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A group of g1s gather to list the Top 5 DC Characters they want in Injustice: Gods Among Us.


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Welcome g1s to one of the biggest collaborative lists I ever done.


Well as I'm sure you're aware, a little game by the name of Injustice: Gods Among Us is just around the corner.

In fact it's being released on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii U on April 16th. If you don't already know, Injustice is a fighting game made by NetherRealm Studios, the same team behind the acclaimed Mortal Kombat reboot. Injustice is different from is similar to Mortal Kombat because it uses the same engine, but in this game DC heroes and villains such as those depicted above, duke it out. It's not just Mortal Kombat with DC characters thrown in, so I urge you all to give it a try, or at least try the demo.


Just a few days ago the complete Injustice roster was revealed with the last two characters being Killer Frost and Ares. Also, Ed Boon decreed that a DLC character will be revealed on Monday. So that got me thinking of what characters I'd like to see included in Injustice. I began to write but then with wisdom and inspiration from SierraFoxtrot the blog decided to turn it into a collaborative project. We sought out dedicated Mortal Kombat fans, DC fans, and fighting game fans and the results were amazing. So without further ado let's hear from the fellow collab writers and how they chose their list.

Each g1 in this collab wrote their own Top 5, and were asked to talk about how the character would play/fit in Injustice. I hope you enjoy.

First off is...



I’m not going to lie: I’m not a big fan of fighting games mainly because I tend to suck at them. But when Injustice got announced way back on May 31st, 2012, I popped a huge nerd boner. Being a fan of both comic books and video games, it was like a dream come true. A fighter solely based on characters that I love reading about!? It can’t possibly exist! Oh, but it does gentle reader and although the roster for Injustice is very good, here are 5 other characters that would have made it that much better.


5) Captain Atom

I feel that this should be an obvious inclusion onto the Injustice roster. For those who haven’t seen the amazing awesome Justice League cartoons, let me give you a quick rundown of this character. Framed for a crime that he did not commit (how many origin stories start off with that line?), Nathaniel Adam staved off execution by participating in a top-secret military experiment that would grant him a new metal body and a bevy of powers.

If Captain Atom was included in Injustice, he would be a part of Superman’s Regime helping in keeping the new world order that the Man of Steel has created. Atom would be an elemental attacker, using long-range energy blasts to keep his foes at a distance. Atom would still be devastating up close though and will easily lift cars above his head and whatnot. The point is, the character fits in very well and he should have definitely had been included but since he wasn’t, he’s on my list.



4) The Question

Some of you may be sensing a theme here. The Question is another character that was very prominent in the Justice League cartoon and he was at the forefront of several episodes. Some comic book fans like to compare him to Rorscach which I would say is an apt comparison. He’s a paranoid nutcase who is always trying to find connections to a giant mystery even if it doesn’t exist.

The question is (geddit!?!?) why did I include him on this list? Well, it’s because he would fit into the Injustice universe like a hand fits a glove. Think about it: a mentally unstable paranoid guy in a trenchcoat in a world where Superman has declared himself supreme overlord? Yeah, I think that will end any debate on whether Question should be playable. He would be similar to a character like Batman: using melee attacks, being nimble on his feet, not able to pick up heavy objects, etc. He would make a fine addition to the Injustice roster hence his inclusion on my list.



3) Black Manta

If Batman is going to line up opposite to the Joker and if Superman is going to line up opposite to Lex Luthor then why can’t Aquaman line up opposite from his biggest arch-nemesis, Black Manta? I’ll admit this is a little off the board considering that nobody really knows anyone inside the Aquaman rogues gallery but I’m going to include him because he’s a very good foil to the King of Atlantis.

If he were included in Injustice, Manta would be partners with Lex Luthor. Obviously, he can’t very well take over the entire ocean if Superman is calling the shots so teaming up with the smartest man in the world is a no-brainer move. Manta would also play very differently from Aquaman: instead of using a trident or summoning creatures from the sea, Manta would use a variety of gadgets as well as his supersuit to lift cars over his head with ease. Manta not being included in the Injustice roster is a black mark on an otherwise spotless cast of characters.


