Top 10 Star Fox 64 Boss Battles

Posted on July 29, 2013 - 9:00am by Jawbreaker Alumni

#10: Meteo Crusher

Skip to 5:05 for boss fight.

Description: The Crusher cleans up messy areas of space where unwanted asteroids and planets block the space areas. It wouldn't seem like cleaning up four Arwings should be a problem. It's your job to see that it is. 

Our fist boss on this list is the Meteo Crusher, which is designed to act like a trash can and gets rid of unwanted asteroids. There’s not much to this boss, destroy the yellow core segments so that the shield gets loose, avoid the lightning, and hit the last two yellow core segments when it flips. What makes this boss good, however, is the pilot of the Meteo Crusher, who is sarcastic and mocks you until the end of the boss fight. In fact, the voice acting in many of the bosses is the reason some bosses are on this list, as they help make the boss fight much more dramatic.




#9: Sarumarine

Skip to 4:44 for boss fight

Description: ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Number nine be the Sarumarine, the cause of Zoness’s toxic state. The former research station is now a fully operational weapon equipped with launchers and mines, and can repair itself with the crane at the back. The first thing to do is to destroy the snorkels, which a lot of people forget when they fight this boss! That prevents the Sarumarine from diving underwater, then you can bomb one the launchers, and then the crane. Of course, don’t forget the spiked ball attached to it and just bomb away. It’s a fairly difficult boss, as you constantly have things coming at you at all times, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.




#8: Spyborg

Skip to 3:43 for boss fight

Description: This mechanical monstrosity is the result of a weapons project gone awry. Andross had hoped to use it against Corneria, but a malfunction in its artificial intelligence program made it uncontrollable. It destroyed Andross's research base in Sector X, and now it's gunning for you. It seems obsessed with finding its creator, but maybe you can give it something else to worry about!

Number eight is the bioweapon gone rogue, Spyborg. This robot only has two forms, first shoot the eyes, then the head and that’s it. The problem is that since the Spyborg has gone rogue, it’s going to attack you constantly with its arms until it hits something. The Spyborg is an interesting boss, as it calls out for its creator, Andross. What it had planned, I don’t know, but I'd rather not know, considering how it destroyed Andross’s research base in Sector X. Spyborg does get points for bitch slapping Slippy, so at least it does something good!




#7: Shogun

Skip to 3:50 for boss fight

Description: Before you duel with the Shogun warlord, you must first defeat a pair of Shogun warriors. The robotic duo, which are worth a total of eight hitpoints, bullishly charge you and assail you with pistol fire. The warlord's combat tactics are similar, but its strong armor, protective shield and agile maneuvers make it a far fiercer foe.

Number seven are the Shogun warriors and warlord at the end of Sector Y. All of them have both guns and shields, but the warlord can also kick you if you get too close and the warriors will charge if you get too close to them. Again, the voice acting is what sells this boss battle, the Shogun warlord will taunt you if you can’t hit him, and will scream bloody murder when you finally kill him.




#6: Mechbeth

Skip to 4:15 for boss fight

Description: Mechbeth's internal power generator is still in the development stages, so the bioweapon remains tethered to an energy supply canister onboard the train. Its advanced combat computer, however, is fully functional and armed with a trio of the deadliest attack weapons ever designed on the planet.

Number six is another weapon from Macbeth, Mechbeth. Composed of the train and the advanced combat computer, Mechbeth is armed with explosive iron bars, wings that shoot powerful beams, and a tail that sweeps you up and then drops you. Unlike previous bosses on this list, there are two ways to defeat this boss, one is taking it down with your lasers and smart bombs. The second, and much more satisfying, is to activate all eight switches, flip the switch, and watch the fireworks as Mechbeth goes down the wrong track and destroys itself and the weapons depot! Sorry, got a little carried away.





#5: Goras

Skip to 4:11 for boss fight

Description: Slippy crashes his Arwing straight into the clutches of the multi-limbed Goras. To rescue your companion and free him from Goras's blistering grip, you sweat it out in a heated battle with the ancient, wiry desert dweller and endure its clobbering punches, scorching laser missiles and ghastly monster breath.

