Top 7 (+3) Relationships I Support: Redux

Posted on February 15, 2012 - 4:51am by The Guardian

 Here we are G1s, back for round 2. This time, it’s personal! Valentine’s Day is here, so I thought it’d be nice to look at my favorite relationships in gaming… again. Yup, I said I’d redo this list in a proper top 10, and now is that time! With the added few months (more like a year) I have played more games and now have more relationships to choose from.

The rules this time will be the same as last, with one addition. The relationship has to be in the game, not in other forms of media and this time it has to be two characters in the game. So my #1 cop-out of you and the character won’t be making a reappearance, it will be 10 “real” relationships. Even though this is Valentine’s Day, still, not all the relationships will be romantic. There are more relationships than that in the world you know.

So I’m going to be mixing it up a bit with 5 new entries on the list and 5 returning entries from the previous list.

10. Wander and Agro (Previously: 5)

In the world of the Colossus, there are almost no living things. There are no NPCs, no village people, no towns, only 16 enemies and two protagonists. The only living things we regularly see are Wander and Agro.

This game gives you a sense of isolation that only Metroid, in my experience, can match. So you really get attached to these characters. You experience about 16-25 hours with these two and only these two.

I have to admit, I'm a horse person. I enjoy riding horse whenever I can. My aunt and uncle own horses, so when my family visits, I like to ride some of them. They are absolutely majestic creatures, horses. That helps this duo's cause.

What really cements this duo on the list is near the end of the game. I didn't realize how invested in the characters I was until... well let's say shit hit the fan. When "it" occurred I jumped out of my seat and screamed "NOOOOO!!!!". I slammed the controller into the hardwood flooring and smashed it. I didn't cry, but I got darn close.

I was mad that the game took Agro from me. Legitimately upset that I no longer had a horse. For the longest time, I didn’t finish Shadow of Colossus because of that event that happened. I HAVE FURY! But I did eventually finish the game and the ending isn’t much better. Wander is no longer there with Agro, who makes it to the temple somehow, and the girl are left without him.

This is one of those relationships that I didn’t really expect to be all that great or to grow on me, but it really did. The boy and his horse angle really got me. So yeah, I’m okay with that, starting off the list at number 10, Wander and Agro.

9. Lloyd and Sheena (Previously: NR)

Here we have the first newcomers to the list, Lloyd and Sheena from Tales of Symphonia. I think Agatio and I had a conversation a year or so ago about Lloyd and which was better for Lloyd, Sheena or Collette. I think one of his friends was arguing that Collette was a better match, he insisted that Sheena was and wanted some backup on it.

So then we laid out our argument. When I look at a couple, I look for who rounds the other one out best. Since everyone has their flaws, they need someone who can counter act those flaws. So I look for what couple makes the most balanced individual. I say “individual” in that if you combine the two personalities, who counter acts each other. It’s partially using the “opposites attract” theory, but I don’t go friggin’ crazy, they need to have some things in common, let’s get real here.

For the sake that this argument has already happened, and Agatio and I already won, I’m skipping Collette completely in this. So let’s look at Lloyd and Sheena. Sheena lacks self confidence because of events in the past, including being abandoned by her parents and failing in a task that resulted in most of her hometown being destroyed. Lloyd, while he isn’t insanely brave, is very trusting of those around him. He places all his trust in Sheena’s ability to succeed in the task the second time around. In one of the optional dialogues in Mizuho, (Sheena’s hometown) Regal says, “Sheena is still too young… too frail to accept the cruel fate forced upon her.…Lend her your strength”

Regal isn’t telling Lloyd to give her physical strength, but rather emotional strength. Since Sheena is the only one that can do this job, she has to succeed or the entire quest is lost. Lloyd knows that too, so he puts his complete trust in Sheena, even when she doesn’t. This, along with the sacrifice made by someone close to Sheena makes it possible to overcome her own self-doubt.

On top of that, they almost always seem to balance each other out in their thinking as well. When one of them is worked up about something, the other seems to talk them down. Sheena and Lloyd both run a bit hot, so they can get worked up easily. While they do both get upset a bit easy, they both have different triggers. Rarely throughout the game are both mad at the same time. That’s great that one can calm the other and keep a situation under control. So while they are both flawed, they do balance each other well.

