of being a graveyard filled with enemies that will kick your teeth in if you get complacent just right and has a cool one to it

3 - Guile's theme - Street Fighter 2

This was obviously going to be on the list somewhere if not only so I could have an excuse to use this This theme has become Iconic of the series and it does go with everything. I'm British and this makes me proud to be an American, that's how good it is

2 - Bloody Tears - Super Castlevania 4 version

You probably all knew that this would be somewhere on the list. I'm actually going to make a confession here. I never owned a super nintendo and refuse to use an emulator so I have never actuallly played this game, I've seen it enough to know it well though. Anyway Bloody tears in case for some incredibly strange reason you've never heard it is a classic track from the Castlevania series. Also it was incredibly difficult to choose just one from the series because so many of the songs are just that damn good. Does this song really even need summing up? Just listen to it.

1 - Cornered - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

This specific version to be exact. It  sounds awesome and makes you feel awesome because of how good it is. If you don't believe me just listen to it

I'll be honest I at one point considered putting one winged angel at the top just to see how many people would get mad at it.

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