2) Prometheus

If there was ever a villain to include in a Justice League-based video game, this would be it. Prometheus is quite possibly one of the most dangerous antagonists that the JLA has ever faced. Able to study his opponents abilities via his advanced helmet, Prometheus nearly took out the JLA single-handedly until Catwoman of all people intervened.

Prometheus does not have super strength or any other superhuman abilities but like Batman, he is trained to peak perfection and can handle anybody, superhuman or not, in a one-on-one fight. If included in Injustice, Prometheus would be a part of Lex’s team along with Black Manta, helping the Resistance while secretly conspiring against them in the event that Superman’s oppression was ultimately crushed. Since Prometheus possesses no superhuman abilities, he would use his helmet, which can cause hypnotism, and his handheld weapon the Ghost Key, which can teleport him short distances, in battle against his opponents.



1) Magog

Oh hell yes. How could I leave this guy off the list? The fact that he doesn’t even have a CAMEO in Injustice is a crime to the highest degree. I have a hunch that Injustice: Gods Among Us is going to loosely resemble the story arc that Magog first appeared in, Kingodm Come, and if that hunch proves to be correct, it’s a total head scratcher as to why he isn’t included. I’ve said that several characters would be a good fit but this guy would be PERFECT.

Magog, quite simply, is a beast. He is as strong and tenacious as Superman is and can easily fit on either side of the fight. Personally, if he was included in the game, I would see him on Superman’s side as his protégé fighting alongside him to eventually one day take over the Justice League. He would be a brutal force, doing things his own way, and killing villains in order to achieve “justice”. In battle, Magog would be a behemoth, able to pick up and throw anything and deal massive amounts of damage with super moves and combos. He would still be able to produce plasma blast from his staff and his left arm would be metal already instead of getting injured and having it replaced (although this could happen in the story).

Simply put, Magog was a perfect character for this game and his absence from the roster is a glaring oversight by Netherrealm. But who knows: maybe Ed Boon will put him in after all. We’ve seen crazier things happen.



Next up we have...


Injustice. Also known as, "How Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe can be forgotten about even more for the greater good." When NetherRealm announced Injustice, I was morbidly curious about what it was about. I played the demo, and I am really excited to get my hands on it very soon. Not only is the health system slightly reminiscent to Killer Instinct, it's a DC version of Mortal Kombat without Mortal Kombat in it. Nice!



5.) J​inx

Now, I know that this is to focus more on a grittier version of the DC universe, but Jinx is an antithesis to Raven, and would make for a very interesting sub-story within the main one against Raven and, possibly, Starfire. I would think that she would have her own sort of move set, but I can also see her becoming a clone of Raven in some aspects. It all depends on how she would be viewed in the game for NetherRealm.



4). Bi​zzaro

As an antithesis to Superman, I can see him being a possible "bait-and-switch" to be used against Superman. While he doesn't exactly look similar to Superman, he still holds as much power as he does and can be quite useful for Lex Luthor in bringing down Superman in the main story. A lot of the controls would seem very clone-ish, however.



3.) The​ Riddler

Another Batman villain? You bet! He could play a very vital role in tricking, or misleading, the protagonists in the main story by setting up many...well, riddles and possible traps to lure them into. I don't see Riddler fighting very directly, but more with gadgets and other weapons that doesn't really involve him in physical combat. That's not to say he's ruled out completely, though, as he can still take a beating.



2.) Sta​rfire

I can see Starfire being a lot of technical fighters' dream come true to handle in battle. But, I'm no programmer, so I'll leave it up to NetherRealm if she's included. As far as how she'll fit into the story, she'll likely be side-by-side with Raven, as she's confirmed, and would make for an interesting vantage point and person of interest with valuable information at times. I'm sure she'd fit into the story very well.



