Top 10 X-Men Characters

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Woodyman's Top 10 Favorite X-Men!

Top 10 X-Men Characters

Recently, I got my fiancé interested in the X-Men franchise. We watched all the movies, and all the cartoons that were available on Netflix.


Needless to say, she is hooked… even though she still knows nothing about the series. She calls Magneto “Metal Man”, Cyclops “Fire Eye Guy”, and Mystique “Blue Chick.” I have face-palmed so many times in the past few weeks that I may have broken my nose… repeatedly.

So after going through nearly every movie or television show about the X-Men I decided to countdown the top 10 characters from X-Men in my opinion.



1.) All characters appear in either the X-Men movies or cartoons. Their affiliation or frequency of appearance does not matter on this list.

2.) This is my own personal opinion. I’m not counting down the BEST, I’m counting down my favorite so you may not like or agree with the list.

3.) If you don’t like the list, that’s fine butI do not be a dick.

4.) I’m going to admit that I’m not the biggest X-Men fan, so if I make a mistake I apologize.


10.) Iceman

Bobby Drake aka Iceman or as my fiancé calls him Freezey Guy, was one of the very first mutants to join the X-Men. He has the ability of cyrokinesis… which is a fancy way of saying he can freeze anything around him and turn his body into pure ice. He has a bunch of other powers, but most of them involve ice and freezing so there is no point of getting into all that right here. He had appeared in a ton of X-Men media, but to summarize Iceman I’d say he is brave in the face of danger, loyal to his teammate, and immature. He is often seen making jokes and being emotionally open, while many of his teammates aren’t.


In all honesty, I never really liked Iceman in the movies, or cartoons. In the movies he was all sad he couldn’t kiss Rogue and then started going after Shadowcat. In the cartoons, he was extremely cocky, and in my opinion just annoying.


However, while I may not like those versions of Iceman, he is always my main character of choice in the video games. Back in the day, me and my best friend played through X-Men Legends and X-Men Legends 2. We were addicted to both of these games and played them all the time. My main character of choice was always Iceman. Why? Mainly because I always thought superpowers involving ice were awesome. That’s why I prefer Sub-Zero to Scorpion. Ice is just cool.



9.) Colossus

As soon as I typed Colossus, I immediately thought of the X-Men arcade game and thus I thought of “ARRRRRGHHHHH!” Hahaha… That game’s vocal talents were so bad.
Well anyway Colossus aka Piotr Rasputin aka that crazy Russian metal man is just complete badass. I had a tough time deciding whether to put Colossus or Juggernaut on this list but ultimately decided with the comrade. Why? I really don’t know I just like him better and when in doubt, good triumphs over evil! Anyway, Colossus discovered he was a mutant as he grew up on his parents farm in Russia. Colossus discovered that he had the ability to turn his body into steel, and thus become even stronger and tougher. He stayed on the farm until Prof. X recruited him for a rescue mission. Ever since then he’s been with the X-Men, helping people with his power.

Why did I REALLY choose Colossus over some of the other X-Men and Juggernaut? Because he is an original character! Let’s face it, Colossus is strong, and quite intimidating. However, he is a reluctant hero. He was content staying at his family farm, and only likes using his power if necessary and to save people. Most character with super strength are boastful and egotistical but Colossus is shy, and unassuming. He’s an extremely likeable character. BTW he was also in a relationship with Shadowcat… I wonder who else on this list can say that.




8.) Mystique

Here is the first baddie on our list. However if you consider X-Men The First Class to be cannon then she wasn’t always bad… just a bit remorseful or vengeful.


Raven Darkholme aka Mystique is one of the baddest baddies in all of X-Men. Her true form consists of blue skin, yellow eyes, and red hair. In the movies she was nearly always naked, however in the cartoon she wore a white dress, a skull belt, and skull headband (I have no idea where these skulls came from, but it’s one thing that always confused me) She has the ability to transform into ANYONE and then mimic her voice. It is quite difficult to tell if she is in disguise or if it’s the real person. I saw her detected by either a telepath, or by Wolverine’s heightened sense of smell.


