The Top 20 Finest Fighter Girls #20 - #11

Posted on July 27, 2012 - 4:46pm by Samuraispartan7000


 Man, making this list was HARD... If you know what I mean :) Click on ahead to read what could possibly be the most perverted article ever written on SA. Did your favorite girl make it? Find out now!

Fighter Girls

 I have to be perfectly honest here. This blog originally started out as yet ANOTHER Top List of the “Hottest Babes in Gaming.”

But I immediately ran into one big problem. No matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn’t keep myself from allowing the plethora of female fighters from absolutely dominating this list. From Street Fighter, to DoA, Tekken, all the way to the Soul series, the fighting game genre seems to be filled with more drop dead gorgeous women than practically all of the other genres of gaming combined!

Man, that’s just icing on the freaking cake isn’t it? Fighting games are already one my favorite genres in gaming. I don’t know, there just seems to be something absolutely gripping about beating the crap out of other people. I don’t know why, it just does.

But to have that already great experience coupled with the immeasurable number of beautiful of women that have been jam packed into this genre, and it makes my love of the whole thing even more profound.

But what is it about these fine female fighters that we find so intriguing? Well, aside from the obvious ASSets they have? In other words, what makes fighting games so much more akin to these kind of characters? Maybe it's a reflection of our culture’s long held regard for women that not only look beautiful, but women that can kick your ass as well...

Perhaps its a demonstration of how women who are really good looking can be more than just eye candy for men.... Maybe it’s their...

Wait, what the heck am I doing? This is a countdown of the finest girls in fighting games for god’s sake! Can’t be that complicated! After all, I doubt anyone in the male crowd that this blog is designed for even cares about that shit anyways.

Joking aside though, consider this a list of the guilty pleasures I have grown up with over the years and a compilation of some of the most memorable babes from my adolescenthood. So let’s stop fooling around! Here is my Top Twenty Finest Fighter Girls numbers 20 through 11!

Cue the sexy music!

Oh, WAIT! I guess I have to go over my criteria first don’t I?


Alright, same generic rules apply... They have to be in games I have played and they have to have been featured in a fighting game. DUH...

Oh yeah and unlike some other lists, I am doing away with the commonly recurring “one per franchise rule.”

Most importantly, there has to be absolutely unquestionable evidence that supports the fact the characters in question are really girls. No Leo, Makoto, or any of that shit.

And even though what might be seen as “hot”, “sexy”, and or “fine” in your eyes might not be the same as they are in mine....

And while boob to ass ratios might be important just for the sake of this kind of list, keep in mind there are also some other “skills” and “attributes” I look for. All in all I like my women nice an....

Ah screw this!!!!

All you need to know is that is MY top twenty countdown, and I can do whatever I damn well please with it! If you don’t like it, then by all means make your own. Besides, the ladies on this list lie on such an incredibly attractive level that I probably wouldn’t argue with you if you disagreed.

Maybe I would hold an educated debate with you if you questioned the positions held by the top five, but other than that, I wouldn’t come out on you if you disagreed with the latter parts. They are all really close overall. I mean, what girl in a fighting game looks THAT bad anyways?

In short, they’re are all pretty damn hot, might as well leave it at that.

So without further ado...


Wait, what?!

Honorable Mention?

God, do I really have too? Ah well, they are just more sexy women to talk about right? So why not?

Honorable Mention



I know a lot of people like to comment on how attractive this game girl is but, needless to say, she stood against some very tough competition in the whole blonde bombshell department. When it really came down to the wire, I really just had to consider who was just more interesting as characters and though Lili is undoubtedly hot, there are definitely a lot more female fighters out there that have a lot more depth and lot more skin to show :)

I am not saying I would shove her on this list if she showed me her top, I am just saying that in the face of such close competition, she just did not pan out as being one of the more impressive girls on this list.



While the Soul Calibur series seems to have this obnoxious tendency to shove soap opera level backstories for almost all of their characters, Sophitia’s doesn’t seem to bother me that much.

Again, like Lili, Sophitia faced incredibly tough competition in the blonde bombshell department and I was determined not to make this list just a blonde only compilation of gaming’s sexiest fighting babes.

And maybe the mere description of just “sexy” really doesn’t do Sophitia much credit.

She is attractive, but in a relatively innocent way. She’s just beautiful to say the least.

I think maybe if this was a countdown of the hottest girls in just the Soul series alone, I think I could muster the nerve to do put her on the top just because leaving her off such a list would just be a lie. I don’t know, I just can’t talk about her sexiness without feeling like I am trying to make her into something she is not.