Oh, and I suppose the scenes at Falinor and just before you fight Kratos are pretty big deals too. The Flanoir scene I can’t help but go, “Lloyd, YOU IDIOT!!” But in Tales of Symphonia 2 he does finally manage to not mess it up.

Okay, that’s pretty cute, especially after the first game. And what’s more, that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Lloyd and Sheena, number 9 on my favorite relationships.

8. Main Character and Yukiko (Previously: NR)

Okay, I’ll be the first to say that any of the cast members would probably work in this position, but ya gotta just choose one. My favorite of the supporting cast is Yukiko, so that’s who I’m going with. Part of why I like the relationship between any of the cast members is because of the music that generally plays when you get a Social Link to Max.

Oh yeah, that is really good stuff there, let me tell you. So that sets up this little slice of heaven for you, now we have to add a second person to enjoy this moment with. Without a doubt, my favorite Max relationship (and romance) scene in the game is the one with Yukiko. She is just so damn cute all the time! Possible spoilers… kind of in the video.

Anyway, “You can feel Yukiko’s pure and simple love.” Ahhh, now that’s just cute right thar. And what she says there at the end of the clip, yup, that’s pretty cute too. Oh, you know that ended innocently…

The only thing keeping them lower on the list is because Yukiko, and all the other female characters feel like a trap of one kind or another. They are all one dimensional characters. For Yukiko, in the beginning of the game, getting a date with her is called “The Amagi Challenge” like she’s something to be won or conquered. That I don’t like and the constant reminder that she’s never had a boyfriend before. Like she’s some geisha or prize to be won, an object.

Aside from that glaring misgiving, I really do like Yukiko and her Social Link. It is my favorite in the game and my 8th favorite in all of gaming.

7. Cloud and Tifa (Previously: 7)

The only entry in the list that didn’t move at all, Cloud and Tifa prove yet again that they are solid. I have now almost finished Final Fantasy VII and my previous feelings about this pair is unchanged, mostly. Tifa and Cloud have been friends for a very long time, since childhood. I like this as a friendship because of all the background we have gotten on them through where I am in the game.

My favorite part of the game with these two is when they fall into the crack in the earth and Tifa helps Cloud piece together his past. That entire thing just absolutely blew my mind. Like, seriously, he thought he was Zack… just… boom! Oh… spoiler.

I know where the romance angle is coming from though. And I do see a possibility for it, but I just can’t bring myself to throw that lever. It is very possible to interoperate what I see as friendly care for romantic tenderness. So I won’t say that there is absolutely no way, but I lean against romance. Actually, VII initially had a more risqué ending that implied some not so innocent actions by these two, but they were cut from the final product.

This one has a personal connection, which I suppose is true with everything people care about. You see, I too have a female friend I have known for most of my life. I don't think of her so much a friend as like a sister now, more like family. When we started getting more background on Tifa and Cloud, my first thought was to connect this relationship to my own.

So solidly, unchanging, my #7 relationship in gaming, Tifa and Cloud.

6. Luigi and Daisy (Previously: 4)

For the record, I had these two before it was cool, Lauren. Yeah, I’m going there, poser!

I searched desperately to somehow show that, in an actual game, there was evidence of a relationship between these two. It's extremely hard when neither Daisy nor Luigi make many appearances, nor that many together. At first I was looking at the first Mario Golf, picture above, as proof, but let's face it, that's weak. I found what I needed from Mario Kart Wii. You know what I'm talking about. The huge freaking statue in the middle of a course.

Success! Loophole found!

The first time I played a Mario game, around 1996, I asked my cousin what the goal was. To rescue the princess of course. In my 6 year old mind I thought, "Wow, that Mario guy must really like that princess." Then it dawned on me and I asked, "If this Mario can go save the princess, why can't he keep her from being taken?" This of course is a difficult question and my 8 year old cousin had no answer.

I noticed that, since I was player 2, I was Luigi, I later asked, "If Mario has a princess, does Luigi have one too?" This time my cousin had an answer, Princess Daisy. I asked if she was kidnapped ever. She had been, once, Super Mario Land.

My 6 year old mind started crunching the numbers. Princess Toadstool, she wasn't Peach yet, had been kidnapped 3 times up to this point. Princess Daisy had been kidnapped once. Why would they steal Mario's princess, when Luigi isn't as good?

Up until I saw that episode of the GOT, I thought I was the only person who thought that Luigi and Daisy was a better couple than Mario and Peach. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here is his episode about it.

