The top 10 ways to Overkill in video games!

Posted on March 3, 2012 - 11:07pm by bigjoe91


 Sometimes, you just want to show off. This is when you start finding original and humiliating ways to beat your opponent. This list isn’t about the best weapons or the best strategies; it’s about unnecessary roughness in video games. This is about hitting a man that is down, just for kicks! This is about doing double of what is needed to win.

Like I said earlier, we are looking for unecessary ways to defeat your enemies. The strongest weapons  (Nukes, BFG, etc.) will not be included. Let's not waste any more time! 

 10. Mortal Kombat : Fatalities

I included this one as an explanation for the list itself. In Mortal Kombat, you can knock out your opponent, but you can also rip his spine out while he’s already unconscious! You already memorized so many moves to win it, you actually put in the effort of learning another one just to humiliate your adversary. At the end of most entries on this list, your opponent should be going: “Aw s***!”

Just like the cherry on the cake, only the cherry has been ripped up and the filling is flowing out

9. God of War: Pretty much every boss battle

Kratos is a violent SOB. He could just defeat his enemies. He could even try to reason things with some of them. Unfortunately, this deranged demi-god prefers to dismember gods, just to prove a point. Of course he needs their powers to go through, but in every other game, you just threathen the guy until he sides with you... Guess he didn't think this through.

Yeah, after the forced drowning, he was pretty much done for...

8. Starcraft : Cannon Rush

Yeah I know it’s cheap. I included this because I personally stink at Starcraft and one of the ways people who where good reminded me was by using this “strategy”. When you’re so bad that a Protoss army is actually building stuff in your base to attack... you know you should’ve sit this game out. You're basically weaker than unfinished buildings and carpenters...

Like real war, only cheaper

7. Batman Arkham Asylum: Inverted Takedown

If you played Arkham Asylum, or I guess if you know more than me about Batman, you probably notice that you do not kill any enemy, you stun them. You inspire fear in their hearts by knocking them out gently. However, even if it is completely inacceptable to kill someone, Batman finds no trouble in sweeping down from a gargoyle, grabbing a henchman, strangling him, tying him and letting him hang head down over the floor! That is totally reasonable! At least he didn’t throw a batarang to cut the rope and let the guy fall on his head under the terrified eyes of his allies!

Oh nevermind...

6. Worms Armaggedon: Bat with Low Gravity

I love Worms games! They’re quirky, funny and so easy to pick up and play. One of my go to weapon is the bat. Like Super Smash Brothers, it almost guarantees a OHKO. That’s why you don’t need to use anything else with it. However, if you really want to put an end to a worms’ misery in the best way possible, you activate the Low Gravity. With these two combined the enemy will either end up three screens off the map or bounce off on the water dozens of time! This really sets the mood for the rest of the game as the opposing army will know you mean business!

What else would you do with an intern anyway

5. Super Mario Kart: Mario Circuit 2 – The jumping trap

If you played this game, you know what I’m talking about. Who didn’t set bananas and turtle shells just before this jump? It’s useless, because you’ll probably win anyway, but it just feels so satisfying to see the other racers miss their jump, bumping multiple times in the wall and starting back slowly around the track once again! To see the runner-up falling into 8th place in a couple of seconds is priceless.

The original race wrecker

4. Super Scribblenauts – Pretty much however you want

Scribblenauts is great when you have a weird imaginative mind. It’s really the perfect game to go over the top. Why use a ladder to save a cat from a rooftop when you can tie a balloon on him and pushing him with a fan? Why activate a switch when you can scare a baby with a scary mask until he runs continuously out of fear toward the switch? And finally, why defeat an enemy with a simple weapon? You really have a lot of original ways to kill someone here. Here are some of my favorites:

- Electrifying an eel

- Giving god a weapon to kill an enemy

- Attaching a fishing pole, with a cupcake at the end, on a man and making him run over a landmine

- Recreating Fantasia with evil broom to kill a magician

- Building an Acme style machine with a anvil at the end

In short, go nuts!

You can aslo destroy a castle on the back of Free Willy!

3. Final Fantasy X : Wakka and the Break Damage Limit

You know how most RPG games limit the damage done to 9999? Final Fantasy X allowed you to go over that for the second time in Final Fantasy history (The first one being Eden in FF8). This time however, a simple attack could go up to 99999 in damage. Complete this with Wakka’s ability to attack up to 20 times and you can do a whopping 1,999,998 damage in one attack obliterating the Final Boss and the strongest optional boss in the game! This is overkill!

That is some attack, ya?

2. Super Smash Brother Brawl : Sports fan attack

You probably know that the baseball bat is the most powerful item in Super Smash. However, in Brawl, the soccer ball gives it a run for his money by amplifying the strength of an attack. What happens then when you combine these two powerful weapons? Pure Greatness! I only managed this once so far, but hitting the soccer ball with the baseball bat just throws a 0% damage opponent from one side of the arena to the other! Seriously try it! That way I might find an example on Youtube to include in this blog!

Real-Life reproduction

1. Super Mario World : Mario’s wrath will be heard

After God of War, Fatalities, impossible damage count and ultimate weapons combination what could Mario have done that would beat all of this? Ok it’s time for visualization guys. Imagine you’re at home alone. You have your security system on, but you left your door unlocked. That’s when someone infiltrates your house. You try everything to stop him: lava pits, giant pillars, horde of undead enemies, but nothing seems to stop the madman. As you try to defend yourself, he stomps you to the ground! But he doesn’t stop there! As you sprawl on the floor in agony, sure to die from your wounds, your aggressor leaves your house and erases it from existence!

Also he steals your last egg and the grocery store is closed!

This is Mario at its sickest! Never after has he been so violent for no good reason. He was completely mad! Why do you think Nintendo revised his child years on the next game after this? We had to find the root cause of his evil. He traumatized Bowser's children so much, they took 18 years to come back on the map in New Super Mario Bros Wii!

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