Who says sexy ladies can’t have a little bit of substance?

Sophitia is a beautiful and strong willed woman that does not need to be called “sexy” or “fine” to stay relevant. Fair enough? Alright then.



Yeah, this requires very little explanation. I’ll be perfectly honest. If there was absolutely no question surrounding his/her gender orientation, I would have DEFINITELY have put Poison within the top ten at least.

She’s/ He’s that hot. So maybe Poison should get a spot on this list just because she/he is so attractive that you don’t care what his/her gender really is.
But, as long as there is some notable evidence that states she may not really be a girl, I am sorry to say that she just can’t crack this list. Sorry :(



No offense, but I have no idea how you can find this cat girl sexy WITHOUT being a furry.

Sure she gives you reason to become one, but she’s just not my cup of tea. Besides, there is already one Darkstalker that WE ALL KNOW who makes Felecia look like a wet nasty hair ball by comparison.

So, yeah. Hope you understand.



Again, little explanation here.

And you know, maybe she could have made it. But she just had to take off that mask.... Sean Hinz, I feel your pain.

Sarah Bryant

Sarah Bryant

Oh lord I better brace myself for the uncontrollable wrath of Virtua Fighter fans...

First off, let me explain that the reason Sarah Bryant isn't in this countdown isn't  because I don’t find her sexy. In fact, I find her extremely sexy.

Problem is, I have only played Virtua Fighter 5. I never really grew up playing it or grew up watching anybody play it. In fact, this entire franchise didn’t even enter my conscience mind until around the middle of last year.

So, I am only just beginning to really dive into this thing as it is my newest fighting franchise. I still haven’t played the game as much as I should. So yeah I am a disgrace to fighter fans...

I really wanted to put Sarah on here, but I just didn’t feel comfortable about doing so since I am just so unfamiliar with the game she’s from.

I just don’t think I can do her with some justice. :)

Whoah! I mean, “do her justice.” While her background seems somewhat reminiscent of Cammy’s from Street Fighter, being formerly brainwashed, and coming from a damaged past in all, I still think she sounds like a pretty cool character. And I’d be damned if she didn’t compete for the title of the hottest blonde in gaming. She even rivals Tina from DoA. Wait? What? What do you mean about her being in Dead or Alive 5?

AHHHH shit!!! Can’t wait to see how Bryant’s boobies can bounce in DoA!

Tina and Sarah? Together!? Man that’s got to be the sexiest BBBBBFs (Best Busty Blonde Bosom Buddies Forever) in history!

But all perverted quirks aside, I am very hyped for the next DoA game and Bryant’s guest appearance, I’m sure she’ll fit right in. But most importantly, this will give me a chance to appreciate her better. Can’t wait.

Litchi Faye - Ling


This is more or less just an apology for not mentioning any BlazBlue characters. Never really played a game in the series, but fellow fighter enthusiasts say it is really good.

I usually have this horrible habit of just sticking to the fighting franchises I really love like Street Fighter and Tekken for my 2-D and 3-D fighting games respectively.

I have not really braved the outside world of other fighter games up until recently when I started going through King of Fighters XIII. Iv’e been much more open since then, but I am still getting to know games in general just a little bit better.

So yeah, apologies are in order for not better representing this genre better, but I still love it nethertheless.

So for the honorable mention, I decided to just hand pick the girl in BlazBlue whose appeal is derived from looks alone. After looking through them,  I have to say the title of the sexiest goes to Ling.

Maybe it’s just because she looks like Bayonetta. I dunno. I don’t even really know her. At least not yet. So for now, I am afraid she’ll have to stay backstage for this countdown.


So there was the honorable mention. Doing this list was truly difficult in the fact that pretty much any living thing that has a vagina in a fighting game, or almost every girl in all video games are designed to look like the epitome of what we classify as hot, sexy, attractive, and what have you.

So please acknowledge that. Also, I HAVE NOT played every single fighter known to man, so if someone that you liked didn’t make the list I am sorry. I just haven’t gotten a chance to see EVERYTHING.

And if you are wondering why I don’t talk about their whole playability factor, it is because I honestly suck as playing most of them. I’ll take Ryu, Yoshimitsu, Ryu H from DoA, Akuma, Zangief, or any of those manly men, but the second I put myself in a woman’s shoes, I really f myself up pretty hard.