I like how he put it. Mario and Peach are the "Brangellina" of the gaming universe and Luigi and Daisy aren't nearly as high profile. No one much cares what they are doing. To quote GOT, "They are the ones who sneak off and baby talk to each other like teenagers. Awww..." I guess if you call him a romantic, I'm one too. I think he gives a better explanation in his video than I can do with writing, so please watch the video.

I went in detail the first time around about how impressive the statue was and how much it cost in money and manpower, so I’ll save you that this time. Just know that I ended up calculating the thing costing over 100 million USD to construct. Yeah, Daisy doesn’t mess around. But you can just see these two being a “better” couple than Peach and Mario.

Obviously, Luigi is doing something right because since meeting in Sarasaland in 1989, Daisy has been kidnapped a grand total of zero times. 23 years, Luigi has stood his ground against all comers and smote them at the doorstep, you better believe Daisy’s building monuments. Although, I might like a game in which Luigi does a little Daisy saving, wouldn’t be terrible.
So now we have #6 on the countdown, Luigi (MAH BOI) and Daisy.

5. Serge and Kid (Previously: NR)

I feel like this might be a bit of a stretch to call them a relationship, but it’s a stretch I’m more than willing to make. I had not played Chrono Cross at the time of the original list. Had I, there is a very good chance that these two would have made my top 5. Yeah that’s how much I like both Serge and Kid.

To call these two romantically involved would be an even greater stretch, and I’m not as willing to make that leap, but I cannot deny that there is a relationship of some kind there. Just everything about these two, they are like bound to each other. Kid keeps, unfortunately, being taken from you in one way or another, but Serge always finds a way to get her back. One scene that stands out distinctly in my mind is the burning orphanage scene.

Oh my God, it hurts. The absolute panic you can imagine Kid feels as Serge just vanishes… just horrible to express, anguishing to feel. There is no denying that some kind of relationship exists there. And there is another scene that I want to talk about. Since I may not get another chance to, I’m putting it in here. It is a bit off topic, but I can’t help myself. SPOILER ALERT! LIKE MASSIVE UBER-SPOILERS! It is the scene involving Kid, Lynx, and Serge.

I don’t even know where to start right now. In the scene Lynx and Serge switched bodies, so it was Lynx who stabbed Kid with Serge left to helplessly watch. Hate barely describes how I feel about Lynx. Hate is too weak of a word. I know no word that conveys how I feel. But imagine how Kid feels. Here’s this person who has been traveling with her for weeks, maybe months across time, and suddenly… what? You can see it in her expression at 0:09, she just looks at Serge with a blank face like, “Wait, what just… happened?” Can you imagine the confusion going on in her mind? “What is happening? Did Serge just… why? He betrayed…” The utter pain, anguish, and confusion as she slumps to the ground, with Serge being unable to do anything, just watching her die…

I find it terrifying to imagine, luckily, since this is a time traveling game, you can go and get Kid back for your party. Which I was ecstatic about, the only party I used, barring story elements, was Serge, Kid, and Glen. ALL THE TIME!

So it might stretch it a bit as far as an in game relationship, but like I said, I’m more than willing to reach out for it. My number 5, a bit more tragic than the rest, Serge and Kid from Chrono Cross.

4. Welkin Gunther and Alicia Melchiott (Previously: 11)

Yes, absolutely yes. After playing the game an unhealthy amount, these two absolutely had to make the list. Coming from a game that barely anyone played, Valkyria Chronicles, I doubt many of you even know who these two are.

But that’s okay, because I know and it’s my list, right? Anyway, this game is basically a re-telling of World War II. However, intermixed with that is the love story between Welkin and Alicia. I like the romance in this game because it doesn’t feel overly forced. Like it just kind of grows over time and feels natural. The game spans I think more than a year, so that isn’t a crazy amount of time to fall in love with someone. And fear bonds us to others faster than anything else. That’s why soldiers often call their squad mates “brother”.

Throughout the beginning of the game, there are little hints at a relationship, but nothing major occurs. I mean, you can clearly tell that they are interested in each other, but neither acts. Until about halfway through the game, when the main characters retake their hometown of Bruhl.

