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Posted on February 24, 2012 - 8:00am by LurchenGamer


 All games have potential. These games fall flat on their face.

Editor's Note: In a perfect world I think g1 LurchenGamer is absolutely right and these five games are perfect examples of games that needed more time. There are extenuating  circumstances though and in the case of Force Unleashed 2, the entire studio was canned before the game even launched. Clearly Lucas Arts couldn't give two shits about that franchise...

Rushing a game development is a big mistake. Game development is an art form, which can be compared to say creating a painting. Taking your time results in the masterpiece shown below:


And rushed development will end up looking like this:


So many games out there have immense potential. However, due to rushing the end product to reach a quota, the game is often glitched horribly or incomplete. These are five games that I believe had amazing potential, but fell harder than Nic Cage's acting career (really, Nic, did we really need a second Ghost Rider movie?!)

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days


When the original (Kane and Lynch: Dead Men) came out, gamers were greeted to an original, well thought out story, with some very impressive character bonding between the two leads. So, the idea of a second game is to clean up the mistakes of the first and lead to an outright better game, correct? Then what happened in Dog Days? Gone were the character bonds and the story felt very flat this time. Also, whereas the first game had a decent campaign length of about 8 hours, the second one literally halved the length to 4. When you only get four hours of entertainment for 60 dollars, it seems like they are robbing us blind.

  Well, it certaintly was "Dog Days" for Kane and Lynch, so I guess the title is at least appropriate.

Call of... Juarez: The Cartel

I bet you were thinking that I was going to say Call of Duty: Black Ops. Albeit a rushed game, I can forgive that game for Zombies alone. But I can NOT forgive Call of Juarez: The Cartel for being the steaming pile of crap that it is. Before "Cartel", the Call of Juarez series focused on a Western theme. The games were average, but I still had fun with them. So, for some reason unknown, developer Ubisoft, who has been known for rushing other games (I’ll get to that one later...), showed no disregard when they left the Western theme, and instead focus more on the Mexican Drug Cartels. While this might have been an interesting and engaging story if done right, Juarez fell flat on their face, delivering some of the most laughable dialogue in recent memory. However the worst thing the game does is be highly repetitive. So, here is how it went in Cartel (this is courtesy of

"There will be a boring driving sequence, some guys to shoot, several doors to kick in, and then it triggers a slow motion shooting sequence."

   The guy in the white shirt could not withstand the pain of playing this game any longer.

Assassin's Creed

The first Assassin's Creed is a game I can actually say I hate. It was a very mediocre way of starting a franchise. This Ubisoft game (this is turning into a recurring theme here, isn't it?) suffers from some of the same faults that Cartel did. It had a really bad story, the gameplay was repetitive (you kill this game, hide, run from this guy, hide, steal from this guy. RINSE AND REPEAT), and it also has some of the dumbest enemies, or AI, in existence. I think one of the worst parts of the game for me was the fact that the action was cut and it literally brought you back to life, to remind you that it was only a dream, aka nightmare. However, to add insult to injury, Assassin's Creed could have easily been GOTY material, had they approached it right. Luckily for me, I did check out the second game and they did fix a lot of the wrong that they did in the first game.


 Expect to see a LOT of this, as it will interrupt the action about every 20 minutes or so.


Brink is one of the more recent games on this list. It appeared to be another quality game from Bethesda, the studio that brought us such hits as Fallout 3 and Skyrim. It promised to be the next great multiplayer shooting experience. It wanted a free run and gun experience, and the general idea behind this game was sound. But once again, we have a very repetitive game. Also, graphical glitches handicap the potential of this game. One huger gripe I have with it was the fact it is extremely shallow. There are only 8 multiplayer maps, compare that to COD or Halo, which on average have 10-15 maps, and the character creation is very bland. Finally, you can easily max out your character in a matter of days, not making Brink the addictive multiplayer experience they promised.


And finally, the most disappointing game ever, in my opinion.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

Boy, I love Star Wars. The story is gripping, it’s full of action, and the dialogue is very witty. I even adore the games, such as Shadows of the Empire, Episode 1 Pod Racer, and KOTOR. I even really liked the first Force Unleashed, as it gave us a different vantage point in the Star Wars universe. I actually liked the story of the first game! Then we get the sequel... This ruins the series for me. It has some of the same core mechanics in the game, which I appreciate, but it is highly repetitive, and the game is very shallow, with a short 5-6 hour campaign. Like hacking and slashing storm troopers? You better, because that is the brunt of the game, and it gets old very fast. I hope and pray that, when they make a third one, that they fix the core issues and give us an experience we won't forget.

 That storm trooper is screwed. Not only is he about to get chopped up into tiny pieces, but he had to appear in this shitty game

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