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Posted on November 10, 2011 - 2:02pm by The Guardian

 No wAt I h8!!!!!!11!? The PS3!!!!! Its a big Pece of shitZ!!! ITs like oNe big blak brik. It has aLl those dum JRPGS on it and sHit. It deosnt have Halo 3, wich is the beSt gAem of alltimez...

Oh yeah baby, it's time to talk about love. You know you cannot resist the power of Barry. Just hearing the voice is like having sex. Haters be gone, you have no power in this house... of love.
(Barry mode off)

Oh man, I can't keep talking like that, (Barry mode On) even though you love it (Off). Okay, but as we all know, not all relationships are based purely off of love. We have friends and family that we all form relationships with. As such, not all the relationships on this list will be romantic. I haven't played as many games as some here, so if you think there is one that should make the list, let me know. And if anyone is wondering, I have nothing against the PS3.

To make the list, there has to be a relationship in the game. Not the manga or anime or movie or fan art, the games. And I have to have played the game. Without further delay, my 7.

Hey guys, how you doing? Bit of an editor's note here. Of anything I plan on reposting, this is the one thing that I wanted to change the most. I wanted to add at least 3 more. But I made a promise with myself that I would not do any major revisions to anything I post. 
That being said, I desperately wanted to change things, so I'll just mention them here. First off, Welkin Gunther and Alicia Melchiott from Valkyria Chronicles should be on this list and it would be a crime against humanity for me not to have them on it. Second, Lloyd and Sheena from Tales of Symphonia would just sneak on the list. After playing through a few more times, they have earned it. Third, Main character and just about every party member in Persona 4 needs a place in there. Game's so nice I had to play through twice, loved it.
And lastly, Squall and Rinoa, not sure where they fit yet. I started playing FF VIII for the first time last week and I'm still not quite sure what I think of them. I like the story, but it's a lot like EVA and Snake for me, I just can't pull the trigger yet. I'm only about a thrid of the way through, so events will probably unfold and shit will hit fans, we'll see. Others moving into consideration; Cecil and Rosa (FF IV), Celes and Locke (FF VI), Serge and Kid (Chrono Cross). Now, back to our regularly scheduled program!

7. Cloud and Tifa

Okay I have to admit, I haven't finished Final Fantasy VII... yet. I'm only like a quarter of the way through it. Even with that, I already like these two.

Cloud regularly gets mentioned among the most popular game characters. He also gets mentioned as one of the most emo characters of all time. Tifa is also one of the most popular characters, but for perhaps... other reasons.

Hold on though, I don't see them as a romantic couple, unlike most people on Photobucket. Tifa and Cloud have been friends for a very long time, since childhood. I like this as a friendship because of all the background we have gotten on them through where I am in the game. Maybe, if events in the game fall right, I will understand why so many people have them as a romantic relationship.

This one has a personal connection, which I suppose is true with everything people care about. You see, I too have a female friend I have known for most of my life. I don't think of her so much a friend as like a sister now, more like family. When we started getting more background on Tifa and Cloud, my first thought was to connect this relationship to my own.

It will be interesting as to how I feel about these two after I finish the game. I suppose there is always a possibility that Aeris might become a better character eventually, but I don't see any relationship with her being better than Cloud and Tifa.

So for now, my #7 relationship in gaming, Tifa and Cloud.

I'm now almost done with the game, still feel the same way about these two. Close friends is as close as it gets guys. I see the love angle, but it feels like Square tacked it on. The date with Tifa's cute and all, but overall, not feeling it. Truth be told, it is venturing closer to a debate in my mind though.

6. Mario and Yoshi

I think most gamers, especially the older generations, would say this is a duo that they can stand behind. With the initial pairing in Super Mario World, these two have taken off.

Individually, these two are among the most popular characters in gaming. In 2008, a non-scientific survey was taken of 1000 people asking for their favorite characters. Mario finished first and Yoshi third. Cloud, believe it or not, was the second place finisher.