YEEEESSSSS!! OH YEAH!!! Fuck yes, I APROVE THIS MESSAGE!! Bam, bam, bam! I mean, ahem, yeah, that’s pretty okay…

It has been a while since I’ve been so happy about a couple finally getting together in a game. So now they are an official item, but there is still this pesky plot going forward based off a war. So obviously, they can’t get too touchy feely, besides, it’s inappropriate between officers.
And to avoid spoilers in the game, we’ll just stop there talking about story elements. But I really like this relationship for a few reasons. One is that it has a lot of ups and downs. I like a game with twists and turns and unexpected events. Granted, near the end of the game things do get slightly crazy and I had to suspend my disbelief and just go with it, the story never gets too out of hand. Yes, this one ends happily and I love that it does that because there are multiple times when I wasn’t sure it would end happily.

Another is just my blind, unabashed fanboy love of this game. They are the main characters in the game, I love them too, they love each other, even better. I can’t really describe well why I like these two so much. They just click with me like few other video game characters do.

That’s why in the revamped list, they make it all the way to #4, Welkin and Alicia.

3. Tidus and Yuna (Previously: 2)

In the beginning of the game, let's face it, Tidus is a bit of a douchebag. He's whining about everything and how his father abandoned him. He's arrogant and doesn't care much about the people he meets in Spira. He's, more or less, the prototypical star athlete (cocky, stubborn, apathetic, an a**hole).

Yuna is the daughter of a summoner, Braska, who defeated Sin 20 years previous to the events in this game. She is almost the polar opposite of Tidus. She is kind to everyone and very selfless. She is prepared to die to bring peace to the land, even if it is temporary. She is very caring and extremely naive. In fact, I think she is a bit too nice, kind of weak almost.

Then as the game progresses, both experience attitude shifts. Tidus starts to realize that there might not be any going back home for him. He starts to buy into helping the collective more than helping himself. He stops being the star athlete and more the quasi-leader of the group. He is far from the emotional leader, that's Auron and Lulu, but he wants to be there for all the people in the group. He wants to help beat Sin without a reward for himself (like going home).

Yuna's shift is more sudden than Tidus'. His is a "coming to terms and understanding it" prospect, whereas Yuna's is more a "everything I believed in is wrong? WTF?" event. Yuna grows up quick in this game. She sets out ready to get rid of Sin and is going on this great adventure with all her friends. She's happy, with her friends, what could possibly go wrong?

Then as she goes she learns of all the other summoners who have died trying to do what she's doing. And she learns that she and one of her companions will probably die. And on top of all this, it's all for nothing, cause Sin will come back anyway.

Probably the biggest shock to Yuna's system, is when the group reaches Bevelle. Bevelle is the largest city in Spira and is to Yevon, the religion of Spira, what Rome is to Catholics. She gets there and is more or less told that the whole thing is a big sham. She went on this quest with the blessing of Yevon and believing what she was told, just to have her whole belief structure ripped out from under her.

This is a major turning point for Yuna. Will she continue on or lose hope and go home? Is it even worth it to do either? Will there be a home to go to? Through the whole game, up to this point, Yuna and Tidus have been getting closer and closer. Tidus wants to show Yuna the Zanarkand he is from, 1000 years in the past, she wants to go back to all the places they have seen with him, very touching.

The events in Bevelle are a turning point for the two of them as well. Up until now, the relationship has been very chaste. Not much that most of us wouldn't say to a good friend of the opposite gender. Then the events in Bevelle change that.

My God, the voice acting! CG is nice, though.

And so starts the love of Tidus and Yuna. A bit over dramatic? Perhaps. After this Yuna decides to continue on to bring peace to Spira. Not only that but she gains a little bit of self-confidence after this too. She becomes the leader of the group like the summoner should be.
Also after this, Yuna decides that they will try to find a way to defeat Sin without any of the company losing their life. If they can do it, it will be the first time ever and the end of Sin. Sounds like a great plan!

I won't spoil the ending, I already did that in my FF X related post, but it, like Wander and Agro, cements this couple on the list. Again, I didn't realize how much I had emotionally invested in these characters. Apparently, a lot over the 100 hours of game time I spent with them. I said I almost cried near the ending of SotC, well this one got me good. I cried like a bitch. I didn't feel right for a few hours after finishing the game, wondering, "What the hell just happened?" I can't even watch the ending anymore, it's just too sad, but if you want to, here you go.

THE Final Fantasy pair I can throw my support to, #3 Tidus and Yuna.