I love Mystique, and that’s not just because she is eye-candy. Mystique is great at covert ops, she knows all about the latest weaponry and technology, and can sneak into nearly any building. Fingerprint scanners, voice recognition software, and retinal scanners are no match for her mimicry skills. Even so she can hold her own in a fight, and often has other mutants doing the dirty work for her. Either way you slice it, Mystique is the queen of mean and evil.



7.) X-23

Whoo! Girl number 2 on my list! Equal rights Mo’ Fo!

Wow, that is not the right way to start this entry I am quite sorry. Lemme start from the beginning, especially since many of you may not know who X-23 is.

X-23 is a clone of Wolverine… sort of.


In reality, X-23 is a young female clone of Wolverine. She has the same healing power as Wolverine, and an advanced senses and strength. While Wolverine has three claws in each hand, X-23 has two retractable adamantium laced claws in each hand, and one in each foot.
Now I’m going to give a little bit of a spoiler for this list. Wolverine makes an appearance on this list… but he is higher. Mainly because I know more about him, X-23 made only brief appearances in the cartoons, no appearances in the movies, and I never read the comics. Also based on their personality. X-23 was raised in a lab, she shows little to no signs of emotion and barely utters a whole sentence. She is a badass killing machine, but also just a tragedy because of her poor childhood. I love her, and I feel bad for her, she is X-23



6.) Mister Sinister

His name is so amazing, he deserves the number 6 spot just for that. Just say it out loud… “Mister Sinister” it sounds like a snake’s hiss. Even though he does kinda look like a robotic vampire.


In my opinion, Mister Sinister makes Mystique look like an amateur. He is truly, truly, evil… in every sense of the word. He is a mutant, like all entries on this list. He has superhuman physical and mental abilites. He is telepathic, can manipulate the minds of others, can do energy projections, shape-shift, regenerate, and even teleport. However, this laundry list of powers and abilities is NOTHING compared his mental capabilities.


Mister Sinister is a scientific genius. He is an expert in the fields of biology, genetics, cloning, physics, and engineering. For lack of a better word he is a mutant evil scientist. He loves to perform experiments on mutants, and is often seen scheming and planning alongside Apocalypse. Misssssssstter Sssssinisssssster!




5.) Wolverine

This entry is going to be a bit shorter just based on what I said in a previous entry. Wolverine is an X-Men, a Canadian, and the typical anti-hero. He fights against evil, but ultimately he is anti-authority and doesn’t care who gets in his way.


Like X-23, Wolverine has the healing factor. He can quickly heal from slashed, gunshots, and other injuries. In addition, he is resistant against most poisons and diseases. And his Healing Factor slows down the aging process, so he has a much longer lifespan than anyone else.
As I said above, Wolverine just beats X-23 because I know more about him (he was a main character in nearly every media of the X-Men and even ran the team at one point.) I liked Wolverine so much, that I dressed up like him for Halloween one (complete with tin foil claws)
Wolverine is widely traveled and thus very knowledgeable in different fighting styles, cultures, and languages. He is skilled with many weapons, especially a Katana, and if all else fails he becomes even more animalistic while using a skill called berserker rage in which he just lashes out and attacks.


Wolverine is a loner. He often leaves the group or team to focus on his own thing. Even so he does care for his teammates and acts like a father figure to Rogue, Shadowcat, Jubilee, and even X-23.

Either way you can’t help but love this gruff loner.



4.) Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler aka Kurt Wagner is a blue-skinne, devil tailed, and yellow eyed teleporter.
Hmm… blue skin and yellow eyes… why does that sound familiar? Oh yeah! He is Mystique’s son…


As stated above Nightcrawler is a teleporter. He can teleport up to about 2 miles, he prefers to travel only to places he can see or is familiar with because he doesn’t want to teleport into a wall and thus die. In addition to teleporting, he has superhuman agility, ability to stick to walls and ceilings, and can blend into the shadows.