If you played Super Mario Kart or Mario Kart 64, you know of the mad dashes that occurred to choose Yoshi. We all can tell instantly who Mario is or which songs come from his games.

When these two titans of gaming team up, they are unstoppable. In main series games where they appear together, they have sold almost 60 million games. And besides, the two haven't made a bad game yet. That's right, Super Mario Sunshine is a good game.

The #6 relationship I support in gaming, Mario and Yoshi.

5. Wander and Agro

WHAT?!?! Wander and Agro higher than Mario and Yoshi?! I know, I can hardly believe it either, and I made this list! While many people know about Mario and Yoshi, I bet some of you didn't know the name of at least one of these characters.

In the world of the Colossus, there are almost no living things. There are no NPCs, no village people, no towns, only 16 enemies and two protagonists. The only living things we regularly see are Wander and Agro.

This game gives you a sense of isolation that only Metroid, in my experience, can match. So you really get attached to these characters. You experience about 16-25 hours with these two and only these two.

I have to admit, I'm a horse person. I enjoy riding horse whenever I can. My aunt and uncle own horses, so when my family visits, I like to ride some of them. They are absolutely majestic creatures, horses. That helps this duo's cause.

What really cements this duo on the list is near the end of the game. I didn't realize how invested in the characters I was until... well let's say shit hit the fan. When "it" occurred I jumped out of my seat and screamed "NOOOOO!!!!". I slammed the controller into the hardwood flooring and smashed it. I didn't cry, but I got darn close.

Disclaimer: I haven't finished the game because of this part.

When it comes to hero-sidekicks, this is the top one I can stand behind, my #5, Wander and Agro.

I did eventually finish this game. Absolutely fantastic, while also fantasticly sad, finish to a remarkable game. I know Wander and the girl is the obvious choice for this game, but there was no relationship in-game. How can I say that? A relationship is a two way street, both have to be LIVING for there to be a relationship. Not for one second was that criteria met, thus, doesn't count.

4. Luigi and Daisy

I searched desperately to somehow show that, in an actual game, there was evidence of a relationship between these two. It's extremely hard when neither Daisy nor Luigi make many appearances, nor that many together. At first I was looking at the first Mario Golf, as proof, but let's face it, that's weak. I found what I needed from Mario Kart Wii. You know what I'm talking about. The huge freaking statue in the middle of a course.

Success! Loophole found!

The first time I played a Mario game, around 1996, I asked my cousin what the goal was. To rescue the princess of course. In my 6 year old mind I thought, "Wow, that Mario guy must really like that princess." Then it dawned on me and I asked, "If this Mario can go save the princess, why can't he keep her from being taken?" This of course is a difficult question and my 8 year old cousin had no answer.

I noticed that, since I was player 2, I was Luigi, I later asked, "If Mario has a princess, does Luigi have one too?" This time my cousin had an answer, Princess Daisy. I asked if she was kidnapped ever. She had been, once, Super Mario Land.

My 6 year old mind started crunching the numbers. Princess Toadstool, she wasn't Peach yet, had been kidnapped 3 times up to this point. Princess Daisy had been kidnapped once. Why would they steal Mario's princess, when Luigi isn't as good?

Up until I saw that episode of the GOT, I thought I was the only person who thought that Luigi and Daisy was a better couple than Mario and Peach. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here is his episode about it.

I like how he put it. Mario and Peach are the "Brangellina" of the gaming universe and Luigi and Daisy aren't nearly as high profile. No one much cares what they are doing. To quote GOT, "They are the ones who sneak off and baby talk to each other like teenagers. Awww..." I guess if you call him a romantic, I'm one too. I think he gives a better explanation in his video than I can do with writing, so please watch the video.

And then we have the statue. Look at that piece of art! They figured out a way for gold to be shaded in different colors! It's a huge monument as well, it is almost the same size as the radius of that turn. I'd estimate that statue to be about 20-25 feet high.

