[Community Showcase] Top 5 Disappointing Games of 2011 - Fishman Edition

Posted on January 16, 2012 - 5:04pm by Fishman


The games that walked the walk, but tripped and fell off a cliff.

Use that disappointing analogy as a warm up for how disappointing these games were for me.

(PLEASE remember disappointing does not mean bad, in some cases, such as this list , it just means did not live up to full potential or my expectations)

Hoy, Small Fry!

Welcome to the 2nd part of my 4 part New Year Top 10 Thingamabob, So far we have covered the best ( check it out here if you missed it http://www.screwattack.com/news/top-10-games-2011-fishman-edition-0) and now it’s time for not the absolute worst but the biggest let downs 2011 had to offer.

Right, before we begin here is the usual disclaimers, 1.Dissapointing does not mean bad, I can’t stress this enough, the games on this list are not bad games, I’m not doing a “worst of 2011” list here we talk about the disappointing not the wretched, only games that just did not live up to the hype, for me anyways. 2. These are personal to me, if you enjoyed them good for you! Write about why you loved or disliked them in the comments if you feel like it. 3. If I have not played it, it is not going to be on here, so that means no MW3, Dragon Age 2 or every single Kinect game will feature on this list.

Goddamn it Microsoft, not only did you rob Rare of all dignity, but now you're stealing the public's dignity too.

Right now that’s out of the way, let’s chat. Since I have already talked about the titles that stood out for me in 2011 (link up top) it’s about the time I should talk about those that I was excited for failed to impress me for one reason or another. Out of the tons of games I have played this year, It was surprisingly easy for me to choose the ones that disappointed me the most, these are the 5 that while they still have their merits ended up leaving me unsatisfied when the credits rolled. So on with No.5!

Number 5 - Bulletstorm 

This game had so much potential; I did have plenty of fun playing it... for all 5 hours... that is woefully pathetic. It had solid gameplay, the whole lasso thing, kicking, skill shots, points and combos. The thing they had going was pretty awesome, also the guns had some cool special abilities, such as controlling a sniper bullet to go straight up an enemies arse or nailing some random enemy to a wall as it drills through there stomach, with the Penetrator . But the story, characters and difficulty was not up to standard, it was pretty much a cakewalk and I played it on Hard. Sure it was nice to see colour in a FPS, the levels, the splatters of gore and language were all very colourful.


It is going quite low on the disappointment list because if you look past the dick jokes it is a fun if really short ride. Rent it, as you won't get much out of buying it.

Number 4 - LA Noire

Other than a good story, with a somewhat disappointing last chapter, superb voice acting, a few well-crafted set pieces and some incredible new technology, La Noire was quite dull. The game was so slow paced; everything took an absolute age to do, having to drive from place to place carefully was fair, being a policeman and all, but it doesn’t make it any less dull. Everything was a drag until the next interview or rare shoot out. Even the interviews became easier all you had to do was look for someone's eyes to shift or their head move slightly and you could have them on the ropes in seconds, which is unless you were interviewing Jared...


Don’t get me wrong there were some genuine traces of genius in there, investigating for clues to nail a perp was incredibly satisfying but things got tedious fast, when I was nearing the end I wasn’t really enjoying myself anymore and I realised I was only still playing because I wanted to finish the story. La Noire would have worked better as a film, the script and the actors was the one constant in the game I enjoyed, the rest was filler until I got to the next story sequence.

Number 3 - Killzone 3

Killzone 3 went out with more a whimper then a bang, that’s how I felt anyhow. Killzone 2 ended with a triumphant, intense charging of Vasari’s palace, gunning down each and every enemy whilst also trying to find suitable cover as you are flanked barraged with grenades and constantly under threat of being overwhelmed. You final make it to palace when you realise you aren’t done, a really tough firefight ensues and the game finishes of with a boss battle against Radec. After I completed the game I felt an overwhelming feeling of satisfaction, sure it was difficult, (Again, I should mention, I did have it on hard mode) at times frustrating but I still enjoyed every second of it, a real adrenaline pumping segment. Actually, a lot of times during the game, I felt like that... and I loved it.

 Well, I SEE what your problem is! ..................... i'm sorry............ i'm really sorry.........

Killzone 3 somehow managed to remove any excitement I felt during the final hours and the whole game. I don’t know why but I felt I was in less danger; there was less urgency in what I was doing. I never felt I was fighting for my life and I was less involved with the story. Ok the previous games story wasn't amazing, but at least it kept you involved throughout. Most of the time in Killzone 3 it was a lot less about the squad and your troubles, and it was more about the bickering Helghast government. I just didn’t care.

The only reason I didn't want to skip the cutscenes was in case I missed this guy's epic stache. I just want to brush it, is that weird?

Overall, it was less stimulating. The final segment alone is what put this at number 3,after the epic finale in Killzone 2 I expected greatness, well, it took place in space, which could have been exciting! Nah, turns out you do a short on the rails shooting segment, YAY! (Obvious sarcasm is obvious)

Number 2 - Super Mario 3D Land

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to this game, it looked slow, although the tanooki tail was back I didn’t like the overuse of them (seriously they are Frakin’ everywhere in this game) overall it just didn’t look like my cup of tea. However, I did find I grew to like the game; sure it was slower than previous games but the mechanics is not what I took issue with; the problem was the whole first playthrough.

Well that basically sums up mario in 2011, in a incredibely disturbing way.