2. Count Blumiere and Lady Timpani (Previously: NR)

Upset special here at 2? Not if you played the game. In between every single chapter, there is conversation between Blumiere and Timpani. It gives a great, deep back story behind these two characters that we don’t even see in the game. Or do we? I know in #4 I avoided spoilers, this time, screw it. I have some strong feelings and to express them, the story shall be spoiled. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

In between chapters we learn the story of this Count Blumiere and Lady Timpani. We learn that Blumiere is a member of the Tribe of Darkness. He falls from a mountain or cliff and is critically injured. Where he hits, a young lady, Timpani, finds him and she nurses him back to health. Blumiere is shocked that a human would help a member of the Tribe of Darkness because of their appearance. She replies that, “Anyone with a heart would not ignore an injured soul.” GREAT START, PHENOMENAL! Take your note pads out kids, Nintendo knows what it’s doing here.

Okay, so then we start to see Blumiere and Timpani knowing each other a bit. It’s just thrown in by Blumiere that his father caught him leaving his home and scolded him, possible foresight? But these two kids don’t care about what parents think, they have eyes only for each other. I like the second one, it’s just so cute! Then Dad has to come in and ruin it…

He threatens Timpani to stop seeing his son any more. Timpani fears for her life and tells Blumiere that they can’t see each other anymore because, “it is our fate.” Blumiere doesn’t take that kind of crap from nobody, so he decides to leave this place for somewhere their love is accepted. “If our love has no home… let us spend the rest of our lives searching together.” It reminds me of “West Side Story”, “There’s a place for us. Somewhere, a place for us.” Blumiere even proposes marriage before they flee together, to which Timpani says yes.

But… it can’t last, Timpani suddenly is taken from Blumiere by… his father. Angry words are spoken, when father says, “she no longer resides in this world.” What? His father cursed her to wander through dimensions until she dies, never to see Blumiere again. Come on man! That is messed up beyond all things in this world.

Overcome with the grief of losing Timpani and the rage at his father, Blumiere takes the Dark Prognosticus and unleashes it’s power. He does this because, “A LIFE without her is empty! I will erase every inch… of this blasted world.” And we see the transformation of Count Blumiere into Count Bleck, the main antagonist in the game.

Meanwhile, Timpani fell into the dimension of Flipside, which is the hub of Super Paper Mario. There she is found clinging to life by Merlon. To save Timpani’s life he transforms her into a pixl, but the transformation erases all of her memories of being a human, and Blumiere. Merlon renames her Tipi and is Mario’s guide for the entire game.

Bleck travels through dimensions clinging to the hope that Timpani is still alive somewhere and that he can find her. Eventually, Bleck gives up hope of finding Timpani and decides to destroy the thing that took her away from him, life itself.

And that’s just the backstory guys. I haven’t even started talking about the game yet, yeah, that’s how much I have to say about this. I’ll skip ahead a bit to the Sammer’s Kingdom in Chapter 5 or 6 I think. Here’ the effects of Count Bleck’s Void is felt first hand by the protagonists as the entire kingdom disappears instantly. This is also the first meeting of Bleck and the heroes face-to-face. With this face-to-face, Tipi questions Bleck’s reasoning for his wanton destruction, to which he scoffs. But here is the first time in a long time that he realizes that Timpani may be alive, that Tipi might be her!

After this chapter, we see Bleck question his motives and feel remorse for the first time. He might have found Timpani, but it’s too late to close the Void and save this world. Because the only way it can close is if he is killed, he figures to move ahead with his plans, regardless of Tippi being Timpani. Near the end of the game, it is revealed to Count Bleck that Tippi said the name “Blumiere”. For the first time, Bleck is crushed. He has finally found the woman he loves more than life itself, and he is about to destroy her.

During the final battle against the heroes, Bleck reveals to the player that he wants to lose the battle. The only way the world can be saved is if he dies. He is willing to sacrifice himself to ensure that Timpani lives on. When he is defeated, he is portrayed as a broken man who wants to die to save the world and because of all the evil he has done.

He is denied his plea when one of his henchmen, Dimentio steals the Chaos Heart (The cause of the Void) and wants to use it to remake the universe in his image. So the heroes beat the crap out of him, but it’s too late. The world is being torn apart by the Void and Count Bleck still lives. Only true love can stop the Void and destroy the Chaos Heart.