Do you know how expensive a gold statue of that size would be? Gold is currently 18849.60 USD per pound. The density of gold is 1204.84 pounds per cubic foot. The gold alone to cover the statue, assuming it takes only one cubic foot and the statue is just gold plated (not solid gold), would cost 22,710,783.06 USD. Or to put it another way, a crap ton.

Then we have labor, and the material covered by the gold in the statue, the pedestal, and the craftsmanship to somehow dye the gold shades of green, red and white. By the time the statue is done that thing could have topped 100 million USD*! No one spends that kind of money for fun.

I know that this is seriously a stretch to qualify, and this section might be more fanfiction than I want it to be, but that's how it goes sometimes. I originally left this one off, then I thought, "F*** it, it's my list. They can think what they want." So, my #4 relationship I can support, Luigi and Daisy.

*Note: I know for a fact the cost of gold per ounce on July 31, 2010 and the density of gold. The rest is disputable, even if the thing is gold.

3. Link and Zelda

For a while now, this has been a struggle in my mind. It is without a doubt one of my favorite relationships of all time, but what kind of relationship is it? I flip-flop almost weekly, sometimes daily, as to whether they are good friends or romantically involved.

Well, let's start my internal narrative.

Good Friend Argument: Obviously, the farthest this relationship goes is a friendship. In the games, there is a very limited amount of very weak evidence of anything romantic between them.

Love Argument: Although there is very little in the games supporting a romantic relationship, what is there is quite strong. For instance, in Zelda II, at the end of the game, Zelda gave Link a kiss for saving her. Also....

Okay, so what if Link got a kiss? Peach gave Mario a kiss in, I believe, Superstar Saga in a quite comedic way. Getting a kiss means nothing in the Nintendo universe.

Well, are not Peach and Mario linked as a romantic couple as well, with even less evidencial support than these two? Exactly. And as I was saying before being interrupted so rudely, in Twilight Princess when Zelda asks for Link's help to defeat Ganondorf, she bows in the scene. What is the first action Link does?

*sigh* He holds his hand out and she places her hand in his, but that means nothing! It's just symbolic for saying he will help since he is a mute character.

That may be, but aren't there a number of other, less physically intimate, ways he could have indicated that, like a simple head nod or a bow himself. Just simple things like the holding of a hand can be very powerful. In this scene it clearly is, since it is a part of the game most can recall from memory and people know what you're talking about. On top of this, he goes out on a epic adventure just to save this woman. If that doesn't say "I love you", what...

STOP!!! The reason Link goes on his adventures, that include Zelda, are not to save her, they are to save Hyrule. Yes, saving Zelda is an integral part, but it is not the end goal. He merely wants to save his home, his country, and his people. And just because he saves her time and time again doesn't imply a romantic relationship. Unless you're saying that you wouldn't save one of your friends from danger?

Come on, I'm you, you know I would do anything to help my friends, no matter what.

Precisely, so why would a fictitious character you are intended to connect with not do the same?

Touche, however, what do you say about Spirit Tracks? You can't tell me, as a LoZ fan, you played that whole game and not once thought, "Oh my God, they are just so darn cute!" It was practically a sales pitch for those two to be a romantic couple.

... You're right. They were just so gosh darn cute together. The ending with the hand holding, and Zelda in her room looking at Link in the lawn... it was so great. Okay, good point on that one. But I think that is an exception in the LoZ series, and not the rule.

Fair enough. However, there is one thing you can't deny, fan-made media. There is no possible way that your opinion can be completely unaffected by the thoughts of others. I mean, look at this.

You're right, my opinion cannot be completely independent of my experiences with other people's opinions. There is some very good fan made stuff about these two. However, this is also the reason why I don't believe in a romantic relationship. So called "fans" have twisted and perverted the characters so badly that they aren't even Link and Zelda anymore in their "artworks". It drives me away from their thinking. And besides, this has nothing to do with the games.