A game that only starts to get good half way through, is only half good, no brainer really. So if the secret world of Super Mario 3d land was the only meant to be the extra, by default it means the main was a disappointment. It was way too easy, the only real challenge was the occasional Star Coin, other than that all stages were a breeze. Mainly because you had 100’s of lives, so you were never in peril of running out. I didn’t mind that as much as how simple it was to trounce over enemies and to defeat the stunning selection of three bosses. Really... only three? What, where the other Koopa kids, Bowser Junior on holiday? how about Wart, haven’t seen him in a while, still stuck in dreamland? Couldn’t up with more than two new Bosses and Bowser? and as cool as the Boomerang guy power up was, that being the only original power up was a disappointment, as well, the only other 3 being the fire flower, Variations on the Tanooki suit and the classic power mushroom. again, couldn't find a bit more variety?


I expected more, especially from Nintendo. I guess since I grew up on Nintendo and the majority of my favourite games ever made are Nintendo games, I’ve put them on a pedestal expecting perfection every time. But hell I can’t help feeling disappointed, the same goes for Number 1, and I have to say I really, REALLY wanted to love Number 1 so much, which makes it hurt so much more... 

Well... here it is... 


Number 1 - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

No, before you ask, I’m not trolling, I’ve already talked at massive lengths why I found this game disappointing, you can see for yourself here. (http://www.screwattack.com/news/top-5-reasons-why-skyward-sword-awesome-and-sucks-top-10-review) So here is the short version.

I am a huge fan of the Zelda series I have every game in the series, except the cd-i ones but I really don’t want those, I have around about 6 copies of just Ocarina of Time (grey 64 cartridge, gold cartridge, GameCube Wind Waker re-release, Zelda collector’s edition GameCube, 3DS Remake and on an emulator if that counts.) I have Zelda posters all over my wall, just brought a replica ocarina online, have link to the past stickers on each of my game consoles, I could go into more and increasingly lame detail but I think you get the jist. I was so hyped for Skyward Sword I pre-ordered it as soon as it was announced at the E3 2010 demo; you know the one where the controls completely fucked up? And still after defeating it, twice, on normal and Hero mode, I was left with the bitter taste of dissatisfaction.

What I expected to feel like playing Skyward Sword.....

What I actually felt like.....

Again, it is by no means a bad game, it’s a good game, but as I said in my top 10 review, it is not a good Zelda game. This also relies on what defines a Zelda game to you, for me it's all about exploration; Skyward sword did not have that.

If you look at it, Skyward Sword is really, really linear, and although Zelda games were not exactly completely open, I always felt I could get lost in the world itself and just run around looking for secrets, quests, caves, islands and other random stuff.

Everything has been streamlined, there are less items, no other tunics, only three areas of the main land, all the islands were boring (except for Skyloft). There could have been a Wind Waker style of islands, where everyone was unique, interesting, had a puzzle, creatures to fight or a feature that gave you a reason to explore it and the whole map. Skyward sword has Goddess cubes, which are so simple to find and made easier to find by dowsing.

The only thing more annoying than having to re-centre the frakin' remote every two minutes, was the Microsoft word paperclip of the Zelda universe, Fi, literally the most annoying Zelda character since Keopra Geobra in Ocarina of time. I liked Navi though, she was kind of useful. Fi's only redeeming feature is that she looks like she's being strangled by an invisible man when she sings.

In previous Zelda's you would have side quests that in the end would reward you with an awesome new item. The best example of this would be in Majora’s mask, it had the best side quests and you would get a cool new Mask or piece of heart. This was a great idea as that mask would lead to another side quest and created linked quests that were satisfying to complete, best shown in the Anju and Kafei side quest. After you complete this long and arduous journey to collect all masks you are rewarded with the Fierce Deity mask and we all know how awesome that is. With Ocarina you got the Biggeron sword, Wind Waker the Magic armour, hell even Twilight Princess had the Royal/magic/useless/rupee sucking armour (even though that sucked hard, but look pretty) but, this may sound corny, it is the journey not the destination and the side journey in Skyward sword were quite tedious.

"Oh you want me to go grap some mushroom spores? do I get to go kill a load of dangerous monsters in the forest to get this mushroom? solve a conundrum or a tough puzzle? No? did'nt think so."

Other than the gratitude crystals, I guess you could say you were collecting the treasures for upgrading but by half way trough they were so easy to come across, I had at least 20 of everything, including the ultra rare things, such as the goddess plume. The closest you got to a real reward was in the boss rush mode and receiving the Hylian Shield. Which is another thing, the shield upgrading was kind of made redundant as a good shield wasn't necessary in the first playthrough as it was so easy just to slice your way through.

Twilight Princess was better than Skyward Sword, not in motion controls obviously, but in supplying that Zelda feel, Zeldaryness. Yeah that. Twilight Princess did not deserve the flack it got from everyone just as if Skyward Sword does not deserve the praise it’s getting from everyone; it is as if everyone is trying to repent for their sins.

OH! and no fishing! fucks up with that?!?!?


There is probably a lot I've missed out but if you want a more in depth look go to the Top 10 link above. So that’s part two of my new year January 4 part Top 10 gaming lists, I’ll come up with a proper name soon but for now thanks for reading this far and Check out the 3rd part of this extravaganza ( The Top 10 games I’m Most hyped for in 2012) coming soon to the ScrewAttack blogosphere.

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