1). Darkseid

He's the main villain to Superman, and was also a main antagonist in MKDC. To not include one of the main villains in the entire DC Universe would be a wasteful mistake and a costly error. He might work side-by-side with Lex Luthor, seek to end Superman on his own, or whatever. As long as he's in the game, it'll definitely work out. If he's not in the game, there had better be a very good excuse as to why this is.



So, with my picks, I don't suspect to be right on all of them, but hopefully at least one of them will deserve some recognition as being a vital part of the campaign to Injustice. I look forward to the game's ever-so-close release and saving the day as the DC super heroes.


Third in this almighty collab is...



Master Skilled marksmen, would bring a move set too Injustice : Gods Among Us that would be the best for a "zoneing" style of gameplay. Also is a master of hand to hand combat so he can hold his own in a fist fight.
4.) Krypto The Super-​Dog
This Dog wonder would be a intristing DLC chartcer as it would a dog with both smaller and shorter hitboxes . This "Super-Dog"  has all the powers of the Man of Steel.  I feel this would be one of the most downloaded characters even if its just for the laugh factor that you are playing as a  dog in a fighter.
3.) Alfre​d 
Who doesnt want to fight as Bruce Waynes buttler?  Answer: No one. Bust up your fav DC comic characters in a spiffy Tuxedo, Plus we all know Alfred was playing with all the Bat toys while Bruce was out on a Mission. Think of Alfred as this game's "Dudley" , lets just all hope he can coin the phrase "Keep it Classy"
2).Beast Boy 
With there already being a couple Teen titans in Injustice, I feel they could add Beast Boy as a DLC Character. He could change between 2 forms  T-Rex , Gorilla and possibly a faster animal as well. The T-Rex forum would make him do more damage, but at a lesser range, as well as take more damage. The Gorilla would be the command grab heavy style form , doing crazy damage off grabs and throws.  as well as being a more defense form for Beast Boy.
1.) Poiso​n Ivy
This Gotham girl needs to be DLC in Injustice,  she could have a whip style move set. After she confirms a hit, she could have a bit of poison damage on the opposing character , she could play similar to Ivy from the Soul Calibur series or Poison from Street Fighter X Tekken. There are a lot of possibilities with this character.  She could also have a projectile poison spit.     
Next on the list is...



If I haven't made it clear before, I am a big DC fanboy. I have also made it clear I hate UMvC3. So when a game like Injustice is announced by the makers of the amazing Mortal Kombat reboot, I can't help but to get excited. The current roster is very good but there are still some  characters I want to see so I am glad I could be apart of this list. So without further a due, here are my picks.


5). Martain Manhunter

I tried avoiding popular characters but in the aspect of a MK like fighter, he works. One of his main powers is shape shifting and Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat would copy abilities. Plus his power of intangibility can be used as a quick power move to avoid damage and he could also used his telepathy in many ways. Granted this does sound OP but then again, Superman is OP and he is in the game. I am sure they can nerf him for DLC.


4.) Prometheus

Now while thinking of Martian Manhunter's powers, I thought of two things; he is OP and the power of copying other fighters has been somewhat exclusive to the bad guys. Shang Tsung from MK, Twelve from SF3 and Taskmaster from MvC3 were all bad guys. So in order to keep that tradition, I went with my favorite villain Prometheus. His power is that his helmet holds the fighting stances of several heroes and villains. Plus the fact he is the anti-Batman as he saw his parents killed by cops so that will be cool to see.



3.) Metamo​rpho

One thing MK has is a list of fighters who are based on elemental powers. Sub-Zero uses Ice and Rain uses Water. Now including Aquaman, Injustice only has 2. Well instead of adding other characters such as Ice or Black Lighting, why not add a character who uses all elemental powers? And I mean all. Anything on the periodic table is fair game. Wonder Woman can switch between lasso and sword & shield stances so Metamorpho could switch between several. Now he isn't the coolest character to add since he is a bit boring with his backstory of Egyptian powers and evil businessmen but neither was Hawkeye for UMvC3 and he is very popular now.



