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The Amazing Spider-Man is swinging into Cinemas this week, so it's time for Bluejetdude to count down his favourite games starring the Wall Crawler. Is your Spider Sense Tingling?

Spider-Man is 50 years old this year and Ol' Parker is still swinging around the Big Adam (Well, not in the Ultimate world where he... you know... died). After all these years, the games industry was bound to jump on it sooner or later.

Spider-Man is one of those superheroes that developers seem to be able to nail in terms of power. He shots webs, swings around and punches thugs. That isn't that hard to translate to a video game that us non radiated people can play. Superman is invunrable and moves at the speed of light, Green Lantern can create anything he can imagine and travel the cosmos, Wonder Woman... has a lasso.

With that said, theres plenty to look into when it comes to Spidey. Lets do it:



The Top 5 Spider-Man Games



Number 5
Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3



Ok, so the first game I picked is not even a straight up Spider-Man game. But when the game is as good as UMvC3 who cares?

Ignoring the greatness of the rest of the package and only on Spidey himself, Capcom absolulty nail his powers. Spider-Man is fast and nimble, swinging all over the place shooting web balls at foes. He crouches and moves like Spider-Man, he throws punches and kicks like Spider-Man. He is witty and funny just like Spider-Man.

And theres more. The unlockable costumes explore Spideys rich history and for a non comic book reader like myself (I know alot about comics but don't read them. Weird huh?) it gives me incentive to look into his more obscure past. Hell, there's even a level based on New York and the Daily Bugle.

When it comes to a fighting Spider-Man, not many are better the UMvC3.


 Number 4
Spider-Man (PS1)



I remember getting this eons ago at Christmas and playing the hell out of it. At the time, I was a huge Spidey fan mainly due to the awesome 90s cartoon. 'Spider-Man', created by Neversoft (The people behind the Tony Hawk series), acted as my gate way into the Marvel universe. It introduced me to characters I had never heard of before, such as Captain America and Venom. I'm sure to big Comic book fans these were great pieces of fan service (or not in the case of Venom as he was a main character) but to my tiny brain these were introductions to a much larger world.

There are also alot of parts that have stuck with me. Fighting Scorpion in the Daily Bugle, Venom issueing his threat on the large monitor to Spider-Man, running from the Doc Ock/Carnage hybrid.

Sure, the gameplay may not hold up today, especially compared to the open world games, but in terms of nostalgia, for me, it doens't get much better then this.


Number 3
Ultimate Spider-Man



Now the list becomes a lot more straight forward...

Ultimate Spider-Man was Treyarch's follow up to there Spider-Man 2 Movie Game and in many respects, it improved everthing from it's predecessor. New York was given variety and a sense of life as opposed to a 'Swing Sandbox'. The combat was more fluid, and Spidey's control was tighter.

Another aspect was the visuals. Treyarch adopted the 'Cel Shading' look (That I am a fan of. I even used it for one of my Uni projects) making it look timeless. You could pop it back into your console of choice now and still play it without your eyes bleeding out your face. This look made it resemble a comic book more then ever. Even the cutscenes were portrayed in a 'Living Comic Book' fashion.

Ultimate Spider-Man truely embraced it's comic heritage and in doing so made one of the webheads best games.


Number 2
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows



I think Web of Shadows is a fantastic game. A deeply underapreciated game, it also stands as the last free roaming Spiderman until this weeks release of 'Amazing Spider-Man'.

Not based on any movie tie in, Treyarch created there own tale and it really shows. I had never seen anything on this scale in a Spider-Man game before, as Symbiotes tear apart New York, infecting it at its very core. The conflict dragged in major players in the Marvel Universe, such as Wolverine and the SHIELD helicarrier itself. Watching New York transform was a real treat and Spider-Man, normal and Black suit, despretly swings around trying to save it.

The gameplay perfectly reflects Spidey's powers, by swinging all around and on the side of buildings. Nailing the powers in these Superheroes is so important and Treyarch nailed it on this one.


Number 1
Spider-Man 2: The Game 



Let me start by saying, I feel that Web of Shadows is the best Spider-Man game. But Spider-Man 2  is my favourite. Maybe it's the nostalgia speaking but I'm a huge fan of this game, as are most people.

Putting Spider-Man into an open world setting is a stroke of genius as you allow the player to take control of Spidey's most well known power. Swinging. It is still exciting to swing throught the city, using momentum and phsyics to your advantage as webs attach to real buildings.

Not only following the story of the movie but also its own narrative including other Spider-Man A-listers, it not only fleshed out the game world but also the Raimi movie world.

Theres a reason that so many people love this game. Until Batman came along, these were the pinnicle of Superhero games.


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