My caps locking “yes” and putting 5 exclamation points behind it does not do this scene justice. It goes beyond happiness I can convey in words. It’s like that happiness where you don’t know what to do with yourself you’re so overcome with emotion. That happy where you just cry you’re so damn happy, and don’t know why. But that isn’t even the best part. The very last thing you see in the game at the end of the credits, the lasting image you have of this game, it’s;

#2 all time, Count Blumiere and Lady Timpani.

1. Link and Zelda (Previously: 3)

And so it comes down to this. Link and Zelda, everyone who read the original knew this would be mighty high in the list. I gave a pretty extensive thought process behind these two in my original list so I’ll save you from that. Instead, I want to fanboy all over Skyward Sword. That absolutely cements these two as one of the best pairs in videogame history.

Never before have I felt so completely and entirely enthralled by the Legend of Zelda. I genuinely cared about Link and Zelda. For the first time, I wanted to save Zelda. And it wasn’t just because it was the mission; it was because Link wanted to do it. He wanted to get Zelda back at any and all cost. You could feel how much Link cared about Zelda, this was his best friend of the last, what, 16 years? You’d save you’re lifelong friend too.

I mean, the title of the first two songs you hear with Link and Zelda are titled “Romance” and “Romance 2”. How is that not eluding to a strong, finally romantic, relationship? And how cute they are together, how Zelda gets flustered when talking with her father, her leap of faith when Link becomes a knight. There is just so much to list in the first few hours of the game. They wanted you to feel it, and feel it hard and strong. Because Zelda was about to be taken from you for the next 20 hours.

It was so frustrating for me throughout the early game, being so close to achieving the goal, getting Zelda back for Link, but not being able to do it. Then finally, after hours of hard fighting and enemy destroying, you get your just rewards; Link finally gets to be with Zelda through the Gate of Time.

Those of you that played the game, you know what’s coming, and I’m sorry, but it has to happen. You might have just been recovering, I know I am still, but we’re going to watch the scene again. Know that I’m crying too guys, it’s okay.

Just… nothing in a Zelda game will ever affect me the same way that this scene does. Just absolutely floored, when Link gets to 13:07, I’m done. If there is one scene that displays this relationship at is most raw and most powerful, this is it. And I mean in the entire franchise any media, period. Actually, in the shower the next day after seeing this scene and going to bed feeling numb, I had a terrible realization. The original Zelda is asleep until Zelda II, hundreds of years later. OH MY GOD, SOMETHING GOES WRONG AND ZELDA DOESN’T WAKE UP IN THIS GAME! HOLYSHIT HOLYSHITHOLYSHITHOLYSHIT! That can’t happen, Nintendo wouldn’t so that… but it makes sense. My fear of such a thing kept me from playing the game for 5 days.

Needless to say, Nintendo used my 16 years of Zelda fandom to its full effect in a three minute clip. The “I’m still your Zelda”, the look down by Link. These are two of the most steadfast characters in all of gaming, with Link being the consummate Stoic, to see so much pain and love and emotion from him… It rocked me, and Zelda being left behind rocked me just as much. I felt like I failed Link.

I already held Link and Zelda in high regards as far as videogame relationships go, but Skyward Sword elevated them to a new height. Only one other relationship is even close to this one. With 16 years of growing up with Link and Zelda, added with this new emotional frosting that is Skyward Sword, Link and Zelda have fortified and made nearly insurmountable, their hold on the #1 spot.

A common theme I noticed with most of the top 5 is that there seems to be some tragedy thrown into them. There is a major interruption in each of them, but they overcome the adversity and make me love them even more. Before I get too carried away, there are a few out there that require some mentioning.

Honorable Mentions

Ratchet and Clank: Still can't quite pull the trigger, but they are pulling for the 10 spot something fierce.

Celes and Locke: Haven't finished FF VI, but it looks promising so far.

Cecil and Rosa: Haven't finished FF IV, but I like the Cecil/Rosa thing I'm seeing

Snake and Eva: These two will forever be in the honorable mention, I just can't get into it.

Mario and Yoshi: The only entrant knocked off the original list, just kind of dropped off for me I guess.

Welkin Gunther and Isara Gunther: If you've played the game, you know what happens, you know why they're here.

Yes, it's still Valentine's Day somewhere, so it still counts as being done on Valentine's Day, just like I promised it. I'd like to think that it's a good end to a very good day.

Happy Valentine's Day, and  see ya next time!

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