BETYADIDNTKNOW: “Veteran X-Men writer Chris Claremont had intended for the mutant terrorist Mystique and her lover Destiny to have been Nightcrawler's biological parents. Mystique, being a shapeshifter, would have taken the form of a man and impregnated Destiny. Marvel, however, felt the idea to be too controversial, and an alternative origin was developed.”


ALSO: Nightcrawler has his own daughter from an alternate dimension named Nocturne.
Now Nightcrawler’s personality solidifies him in the number four spot. I will say this… I HATED the Nightcrawler from the X-Men Evolution cartoon. A goofy foreign exchange student, who’s always cracking jokes? Ugh! However I admired the Nightcrawler from X2 the movie. He looks like a devil, and yet he is extremely religious. It’s not ironic. It shows devotion and a complex character.



3.) Psylocke

Here is the sleeper on my list, and probably where I differ from nearly every other person in the world.


I don’t know why, but I just adore Psylocke. I don’t even know much about her in all honesty. I believe she is a British assassin, but I can’t be certain.


What I do know, is that she can generate a telekinetic Katana, use telekinesis to enhance her physical strikes, she’s immune to telekinetic probes, she has precognition, telepathy, mental bolts, mind control, and can generate illusions… BUT that’s not all! She can generate a psychic knife, can travel via shadows, become virtually invisible, create force fields, and many more.
There are certain characters or people that you just can’t get enough of. You can’t explain why, but you just like em. That’s Psylocke for me.



2.) Deadpool

The Merc with the Mouth. Wade Winston Wilson!

Is Deadpool an X-Men charcter? Well he was made by Marvel, and I’m pretty sure in at least one comic or universe Deadpool joined the X-Men… so… he’s in!


Deadpool is a physically disfigured mercenary who is mentally unstable. Therefore, Deadpool is often used as a comedic relief character and has a tendency to break the fourth wall repeatedly. His backstory is vague and often changing, so the character is an enigma.
Deadpool’s powers is similar to Wolverine. He has an accelerated healing factor. I already described the healing factor above, so I’m not going to go into it again. He has superhuman stamina and speed. Deadpool is above all else, a mercenary. He is a superb assassin who is an expert in martial arts, swords, and guns. He is chaotic, and even owns a personal teleporter.
Why is Deadpool in the number 2 spot? Well because the internet told me so!


I didn’t know much about Deadpool until the internet, because in X-Men Origins he is annoying aka Ryan Reynolds, and he only made brief cameos in the cartoons. However, after hearing about Deadpool I looked him up in Youtube and instantly was amazed. Deadpool is genuinely hilarious. Just check out this video and TELL ME he doesn’t deserve to be here…
Now for many of you Deadpool would be in the #1 spot… but for me, there is one character I prefer over Deadpool.



1.) Gambit

I know it’s not very original, but I just think Gambit is amazing.


Remy LeBeau aka Gambit is first and foremost a thief, but besides that he was also an X-Man.
His powers are that he can manipulate Kinetic energy. Basically he can make things go boom! Therefore, he uses his card throwing skills and staff skills to kick some ass.


Even though Gambit is a member of the X-Men he isn’t very well trusted by the rest of the team. He used to be a thief, and his personality is one of a loner. He keeps to himself the majority of the time and thus keeps his past a mystery from his teammates.
In addition to all this, Gambit is a flirt. He held a relationship with Rogue for a while and who knows whom else.


In all honesty, I like Gambit because he is mysterious and has a dark past. He is the man all men wanna be and the man all women wanna be with. There’s not much else to say except he’s cool… and I’d love to have his mutant power.




Bam! The second list of List-cember is done!
Tomorrow will be a repost of an older list… my second favorite blog of all time!
Thursday will be an announcement!
And IDK what is coming after that… just MORE LISTS!!!


Happy Gaming g1s!


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