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 So, yeah a Top Pokémon list, overdone but the good thing is that every list is different.

What are you waiting? Go read dang it!

With the collaboration of THE ONE AND ONLY DARKHYRULELORD.

 Hi, hello!

I'm actually writing something different than news, it feels nice. And if I'm going to write something it better be a damn long 5-part blog, right? I'm sorry for the crappy logo, but doing that kind of things... isn't my thing.


So Pokémon, we all love it (or some jerks hate it) and while The Pokémon Company is running out of ideas we can still find some Pokémon that are worthwhile... I think... maybe...

Well, now the rules... are non-existant. I'll just put the Pokémon based in my personal preference based on the games or cartoon.


 A little backgorund on this list: I have not played PKMN Black or White properly, that's why this list is going to suck a little, I only played until the third gym on a emulator and then I got bored because it's not the same, the games are cool, but on a PC it doens't work for me (at least the DS) so this part is based on the little I played and the ones that I like at first sight.


With the help of the great and only lord of darkness: Darkhyrulelord. His thoughts will be in Italic. If you don't know him, here's a picture.


This picture was taken seconds before the photographer was Warlock punched into oblivion.


Honorable mentions:


I don't always choose Ground types, but when I do, it's Krookodile. This thing starts as a Sandile, and even there it looks pretty cool. This Pokémon doesn't experience radical changes when it evolves and that may be one of the reasons I like it.

Darkhyrukelord said: Being a dark/ground type is already pretty darn useful, but it also looks really sinister and powerful, being that it is practically a corrupted crocodile. In the Pokedex, it is said that it can see in pure darknes...just the minion I need when I shroud the land in Darkness! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!



Yep, it's an ice-type ice cream, when you look at, per example, Dunsparce and say: That's the lowest they can get, The Pokémon Company says: Challenge accepted. And thus we have Vanilluxe. But Foxdark22 why do you say those bad things about it and put it in a list of Pokémon you like? Because I like stupid and ridiculous and I like ice Pokémon.

Darkhyrulelord said: Yeah, sure, it looks pretty silly, but its stats more than make up for its looks. One ice beam or avalanche from this ice cream cone will make frosties out of its foes. Also, how many times can you say that an ice cream cone pummeled an opponent?



I don't like it, I'm tired of fire/fighting startes, but...

Darkhyrulelord says: When I first saw this beast, I couldn't help but think that Nintendo tried to sneak in Ganon somewhere into the Pokemon realm. It has a fire beard, is practically a pig demon, and it has a fire beard. The only manlier beard than a blood-red beard is a fire beard, period. It's stats aren't great compared to some previous starters from other generations, but he still packs quite the punch. Quite literally, he is fire/fighting type. If only he was dark/fighting type... I got Tepig as my starter JUST so that I could have Emboar on my team.


Number 10:


Summer form Winter form Spring form Autumn form

First I like the type: normal/grass, then the name: Sawsbuck, the Buck part selfexplains, but the SAWS part comes from Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring... LOL? Plus you can tell when the stations are going to change by looking the antlers, it's super useful! Plus it looks like Stantler's cousin. Hhmmmm a fight between Sawsbuck and Stantler could be pretty darn awesome.


Number 9


Wait, wrong picture

There we go, this is dark/steel Pokémon that has a lot of sharpened edges, so shaking hands is not an option... Actually when I saw this Pokémon I just thought of the picture joke. So, next Pokémon!


Number 8


It’s an electric/bug tarantula (in real life for me tarantulas are ok, spiders are not), it’s very cool, it looks like a Pokémon from the first generation (By that I mean not that sucky). I didn’t get that far into the game to actually see it in action, but I think it would have been in my team for a while (like 10 minutes, but that’s more time most Pokémon get) (I’m looking at you Woobat).

Darkhyrulelord said: Its high speed will be a worthy asset on practically any team, even pro teams. Combining volt switch and u-turn moves is also not a bad idea so that you can attack first and then switch to a better pokemon that has the type necessary to counteract your opponent. Also, an electric tarantula would make ONE awesome pet.