Number five is the four armed beast, Goras. I would like to point out that Goras is not a bioweapon, he is a native of Titania, considering the skulls you see on Titania that look just like Goras. And to those comparing Goras to General Grievous, stop that right now because Goras would make Grievous his bitch. Now then, when you first meet Goras, Slippy is trapped in his arm, so you need to shoot the other arms first to free Slippy (Though I don’t mind handing Slippy to Goras). After that, shoot his chest and watch out when he FIRES HIS LAZOR! It’s actually just his fiery breath, but it looks like a laser. I really love how frantic this battle feels, your teammate is trapped and he needs help, an ancient creature wants you dead, and while not hard, his breath can damage you somewhat. But still, take Slippy with you.




#4: Vulcain

Skip to 3:06 for boss fight

Description: Vulcain is one of the most advanced bioweapons in the Lylat system. Besides being able to adapt to Solar's extreme temperatures, Vulcain can modify its generic structure by absorbing and altering the molecules of the objects in its environment. If you're not careful, you'll end up out of Solar's frying pan and into Vulcain's fire.

Though easily beaten, Vulcain is here for the fact that your shield gauge constantly goes down during the boss fight as its attacking you. Vulcain only has its arms and its head, and after they're gone you've pretty much killed it. Again, you have to be careful of your shield gauge going down, I personally like to drag this boss out until my gauge is empty and then kill it for tension. 





#3: Andross

Skip to 3:22 for boss fight

Description: The key here is to destroy Andross's hands first and then his head. There are several ways to do this, but here's our preferred method: shoot him in the eyes to distract him and then shoot his hands. Be ready to dodge the lightning bolt he shoots from his right (his right, your left) hand. Repeat until both hands are gone.

Number three is… Andross?! IMPOSSIBRU! Yes, the mad scientist is at number three of this list just by presence alone. Andross has two different phase two forms depending on whether you came from Bolse or Area 6, one is a robotic duplicate, the other is Andross’s brain and eyes. The first form is the same, attack the hands and eyes first so he won’t eat you, and then attack the head. Depending on which form you fight, the robot can be killed by shooting it between the eyes, and the brain can be killed by shooting the eyes and then the medulla. What can I say, the whole game leads up to the final one-on-one confrontation between you and the man who killed your father, and Andross trying to intimidate you by how big he is is icing on the cake. And so is blowing him to bits.





#2: Star Wolf

Skip to 1:45 for boss fight

Description: Star Wolf and his cohorts are all crack pilots, so don't underestimate them. If you tag them from behind, they'll pull a loop or a U-turn to get out of the line of fire, so be ready to match their moves.

Coming in at number two is the rival of the Star Fox team, Star Wolf. You meet Star Wolf in Fortuna, Bolse, and Venom, and fight the likes of Wolf, Leon, Pigma, and Andrew. This is what you call a dogfight to the core, with Fortuna being the most memorable encounter, Venom being the hardest as the Wolfen is upgraded, and Bolse being the most annoying because of Slippy going “FOX, GET THIS GUY OFF ME!” Shut up Slippy, shut up and die! Each member of Star Wolf goes after one of your teammates, but Pigma makes things more personal not only by going after Peppy, but he constantly mocks Fox about his dad, that asshole! The dogfights with Star Wolf are some of the highlights of Star Fox 64, just good old fashioned dogfights in space.




#1: Gorgon

Skip to 4:20 for boss fight

Description: Gorgon is Andross's deadliest weapon yet! It's equipped with a huge hyper laser capable of piercing the crust of a planet in a single shot. It also possesses a Dimension Transport System that enables it to phase in an out of our reality, something that scientists have thought to be impossible, up until now.

Number one on the top ten Star Fox 64 boss battles is none other than Gorgon. At the end of Area 6 is Andross’s deadliest weapon, standing between you and flying straight to Venom, fully equipped with armor, robotic tentacles, and a laser that can pierce the crust of a planet in one shot. After the bullet hell, or laser hell, or death-of-your-thumb level that is Area 6, Gorgon will shoot tons of missiles at you along with its three robotic tentacles. The first two parts are simple, shoot energy balls and survive hoards of enemies, then Gorgon opens its armor up and goes FUCK YOU, I HAVE A LAZAR! This is one of the best moments in the game, let alone in the battle. The voice acting in the battle really spikes up the action and tension, and the battle keeps you on your toes at all times. Gorgon is fast paced, sentient, and deadly to the core, and it’s without a doubt the best boss in Star Fox 64.

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