Ah, but to say that nothing outside of the games has influenced your feelings is incorrect. They have permeated almost all forms of media imaginable. It is foolish to ignore all of the other things out there, like the mangas and anime.

That falls outside of the Nintendo Zelda universe and I discount it. It has no roots in the universe, thus it can't be used to form any kind of opinion based off the universe they are set in. As such, there is not near enough proof of their being a romantic relationship and I, quite rankly, don't want there to be one. It would reinforce all those shoddy fan artists to continue with their abominations.

You're so calloused and cold-hearted, TRY FEELING SOME EMOTIONS EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE!!

You total mess of emotion, TRY USING LOGICAL THINKING!!

And so, the internal debate continues, #3 Zelda and Link.

Get your popcorn ready, this is going to be a blog in a blog here. To start off, this is a period of Link and Zelda are friends, not lovers. That being said, we need to stop here and talk about this a little bit. There are only 10 more days until Skyward Sword, we so excited. And one of the trailers that came out drew a clear, strong relationship between Link and Zelda for the first time in a console game. 
I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it, to be honest. I was like everyone else at first. I was all "Awwwwww...", but now I'm not sure if I like it. Like I said in my entry, if there is a romantic relationship, it changes the character of the characters. They shift ever so slightly toward those "abominations" (my word) called fan art. 
While I do think it is refreshing that Nintendo is doing this, I'm not sure if I'm ready for Link and Zelda to grow up in such a way.

2. Tidus and Yuna

If you read my blogs, you know I recently finished Final Fantasy X and had an idea these two would be on here somewhere. And right off, whoever the original artist of this picture is, he or she is freaking awesome! It looks amazing, no?

Now that I'm done marveling, let's talk about these two. In the beginning of the game, let's face it, Tidus is a bit of a douchebag. He's whining about everything and how his father abandoned him. He's arrogant and doesn't care much about the people he meets in Spira. He's, more or less, the prototypical star athlete (cocky, stubborn, apathetic, an a**hole).

Yuna is the daughter of a summoner, Braska, who defeated Sin 20 years previous to the events in this game. She is almost the polar opposite of Tidus. She is kind to everyone and very selfless. She is prepared to die to bring peace to the land, even if it is temporary. She is very caring and extremely naive. In fact, I think she is a bit too nice, kind of weak almost.

Then as the game progresses, both experience attitude shifts. Tidus starts to realize that there might not be any going back home for him. He starts to buy into helping the collective more than helping himself. He stops being the star athlete and more the quasi-leader of the group. He is far from the emotional leader, that's Auron and Lulu, but he wants to be there for all the people in the group. He wants to help beat Sin without a reward for himself (like going home).

Yuna's shift is more sudden than Tidus'. His is a "coming to terms and understanding it" prospect, whereas Yuna's is more a "everything I believed in is wrong? WTF?" event. Yuna grows up quick in this game. She sets out ready to get rid of Sin and is going on this great adventure with all her friends. She's happy, with her friends, what could possibly go wrong?

Then as she goes she learns of all the other summoners who have died trying to do what she's doing. And she learns that she and one of her companions will probably die. And on top of all this, it's all for nothing, cause Sin will come back anyway.

Probably the biggest shock to Yuna's system, is when the group reaches Bevelle. Bevelle is the largest city in Spira and is to Yevon, the religion of Spira, what Rome is to Catholics. She gets there and is more or less told that the whole thing is a big sham. She went on this quest with the blessing of Yevon and believing what she was told, just to have her whole belief structure ripped out from under her.

This is a major turning point for Yuna. Will she continue on or lose hope and go home? Is it even worth it to do either? Will there be a home to go to? Through the whole game, up to this point, Yuna and Tidus have been getting closer and closer. Tidus wants to show Yuna the Zanarkand he is from, 1000 years in the past, she wants to go back to all the places they have seen with him, very touching.

The events in Bevelle are a turning point for the two of them as well. Up until now, the relationship has been very chaste. Not much that most of us wouldn't say to a good friend of the opposite gender. Then the events in Bevelle change that.