If I bump into one that I DO play well as, I will mention it, but for the most part this is just about their looks, not how much ass they can kick while playing as them. So yeah, I think covered my ass enough.

I’ll cut the bullshit here and get to the freaking point. You can disagree with me, you can say what you like, and say who you think should be on this list, but please, for the love of God, don’t be a dick about it.

Got it? Cool. Oh yeah one more thing.

:) = Pervert Face

Got it now? Alright!

So let’s stop jacking around and get on with this shit! Here are the Top Twenty Finest Female Fighters in gaming history numbers 20 through 11!

Cue the sexy music!




Eye Candy. Enjoy





Despite having the cold occupational liability of being a ninja trained in the deadly art of ninjitsu, Ibuki is nethertheless a young attractive woman who paradoxically possesses a surprisingly bubbly, flirty, and outgoing personality. One that would seem more akin to a boy crazy high school girl with a horrible case of raging hormones.

 Though she has been taught her whole life to be a highly trained killing machine, Ibuki just can’t contain her insatiable desire for boys, freedom, and the life of a “normal” girl.

While her regular outfit is not as delicious to the eye as some other female fighters on our list, I must say that her garments are much, much, much closer to what a real ninja would wear. Which is less than I can say for some other female ninjas in the fighting genre... (Cough *Mai* Cough)

But even her baggy outfit is kind enough to allow us a glimpse at the sides of her beautifully constructed legs. Even with this, Ibuki still feels so insecure about her “ugly” ninja garments that she takes off the top portion of her ninja gi in to reveal her... Tanktop while performing a victory pose.. :( *Sighs Disappointedly*

Oh well, sometimes imagining what’s underneath is just a part of the fun right?

So yes, Ibuki is hot, but what else is there about her? Like I said earlier, Ibuki is crazy for boys. And when I say crazy, I mean absolutely batshit out of her mind crazy . In fact, that’s basically her sole motivation throughout the all of the games.

Ibuki constantly seeks to escape the ninja clan lifestyle so she can meet someone that will satisfy her seemingly insatiable desire for men and more than likely, the sex life she never had.

Problem is, no matter how driven and determined she is, she just can’t seem to find the guy she is looking for. The only guy that she even came close to getting taken out on a date with was this guy apparently...


Seriously? Come on Ibuki... You can do better than that! What is with these dumbasses? If I was a dude in the SF universe I would just take that girl and show her what “boys” are really all about!

Aside from the physical attractiveness, there is also one other thing I like about her. I can actually play as her pretty damn well! I usually like the speedy characters and she plays really well with all of her projectile based attacks. Definitely one of my go to characters for any SF game (With the exception of SF II of course)

In short, Ibuki is just one of those women I wish I had in my life. Most girls that I know of usually don’t have that same cheery and outgoing personality, and if they do, they are more than likely some ditz that’s afraid of breaking a nail, worried about their facebook status, or some shit like that.

Never has there been a girl in my life who holds a bright and bubbly heart while also maintaining a tough as nails attitude and mannerism that Ibuki characterizes so well. I think I could actually get along with someone like that.


Julia Chang
Julia Chang
Eye Candy. Enjoy

Julia Chang

Julia Chang

Julia Chang


The pro-environment tree-hugging hottie of the Tekken series, Julia Chang is one of the less typical female fighters. She is a nerdy, flirty, Native American beauty with a fabulous physique and nice midriff to boot.

But out of all of her nice physical attributes, she is most well known for her perfectly sculpted ass that has been donning the captivating magic of jiggle physics since Tekken 4.

Julia lives to pursue her college studies in archaeology,even though she spends most of her time struggling to save her sacred tribal homeland from extending reach of the Arizona desert. Standing alongside her in her struggle against the effects of climate change is her own adopted and attractive mother Michelle Chang.

How does she keep her tribal homeland safe from impending ecological doom you ask? She goes into martial arts tournaments filled with devil-like mutants, boxing dinosaurs and kangaroos, brawling bears, robots, and a cast of the world’s most elite and deadly fighters.... That’s all, not much to say really.

How does fighting in the King of the Iron Fist Tournament have to do with saving the environment? No idea! And to be honest, I don’t think many people give a shit anyways. Just kick more robot, animal, and demon ass! That always helps!

Along with being an adept user of Kung Fu martial arts, she is suiting up to utilize a newly improvised Luche Libre wrestling style as her newly adopted identity of Jaycee, set to debut in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


Boasting a new look and name altogether, Julia has also adopted a new, and may I say impressive Luchador outfit that perfectly compliments her already hotass bod.

