Top 10 Video Game Guns to Own in Case of a Zombie Apocalypse

Posted on July 17, 2012 - 1:34pm by NinjaRed64


 This is my personal Top 10 Video Game Guns that i want to own in case of a zombie apocalypse, or in case people start eating bath salts again. i don't care how long it'll take for one to be developed, i want one of these in my hands!!! Remember this is all opinion based, and there is only one gun per franchise. Also, this list isn't about which is better, just which one i like, and i'm hoping you would like, the most, as well as which one i would use most often. 

 #10: The M-920 Cain

Talk about heavy fire! The M-920 Cain is probably the most powerful heavy (pun fully intended) weapon in Mass Effect 2. This badass gun fires  high-explosive rounds that is applied to a 25-gram slug that produces a devastating effect. I mean it produces a mushroom cloud and takes out almost every enemy in the area! Hell, its even labeled a "Nuke Gun" with good reason. Unfortunately, it consumes a lot of heavy ammo, so knowing when to use it is key. Also, it only appears at the end of Mass Effect 3, which is kind of a bummer. 

#9: The Portal Gun

The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, or Portal Gun if you're lazy like me, is probably one of the most original weapons i've ever seen. Producing entrance and exit portals throughout the place during ingenius puzzles is great fun, i would definitely like to play around with it.It would be higher on the list, but it doesn't exactly deal damage, instead relying on clever tactics with protals. Also, its inability to work on certain tiled floors, metal, any kind of prop, doors or windows (which is kinda pointless thinking about it) is a bit of a set back, so if zombie try to bust through a door, the floor and ceiling better not be reinforced with steel. Now if only it came with those feet suppressors Chel has. I Can't risk breaking my legs. 

#8: The Auger Mk. II

Appearing in Resistance 2 and 3, the Auger Mk II has a pretty cool ability to detect the thermal signatures of enemies and the ability to shoot through walls. And if thats not cool enough, it comings with a fraggin' shield!!! Hell YEAH!! Though the shield won't last long, it does provide ample amounts of defense and can damage to any zombie who touches it. 

#7: The Gravity Gun

Appearing in Half-Life 2, and considered Gordon Freeman's signature weapon, the gravity gun can be used to lift and shoot heavy objects (be it cars, trucks, giant slabs of concrete) at incoming zombies. However, the gun is really heavy, and requires the HEV suit in order to carry it with ease. 

#6: The Leichenfaust 44

The Leichenfaust 44 (translated as Corpse Fist, which sounds pretty awesome) from the Wolfenstein series, is an example of the Nazis' experiments with the Black Sun Dimension. Created in the Castle of Isenstadt, it fires a glob of energy that, on contact, detonates, disintegrating most any target, and levitating everything within its blast radius for a few seconds. This weapon is badass, but its scarce ammo is a problem, and like the Cain, each shot must be taken with precision and care, mainly when there is a horde of zombies coming your way.  

#5: The Mk. II Lancer

You know what's more badass than a gun? How about a gun with a fraggin' chainsaw on it?!?! The staple weapon of the COGS appearing in Gears of War 2, the Mk. II Lancer is an upgrade to the Mk I with more accuracy, less recoil, and more ammunition. Even if you run out of ammo, just sawing a zombie in half is probably the most satisfying (and bloody, don't forget bloody) moment you'll ever experience. Though i'm more a fan of guns that turns into swords, I'll make an exception to this rule with the Mk. II Lancer. 

#4:  The Devastator

A rapid fire rocket launcher? Sign me UP!! The Devastator from Duke Nukem 3D fires rockets with the firing rate of a machine gun. DAMN!! Considered the most powerful weapon in the game (sadly the same can't be said in multiplayer), it launches 2 rockets everytime the player fires it. Because of this, I might chew up its amount before i'm done killing down zombies. Crap

#3: The Minigun (a.k.a Sasha)

The Primary weapon of The Heavy from Team Fortress 2, its an enormous Gatling-style machine gun capable of tearing down hordes of zombies who dare to get too close. Spitting out rapid fire slugs, this is a must have for anyone planning on surviving  a zombie apocalypse

#2: The BFG

The infamous, and arguably most powerful weapon of the Doom series, this badass gun can take down a Cyberdemon with a few well placed shots (as stated by Boomstick). Fortunately, we're not dealing with demons here, but zombies. And the power behind each of its slugs can take down hordes of zombies from a mile away. Though its ammo is a bit of a concern, its well worth it. 

Now before we get to Number 1, lets do a little recap:

10. The M-920 Cain

9.  The Portal Gun

8. The Auger Mk II

7. The Gravity Gun

6. The Leichenfaust 44

5. The Mk II Lancer Assault Rifle

4. The Devastator

3. The Minigun (a.k.a. Sasha)

2. The BFG

#1: The Scarab Gun

HOLY SHIT!!!! The most powerful weapon in Halo 2 (as well as the hardest to find) the Scarab Gun may look like a typical Plasma Rifle, but it has the firepower of a Covenent Scarab! Anyone who's played Halo 2 knows how powerful those things are. What makes this gun the most important gun in your arsenal against zombies is this: UNLIMITED AAAAAMMMMMMMMOOOOOO!!!!!! Oh , and it never overheats. 

And so that was my Top 10 Video Game Guns I Want to Own in Case of a Zombie Apocalypse. I hope you've enjoyed this list, and as always, feedback is always welcome. 

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