My God, the voice acting! CG is nice, though.

And so starts the love of Tidus and Yuna. A bit over dramatic? Perhaps. After this Yuna decides to continue on to bring peace to Spira. Not only that but she gains a little bit of self-confidence after this too. She becomes the leader of the group like the summoner should be.
Also after this, Yuna decides that they will try to find a way to defeat Sin without any of the company losing their life. If they can do it, it will be the first time ever and the end of Sin. Sounds like a great plan!

I won't spoil the ending, I already did that in my FF X related post, but it, like Wander and Agro, cements this couple on the list. Again, I didn't realize how much I had emotionally invested in these characters. Apparently, a lot over the 100 hours of game time I spent with them. I said I almost cried near the ending of SotC, well this one got me good. I cried like a bitch. I didn't feel right for a few hours after finishing the game, wondering, "What the hell just happened?" I can't even watch the ending anymore, it's just too sad.

My favorite romantic couple in gaming and THE Final Fantasy pair I can throw my support to, #2 Tidus and Yuna.

Let's just take a little break here and reflect. What could possibly be better than an old classic, Link and Zelda, and my favorite Final Fantasy couple, Tidus and Yuna?

Well, for a while, there was nothing that was above it. Then, one day, I had an epiphany. Like a light bulb going on, it just clicked in my head what the best relationship in gaming is. If anyone here dares to disagree, they are out of their minds and deplorable for their lack of taste! The single best and most vital relationship in gaming is...

1. You and the Game Character

It absolutely had to be. There is no relationship better in all of gaming and there will never be one better in all of gaming.

I can't believe I didn't see this one earlier. When I go through here, why are all of the other entries on this list? Well, with Tifa and Cloud, I connected with the characters because of a relationship I have and I am able to emotionally invest in them. With Mario and Yoshi, I have known them for over 13 years. They are like old friends to me. I have grown up with them.

With Wander and Agro, again I was interested in the story and I got wrapped up in the world. I was emotionally hurt by the ending because of my personal views and my investment in the characters. For Luigi and Daisy, it is a sense of rooting for the underdog a bit. It's also the lack of respect and I just can't help thinking about that statue on that track.

Then we have Link and Zelda. Mmmmm, I have grown up with these two as well. They are in some of my favorite games of all time and Link is one of my favorite characters of all time as well. The internal debate also means that when I space out, I frequently go there for as long as needed to frustrate myself. :D

And Tidus and Yuna. I emotionally invested over 100 hours with all the characters in FF X. I was all in, and in the end, it hurt bad, real bad. The entries are all here because I care about all of them. This single relationship encompasses all the others you can possbly think of.

Why is it that right now, as you read this, you are thinking of other pairs that I missed? Because you are emotionally invested in them. Why do people debate about who the best characters are? Because they care about them at some level. That's why we have... occasional friendly disagreements, we all care about the characters.

This relationship is what makes all of gaming run. If you didn't care, would it be as much fun? Would you get involved in the world as much? Probably not on both counts.

Without a doubt, the #1 relationship I can fully support, You and the characters.

Well, there we are with the Top 7, but what were some that missed the cut? That's why we have this section here, honoring the mentions.

8. Naked Snake and EVA: It didn't feel right through the whole game. I wasn't able to get into it.

9. Mario and Peach: Old classic, just not quite one of my top favorites

10. Pokemon Trainer and Pokemon: Relationship in-game is weak

11. Welkin Gunther and Alicia Melchiott: Haven't played the game

12. Ratchet and Clank: Haven't played enough of the games yet

Well, that's it, my 7 "favorite" relationships in gaming. I know there are many that I missed, feel free to inform me of some I have missed. It's kind of a generic list, with some obvious entries, but it did start as one of my first blogs here at ScrewAttack and took this long to finish. How long you ask? Try the beginning of February until now. But now that it is finally done, I feel good. No, as a matter of fact I feel great!

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