All I can say is that I cannot wait to get my hands on her... I mean, on my controller... When I play as her alter ego in the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2!


Eye candy. Enjoy


We'll at least they are honest



Ivy Cosplay

At number eighteen, we have the whip wielding dominatrix like damsel of death, Ivy.

Alright, alright, please do not rip me a new asshole for not making Ivy #1. I know what a lot of you sick bastards do with Soul Calibur V’s promotional posters and you know what, I get that.

She definitely has some of the most famous/infamous set of milk jugs the world of gaming has ever known, and she even endures to wear what looks like an incredibly painful looking outfit just for the pleasure of the male audience. Well, ain’t that nice. :)

She is pasted on almost every single one of the “Hottest Gamer Girl” Lists out there, including this one and it does not take a genius to figure out why.

But... I don’t think she’s THAT HOT... Maybe I am just letting my recent frustrations with her gameplay get to me, but I just never felt like she turned me on as much as everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s pretty damn fine in all as she wouldn’t be on this list if she wasn’t. But calling her the hottest gamer girl out there? I just don’t think so.

While her outfit is definitely complementary to her body, it’s just not that amazing because it’s barely even there. So much of her body is visible I just don’t even see the point. While this occurrence is not just limited to Ivy, I would definitely say she is at the forefront of the “Why should we wear clothes?” movement.

And to most, that would seem like a good thing right? Maybe at first, but wouldn’t just pure naked ladies take the fun away from the whole thing? Think about it. There just wouldn’t be any “mystery” as to what lies beneath the clothes anymore. To me, the “mystery” is just one of the best things about women in gaming. If they are not too showy you can be left to your own devices when imagining what they look like naked. :)

Okay that’s REALLY perverted, but you know what I am saying right? I think Ivy walks that thin line and maybe that’s why people love her so damn much. I mean she’s on pin ups, perverted Japanese ads, other “Hottest Girl in Gaming” compilations, and unsurprisingly, donjinshi pornos.

So just ignoring her sensual appeal is just plain denial. And for what it’s worth, I think she has a little bit more background than what critics give her credit for. Like all characters in the Soul series, Ivy has motivation and story.

In the Soul series, she is one of the few that has the sense to actually destroy the evil Soul Edge after her adopted father died in madness trying to pursue it. She blames the malevolent blade for destroying her family and she seeks to find the soul swords for the  purpose of wiping the world clean of the Soul Edge’s corrupting influence.

She isn’t the deepest character in the series, but she DOES have depth nonetheless. Depth that very few people want to give even a passing glance over just because of how sexualized people want to make her out to be.

Even though I didn’t put her as high on this list as some of you may like, seeing how the gaming community has held her in such high regard, all I can say is that she possesses that esteem for a reason.

Nothing more, and nothing less than one of gaming’s most famous sex symbols.


Eye Candy. Enjoy





Elena is the incredibly hot, yet incredibly underrated Kenyan steet fighter of SF III.

In pursuit of her dreams and education, Elena travels the world and fends off would be foes with her mastery of the Capoeira fighting style in which she makes exclusive use of her powerful legs to deliver damaging doses of punishment.

Standing at 6 feet tall, Elena is by far the tallest female character in the Street Fighter roster to date. Elena is also one of the only characters in the Street Fighter franchise that use her mystical abilities to heal herself. She inherits most of her mystic abilities from her father, a witch doctor and student of medicine who taught her many of his unique abilities.

Along with her very distinctive use of the Capoeira fighting style and unsurpassed height, Elena dares to bare with her more tribal looking and bikini-like outfit ,that acts as an absolute feast to the eyes of many male gamers and is easily the most revealing outfit of any SF character. Thanks Elena! :)

Despite being one of SF’s most unique fighters, she has not had another appearance since SFIII 3rd Strike. It hasn’t been until recently that Elena resurfaced as a playable DLC character for Street Fighter X Tekken and will become a default character for the PS Vita version of the game that will be released sometime this October.

It is definitely a long overdue return of one of fighting’s most sexy but underappreciated fighters and I can only hope that we will be able to see her scantily clad body in many more games to come.


Asuka Kazama
Asuka Kazama
Eye candy. Enjoy


Asuka Alternate Outfit



Asuka Kazama is the feisty yet alluring Japanese school girl of Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 and has one the most recognizable and physically attractive physiques in the whole series.