Number 7



Hmmmmm.... Am I the only one who sees this? Anyway, this is the first flying-only type ever in the Pokémon-verse. That only makes it worth it, it's annoying to have a kick ass flying Pokémon that is also normal, I don't like that. 

I also wonder, to let the Tornadus out of the Pokéball, do you have to rub the Pokéball? So it appears like a genie? Only one way to find out... ADVENTURE!


Number 6


Zoroark This was one of the first 5-gen Pokémon revealed and it was a smart choice because it looks pretty cool, like most Dark Pokémon I must say. Also he is pretty much a given in the next Smash Bros, just like Lucario was in Brawl to promote the new games then, but when the new Smash Bros. comes we will probably see a new gen of Pokémon... well it could be DLC right? Well I like this Pokémon because when I first saw it I thought: Well this gen could be the one where Game Freak redeems itself, but then I saw the rest :/


Number 5


I think this Pokémon it’s so ridiculous it goes full circle and it turns awesome. it evolves from a candle and a lamp, I think Chandelure and Vanilluxe would make an excellent duo of of ridiculousness, imagine a guy saying ''DAMMIT some stupid guy beat me with a chandelier and an ice cream'' LOL! 

It also can take your soul away after hypnotizing you, so be careful guys, and its shiny form looks pretty cool with normal color fire

Darkhyrulelord said: Some people may think that a Pokemon make out of a chandelier might be dumb, but I think that it's rather ingenious for a fire/ghost type. This dual typing alone may be worthy enough into my team, but it also has the HIGHEST sp. attack rating in the entire 5th gen!


Number 4


This a freaking eagle, I freaking love eagles, freaking freakity freak...  And it's freaking awesome my obligatory flying choice to have on my team (Tornadus it's too hard to catch, so it doesn't count) the only let down it evolves at level 54! FIFTY FOUR! it's too much time with the crappy Rufflet. Other thing that I like is that there are only male Braviarys, other thing, it eats, other Pokémon, how cool is that? It can eat little things like Pidove, Swanna, Sandile, Alomomola or Minccino, but when it's hungry it can go for a Sawsbuck... AWWWW YEAAAHHH! I also like the fact that the shiny is blue instead of red. 


Number 3


This is the Pokémon in the cover of Pokémon White and the one that I would choose if I had a DS (Not counting the hours I played in an emulator). And how freaking awesome is a Dragon-Electric type? I mean holy crap... I can’t wait to see this guy/gal/thing in Pokémon Stadium Wii U (It will happen, you know it) with gorgeous 1080p graphics. Besides the colors it has are awesome, the black and blue really make it look very cool. Plus it's the protagonist of one of the new movies, and everything that has a movie it's cool... I think... well... whatever.

The legendary Pokémon in Gen-5 are very meh, but for me Zekrom stands out. If you disagree, then go kill yourself.


Number 2


This is a pretty cool Pokémon even though its defense sucks, you must rely on speed to try and hit first and hope for a quick KO or a paralyze. This electric zebra it’s the choice for the electric Pokémon you will need in your journey and with a few Irons you should be good to go. It also evolves at level 27 from Blitzle and that's a pretty good number.Also PIKACHU USE THUNDERBOLT!






Let me tell you a story: I've always chosen the fire-type starters, but when I knew that Emboar was a fire/fighting type AGAIN I said: NO! GODDAMMIT! not again! and then I had two choices: Oshawott and Snivy... holy crap... I discarded Oshawott inmediatly because I don't like water Pokémon to start, so I said: well Snivy it is, I actually liked Snivy a little because it is a snake and I freaking love snakes, they are by far my favorite animal ever, and Serperior looks so awesome,  it has a soffisticated look with a nice touch of greatness. I find it hard not to like it, I can't wait to have a DS to actually have a team with Serperior, Arbok and Seviper... just awesome


So, there's the first part of the list, hope you liked it, if you don't, go to your bathroom and then put your head into the toilet and flush.

Also thanks again to Darkhyrulelord for his help, I hope we can collaborate again sometime.


For this episode's movie quote we have video!:


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See you next time with the second part (Gen-4) and with the weekly Rock Band 3 DLC report. Remember to tweet, like, +1 and all that crap.


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