2.) Genocide

One of the things I noticed from the roster of Injustice is the lack of female brawlers and it isn't because they wanted their females to be sexy, but because DC doesn't have a lot to pick from that are popular but seeing how this list isn't about the most popular, anyone is eligible including Genocide. Who is Genocide? She is the undead future self of Wonder Woman reborn with the dead of those who died in genocide. Yeah not only is it messed up but in the comics, she is brutal. What is her end goal? World domination? No, she just wants to kill everyone. In fact, if MK vs DC was violent, she could have fitted perfectly. In a way, she would be a female Doomsday but weaker and faster.



1.) Mirror M​aster

Mirror Master has been a character I have been wanting since MK vs DC. Preferably Evan McCulloch Mirror Master. Evan just had more style being a Scottish merc. He is more like a lighter version of Deathstroke. Now why him? Two reasons: First MK vs DC and Injustice have a lack of Flash villains and second, the man just fits in a MK fighter. In case you couldn't tell, Mirror Master uses mirrors for everything. He'll quickly escape, make copies of himself, trap others in mirrors and even just shoot mirrors at people. All of this can translate to MK fighter. Why he hasn't been added is beyond me. I really want to see him as DLC.


There are more I want but I had to keep it to 5. Still I am happy with these 5. So who did everyone else pick?



Well, we're almost done, last but not least is...




With my Top 5 characters, I looked at my favorite DC characters and then cut out a few of them because they wouldn’t work in a fighting game and then I did a little bit a research. Now I’ll admit, I know more about Marvel than DC, but I appreciate both, but more importantly I appreciate Mortal Kombat and Injustice.


5.) Static

You may remember Static aka Virgil Hawkins as the main character from the hit cartoon, Static Shock. However, he was a DC character before that and was even a member of the Teen Titans. Many DC fans enjoy static because he’s a nerd, like them. Static enjoys comic books, video games, and has even been shown collecting Pokemon cards. Guess which one is his favorite? Pikachu. Why is Pikachu his favorite, because they’re both the same. If you couldn’t tell by his name, Static is an electricity based superhero… more specifically electromagnetism.


Because of these powers I can see Static being a combination of a speed and a trap fighter in Injustice. Sure Static would be able to use his electricity as a projectile but his specialty would involve magnetism more than raw electricity. He wouldn’t be a Raiden knockoff. Static would be able to use electromagnetism to trap enemies in place, or in the air. He’d be able to slam them across the level. He be able to speed across the air on his flying disc. Also Static has the ability to add electricity to physical attack, so a punch that stuns the opponent like a tazer would be a great combo opener.



4.) Br​ainiac

Okay, I know what you’re thinking… Brainiac! You mean that green computer guy, how would he be a fighter in Injustice. Well… first let me inform you about Brainiac. Brainiac is one of Superman’s man villains and is a genius. He is also some sort of computer man hybrid, I’ve heard him be called an extraterrestrial android, so let’s go with that. Brainiac has gone toe to toe with Superman and Lex Luthor and often times he has come up on top.


In current versions of Brainiac if he’s in humanoid form and connected or near his ship then he can equal or best Superman, while this is great for Injustice I feel that Brainiac’s intellect and manipulation of machines would be a better fit. Brainiac would be augmented by technology, included the probes on his head that allow him to use telekinesis, but his main attacks would be his 12th-Level Intellect (which is extremely high). I feel like Brainiac could be the first counter heavy character in Injustice. With his calculations, computer augmentation, and intellect Brainiac’s abilities would allow him to counter projectiles, physical attacks and the likes. Plus the fact that he has a shrinking ray and force field belt doesn’t hurt either.