In contrast to her rival Lilli, Asuka is brash and much less refined than your average female fighter. Asuka constantly sprinkles her burgeoning sexuality with a nice touch of sassiness and attractive assertiveness to add to the hot mix of her character.

While there is not much to say for her background other than the fact that she continually gets herself tied up in her family’s messes and in her own reckless quests for vengeance, she has indeed proven to be a capable fighter in The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 5 and 6.

Being a short tempered volcano of feminine fury, she often loses her cool and proceeds to solve whatever problems she encounters with her fists. Being the way she is, she often gets into repeated cat fights with her arch nemesis Lilli which are, needless to say, very entertaining to watch :)

Like I mentioned earlier, she has an amazing bod that is covered by a tomboy, but complementary outfit, along with a sexy schoolgirl uniform, and a leg boasting geisha outfit.
Where Julia Chang is known for her bouncing bottom, Asuka is best known for her big and bouncing breasts most famously depicted in her awkward but memorable ending in Tekken 5.

Aside from the obvious, I really like Asuka mostly because she reminds me of a certain someone I know, and I cannot help but laugh at the undeniable similarities she shares with that particular person.

But I guess you don’t understand that, so why should you care? I’ll tell you why right why.

 Though she hasn’t been around for very long and even though she does not have much to offer to the table other than her sheer attractiveness and colorful personality, Asuka is definitely a fine ass young woman nonetheless and I don’t think many male gamers out there are going to disagree with me on that obvious truth. Nuff said. 


Crimson Viper
Crimson Viper
Eye Candy. Enjoy

C. Viper

C. Viper Cosplay

C. Viper

C. Viper

At number 15, we have the super sexy, secret agent, Crimson Viper. Aside from her very good looks, Viper is notable being the first playable female character from the U.S and oddly enough, the first playable mother in the Street Fighter series. Who knew?

While being a landmark character is cool, the fighter in question has to be able to make your weiner move in order to be on this list. And Viper is no exception. She wears some chic shades and her classy but less than conservative dress really drives the image of her double d’s home. Her pretty little purple tie tucked nicely between her twin peaks also acts as icing on the cake to her magnetically alluring body. :)

Being an agent of the CIA, Viper has access to tools that make her an absolute powerhouse in the ring. With her deceptive battle suit, Viper can unleash deadly hurls of electricity that can be surged through her gloves and she can deliver even more pain with her jet enabled boots which increase their mobility while endowing her with lethal fire attacks. But her most dangerous weapon is arguably her Seismic Hammer that can cause a ground explosion right beneath an opponent’s feet with pinpoint accuracy and deadly efficiency.

Despite her fighting prowess though, she does not seem like she fights outside the confines of her battle suit, and may even be dependent on it to stay a viable opponent on the battlefield. For this reason she is often looked down upon by many other fighters who see her technology as an unfair advantage, and is envied by others who wish to utilize her suit to evil ends.

Not really much is known about her other than the fact that she is a caring mother and that she works for the CIA in covert operations to bring down the evil Shadaloo and S.I.N organizations.

With her distinctive position of being a secret agent, it has been noted that Crimson Viper shares some rather uncanny similarities to another fellow femme fatale, sexy super spy, Natalia Romanova, A.K.A The Black Widow.

Black Widow

C. Viper

Most recently featured in the record breaking blockbuster the Avengers, Black Widow not only sports similar hair and a similar outfit, but also possesses electrically charged gloves meant to stun and dispatch enemies. Both have names that describe colors and deadly creatures and even the famously hot actress (Scarlett Johansson) that portrayed Black Widow has a name that is derived from the color red, just like Crimson Viper. How the hell do you NOT think Black Widow?

And to top it all off, their close resemblance is even further demonstrated in Viper’s ending in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 when S.H.I.E.L.D’s Nick Fury offers her an opportunity to become part of the secret agency. The same agency in which the Black Widow operates in.

This delightful reflection of another incredibly hot fictional character gives Viper all the more reason to be on this list and I can only hope to see more of her in future installments in the SF series.

Even though her absence in Street Fghter X Tekken has me worried we won’t see her again, I still have faith that the following she has amassed in these few years will make certain that she will stay around for many years to come.


Eye Candy. Enjoy





At number #14, we have the sensually spiritual Zafina of Tekken 6.

Utilizing her knowledge in the ancient art of assassins, Zafina guards an imperial tomb that resides in her native homeland located in Egypt. In addition to this, Zafina also implements her knowledge of astrology with her deep understanding of spirituality in order to make premonitions based on the positioning and alignment of the stars.

She easily possesses the most provocative looking midriff in the game, and add on top of that her luscious and limber frame, dance like moveset, and you got a girl that knows how to shake it!

In addition to having an moves that look like they belong to an untamed, exotic dancer, Zafina also moves like a total animal. Literally.

Her assassin style of fighting is derived from a form of Egyptian martial arts known as Kutu which employs fighting techniques that are inspired from deadly animals like scorpions, spiders, and snakes.

With her flexible fighting style, Zafina can be a little difficult to hit, which is one of the reasons I like playing her in Tekken 6. She also deals some respectable damage to her opponents, but her sheer versatility alone makes her a very effective combatant.

She hasn’t been been around for very long, but she has already managed to find a way into my heart, and in other... Less savory places. :)

I have not gotten a good chance to know her yet, but I am sure my love for her will only continue to grow as the Tekken series will go on.


Eye Candy. Enjoy





When EVERYBODY just seems to go on and on about how hot Ivy is, I just feel like people forget who the true sex goddess of Soul Calibur is. To me, it is none other than the sinister sex animal Shura.

First featured and not seen since Soul Calibur IV, Shura is a possessed, twin katana wielding bombshell who flaunts what I think is one the most revealing outfits for a female character in the series, second only to Ivy’s.

Her rack is also a feature that rival's Ivy's. I mean, just look at those puppies!

Being a rather minor character in the Soul Calibur games, her story is only slightly developed with a backstory about how she was once a murderous woman who came to be possessed by a demon and continued to fight other warriors in pursuit of her violent cravings.

In fact, her very name means “bloodshed” in obvious regard to her carnage ridden lifestyle.

While she is well noted for standing on her own as a likable character, she has an undeniably identical move-set and fighting style to Cervantes, a staple character in the series having made his first appearance since Soul Edge.

Even though she is one of the many “clones” so notorious to the fighting genre, fans didn’t seem to mind and even expressed disappointment that she did not make an appearance in Soul Calibur V when she was the first character disconfirmed to be in the game.

This pissed me off as well as Shura was one of the few good things that came out of the awkward and puzzling crossover between the Soul and Star Wars franchises. I really wanted to see her again, but obviously I just didn’t get that from its most recent game.

So along with her drool inducing body, I have to say that the one thing that turns me on the most about Shura is just her quotes. I mean, the things she says are easily some of the most suggestive and most arousing things I think I have ever heard in a game.

I remember how provocative they were  when I played Soul IV, but when I looked up the Soul Calibur Wiki to do some research, I was shocked at how much of her dialogue I actually missed.

Here are some examples to show you.

Wait. You know what. To hell with that, I am just going to invent my own little game.

I like to call it “Soul Calibur Quote Libbing.”

How do you play? It’s easy. Just go to Soul Calibur’s wiki, copy and paste some quotes from characters, arrange them any way you like, and once you got them in the order you want, just add your own hilarious input to create a situation to your liking. Here, let me show you.

“Don't you assume you'll have your way with me.” - Damn girl, I am sorry if it looked like I was coming’ onto you that fast...

“Okay, let's get started.” - What what? I thought you just sa... Oh... Oh baby...

“Ah.... You're done already.” - I no... No I am not! Just taking a little break. Yeah, that’s al...

“That didn't satisfy me at all.” - Dammit. I am sorry, please just don’t... Leave. :(


Thought that was inappropriate? What about these?


“Do you want..this?!”- Oohhh... How you know I do!

“Oops...sorry.” - Huh? What are you doing? Hey!

“I'll tease you all I want!”- Man, f**k you!


Oh wait, there’s more... Only this time, I am going to let you participate in the fun! Take a look.


“So you wanna do it here?” - < Insert incredibly dirty response here>

“Where do you like it?” - < Insert incredibly dirty response here >

“Just come at me..I'm ready for anything.” - < Insert incredibly dirty response here >

“I love it when you talk dirty.” - < Insert incredibly dirty response here >

“Doesn't that feel good?” - < Insert incredibly dirty response here >

“Naughty Naughty” - < Insert incredibly dirty response here >

“You're so....Rough!!!” - < Insert incredibly dirty response here >

< Insert incredibly dirty response here >

“Yes!”< Insert incredibly dirty response here >

< Insert incredibly dirty response here >

“Okay that's enough!” - < Insert incredibly dirty response here >

“Did you enjoy it?” - < Insert incredibly dirty response here >

“Be good now.” - < Insert incredibly dirty response here >

See wasn’t that fun? What? You think I made that shit up?