3.) Zatan​na

Let’s get a woman in the Injustice roster because barring Wonder Woman, Raven, Killer Frost, Hawkgirl, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn it’s kind of a sausage fest… Actually that’s not that bad of a female character roster… but let’s add Zatanna as well. Zatanna is another character who at first glance doesn’t appear like she’d fit in Injustice. Zatanna is a stage magician aka fake, but is also a real magician.

Oh yeah, and she is absolutely drop dead sexy.


Zatanna is a magic user so she has a whole mess of powers that would fit great in Injustice. She casts spells by speaking verbal commands backwards, forwards, writing them, or even just willing them. Her powers were never clearly defined but she’s been known to manipulate the elements, heal herself, and attack opponents using energy blasts. She’s been known to have other powers as well but due to the inconsistencies, I just want to focus on what I mentioned for Injustice. Zatanna would be a projectile character in Injustice. She would use her elemental attacks and energy blasts to keep a distance. Because of this I’d consider her a weak character that loses more health than others when attacked. To try and counteract this Zatanna’s special ability would be ability to heal over time, and she would use her illusions and stage magician’s tactics to avoid getting hit such as using an illusion of herself, or using smoke for a quick escape. She’d be a distance character, and a tricky character to hit up close and personal.



2.) Gorilla Grodd

Okay, it seems like I like characters that avoid the fighting game archetypes and Gorilla Grodd is one of those characters. If you don’t already know, Gorilla Grodd is a hyper-intelligent and telepathic/telekinetic gorilla and is one of the main enemies of The Flash. His evil plan basically involves destroying humanity and making a Planet of the Apes, but this time… ON EARTH! (I know I used this joke already somewhere… shut up!) He’s hyper-intelligent due so some radioactive spaceship, and is pure evil.


Now as I said above I like anti-achetypes in fighting games. Get a big fat character and make him fast (like Rufus) or vice-versa. Now most telepathy and telekinetic characters are average or fast, Gorilla Grodd would be the exception to this. In Injustice, Gorilla Grodd would have the ability to shoot telepathic beams at his opponent and would have a mind control ability similar to Quan Chi’s in Mortal Kombat 9, but the difference would be Gorilla Grodd would be a SLOW but STRONG character. Maybe even a grappler, that'd be interesting in a MK style fighter. He wouldn’t be combo-heavy, but would have powerful physical hits and he would use his telepathy to get characters close enough to him to slam them.



1.) Jonah Hex

Now originally I was going to put Lobo in the number one spot but Ed Boon teased that Lobo and Blue Beetle might be DLC characters so I wanted to avoid them.


“First, Ed Boon tweeted the image seen above with the text, "Hmmm... This guy?" Later, Boon replied to a fan who said that not featuring Lobo in the game was a huge oversight, to which Boon said, "Not all characters announced. :)"”


Nevertheless, I love Jonah Hex and despite his lack of superpowers, he’s the number 1 character I’d like to see in Injustice. He’s a cowboy from the Wild West and is an anti-hero similar to The Punisher. Jonah Hex is a bounty hunter with immense firearms, hand to hand combat, skills and is quick. Jonah Hex’s most prominent feature is a giant disfiguring scar on his face. While he’s considered an anti-hero, he follows a personal code to protect the innocent.


Hex’s claim to fame is guns. He is blind in his right eye, but an incredible marksman. This is very similar to Deathstroke who’s already been confirmed to Injustice. Hex can duel wield pistols with ease and has been known to outdraw Batman in a duel. He has even defeated Batman in hand to hand combat, so Hex would be a very combo heavy character. Hex is just the ultimate badass, his marksmanship is great but he often defeats his enemies through the use of traps, and intimidation alone. Plus he even killed Superman with Kryptonite bullets. So he may not be a superhero, but Jonah Hex would make a great addition to the Injustice Roster.



Well g1s, that's the end of this collab

No one besides Ed Boon and the NetherRealm team know what's in store for Injustice DLC characters, but here's hoping they read our lists and maybe we will inspire them to make our ideas.


So which characters from the DC Universe do you want to see in Injustice? 

Comment below!

Happy Gaming




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