Look, I shit you not, those are the REAL quotes. I may have used them to my own “creative” means, but some of them alone are pretty bad. There are countless more provocative quotes to go through and if you want see them all, just hit up this link:

So yeah, I had way too much fun with this... I know she is not that iconic, but... If just reading this turned you on as much as turned me on, than you should understand why Shura should be on this list. 


Sonya Blade
Sonya Blade
Eye Candy. Enjoy



Sonya and Jax


At number twelve, we have the first female kombatant of the Mortal Kombat franchise and one of its sexiest ladies by far.

She is a headstrong female lieutenant of the Outer World Investigation Agency (OIA) who utilizes her Special Forces training in the fighting style of Kenpo and Tae Kwon Do to survive and thrive in the Mortal Kombat Tournaments. Along with protecting Earthrealm from the forces of Shao Kahn, Sonya’s biggest motivation is her desire for revenge against Kano, a sleeper operative who killed a former partner of hers in a black market bust gone wrong.

Along with Liu Kang, Sonya is known for her iconic bicycle kicks and assaults which make her legs one her most versatile weapons along with being one of her most impressive features. :)

Sonya also seems to possess control over a mysterious form of pink colored energy and even some pyrokinetic abilities.

Sonya is perhaps best known for her ability to blow extremely deadly kisses at her opponents which can come in the form of fireballs, poison mist, and even purple energy based kisses that causes her enemies to be crushed into pieces.

Though her attire has made some big changes over the years, her most impressive outfit is her most recent one. Wearing little more than a black leather vest, and skin tight combat pants, she tantalizingly flaunts the rest of her insanely hot body without much thought or concern.

Maybe it’s a fighting tactic because I just don’t see how you can fight a chick with clothes that... Distracting. :)

While her fairly revealing outfit seems to run a pretty nice service for the eyes of male gamers, its bareness is still not enough for some rather horny fans. They seemed so desperate to see Blade naked that there was a rumor that went around of a “Nudeality” that could be activated by a secret code in the first Mortal Kombat.

While of course this rumor was never true, it is very apparent that Netherrealm Studios has done a lot to make Blade’s attire more befitting to what the fans want it to be. I mean just look at where she was and where she is now...

In time who knows, maybe we will have a “Nudeality” someday. :)

But like I mentioned with Ivy previously, I don’t think the all out naked thing is really necessary. Not just because she is practically naked already, but just because some of the former magic would just be gone. I say keep the clothes like they are. If your looking for “Nudealities” I am pretty sure you can find them on an web porno somewhere.

If there isn’t, then you better trademark that son of a bitch. Shit like that could sell millions of dollars, and you know it! Ah man, just imagine how you cou....

Alright I’m getting off track AGAIN. Where was I? Oh yes, it’s time for the 11th spot in this countdown.

So, I bet you're thinking that I think Sonya is the hottest kombatant right? WRONG! While I respect her for being the first female fighter in the series and everything, there are just two other kinky kombatants out there who are just a little, incy, wincy, bit hotter.

Come on, you know who I am talking about right? Of course you do. But which of the two is the hottest in the MK series? Damn that’s a tough one. I don’t know if I can choose. You know what, I think I am just going to have to bend the rules a little bit for this one.


Eye Candy. Enjoy

Jade/Kitana Cosplay



Jade and Kitana

Yeah this is where I begin to cheat a little bit... I spent hours just trying to justify myself for putting one of these fine ladies in one position over or below another, but I just couldn’t.

It’s like trying to choose between Scorpion and Sub-Zero. You just can’t decide, and it isn’t because of their identical forms but different color palettes. That shit was fixed in the Mortal Kombat 2011 as far as I am concerned. To me, it’s just because they are so damn cool in their own right.

Jade has the whole pole dancer thing going on, Kitana has the whole kiss of death thing, I mean, it’s tough.

So, screw the rules. I am taking both of these ladies with me home tonight! And let’s be honest, why wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you like to have both at the same time if you had a choice? :)

So let me get the freaking point about why I think these dark damsels deserve a spot on this countdown. In their beginnings, and like any other Mortal Kombat characters, both Jade and Kitana were almost identical fighters and two very over powered ones at that.

Kitana’s ability to throw her saber-like steel fans both on the ground and midair made her such a powerful kombatant, that developers were forced to lower her abilities in later games.

Both were introduced in Mortal Kombat II with Kintana being the only one who was truly playable.

Jade at that time, was little more than just a simple palette swap of Kintana with the added ability of complete immunity from projectiles. An ability that continues to reside with her to this day.

In this, Jade is strikingly similar to her male counterpart, Reptile who also began as just a palette swap of Scorpion and Sub-Zero mashed together and was not really given his own attacks until his second game.

Jade was playable for the first time in Ultimate Mortal Kombat with her own distinct characteristics as she wielded her own “razorangs” and her distinctive iron staff.

Jade’s iron staff has changed over the years with magical properties eventually being added to it including the ability to extend length in Mortal Kombat 2011, (Insert penis joke).

Kitana remained more or less the same with her steel fans, but was toned down to prevent broken gameplay and was made out to be a much more capable opponent in bare fisted attacks.

Since their first appearance, both characters have grown far apart from the identical archetypes they used to be. Jade has experienced dramatic changes with her constantly varying tones of skin as they have been changed from game to game.

Both Kitana and Jade however, have sported an increasingly more detailed wardrobes as the series has gone on as a way of distinguishing them even further.

Due to their Edenian origins, both are about 10,000 years old, making them by far the oldest female fighters on this list. But despite their age, it is easy to see that their seemingly immortal status on allows them to keep down the saggy while keeping it sexy.

Both are former subjects of the evil Shao Kahn, with Kitana as his stepdaughter and Jade as his assassin. Both were childhood friends who grew up to rebel against Kahn’s oppressive rule on Outworld and eventually overthrew him with the help of some of the most powerful warriors in Earthrealm.

Both sport absolutely jaw dropping and voluptuous bodies tightly clad by some very busty and very leggy clothing to say the least. Like almost all of the ladies of MK, they have some of the biggest and most shamelessly large racks I have ever seen in a game series.

While Jade seems just a hint more risque’ with her Girls Gone Wired video, Kitana lies a little bit more on the classy side due to her royal origins.

Kitana’s most recognizable attacks, her deadly kisses, causes those touched by them to bloat violently and then explode like water balloons! Unlike Sonya, she does not blow them but instead goes right for the lips and cheeks causing her dying male adversary to live their last moments realizing he could never get past first base, and watches them as they die horrible fucking deaths.

Jade is again, known for her metal staff which she uses for a pole dancing routine in her victory pose in MK 2011.

So what makes these kinky kombat killers so freaking hot in comparison to all of the other female fighters in the MK series?

Well, unlike Kitana’s evil counterpart Mileena, you're completely consumed with unrestrainable and uncontainable curiosity about the wondrous joys that really do lie underneath their clothing :) And to make you feel less guilty about their arousing appearance, they are actually one of the good girls in the series, which seem more or less outnumbered in comparison to the bad.

What else can I say? They are just so freaking hot. Which is less than I can say for most female kombatants...

So in summary, if you’re looking for the sexiest, bustiest, and most drop dead gorgeous women in the MK universe, then look further than Jade and Kitana, the finest babes and the kinkiest kombatants of the bloodiest fighting game out there.


And with that, I conclude the first part of my top twenty countdown! Oh man, if this list turned you on just, wait till you see what’s in store! We have only just begun to scratch the surface of sexiness here! Who do you think is going to crack numbers ten through one? I would be very interested to know. I might even leave another honorable mention for some more characters I neglected to mention. I may or may not have the next blog up till next week. I am not really sure, will just have to wait and see.

But seriously guys, thank you for taking the time to read this compilation. I have been wanting to do a kind of “Sexy Countdown” for a while, and once I realized there wasn’t really any other list like this on SA, I couldn’t help but jump on it. In addition, its been a long and rough week, and I just wanted to do something enjoyable for change. Writing this blog really brought a smile to my face and I am sure I will have no problem keeping that smile once I start reading all of the responses to this absurdly perverted blog.

Anyways, I would like to give a big shout to all the girl g1s that took the time to at least tolerate this kind of list. Yeah, I know it can seem offensive ladies but look at it this way. I call these characters “guilty pleasures” for a reason. I wouldn’t call them that if I didn’t feel bad about liking them so much. I usually try to be as “gentlemanly” as I can, but I also like to be honest when talking about things I like this.

If anything, this should just go to show you how dumb and manipulated we guys really are. Alright, I’ll just shut up now and end this on a note of gratitude. Again, thank you for reading, stay tuned for girls numbered ten through number one, and stay screwy!

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