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Top Five IP’s of the 7th Console Generation

12/30/13 3:50pm

You really want to read this one. It's good, I guaranty it.

 So this generation has come to an end. No matter what anyone says, you can’t deny that this generation did more for gaming then most any other generation. And while I will confess that this isn’t my favorite generation of consoles I will admit that it did give us something other generations did. That being IP’s that were good and worth playing. These IP’s aren’t just good; they are the cream of the crop. They showed what this generation was capable of and they were also impressive enough to get my attention. Which isn’t easy, because as we all know, I have very high standards. Two rules about this list. First is that the IP’s have to be IP’s that where made during this generation. So as much as I love Human Revolution, I can’t put it on this list. Second is that I consider the Wii U/PS4/Xboxone next gen consoles. Meaning that their original IP’s aren’t going to be included on this list. So no one better complain about me not adding them. Their time will come soon. So without further ado I give to you, “Joeshadowman’s Top Five Original IP’s of the Seventh Console Generation.”


5. Assassins Creed
I really like this series, I do, but I think the story ended with Assassins Creed 3 and Ubisoft just needs to move on. That being said, I don’t think I had as much fun going around killing people in a game as much as I have in Assassins Creed. Watching the combat evolve from game to game was simply amazing. When they introduced multiplayer, it was actually fun. Sure the story did kind of go wonky toward the middle of the series, but it was still enjoyable to play. Who didn’t like running around on roof tops stalking the target waiting for that perfect moment knowing he would be defenseless and alone? And just when he thought he was safe, suddenly a hidden blade to the face ends his life and the hunt. Except for when the game decided that the character had to get caught constantly before killing any story major character. Yes, I get that it’s not the most religious sensitive series, but why let that ruin the experience of being a stealthy assassin? And while the series is now focusing on pirates, it won’t ruin the experience I had playing these games. Like I said, the third game is the perfect way for the series to end. If Ubisoft wants to continue using the same mechanics then they should just start calling the series Pirates Creed. It doesn’t have to take place in a different universe, but the Assassins story is done. Oh and the second game is defiantly the best in the series.
4. Bioshock

Everyone knows I have to mention the series that redefined story telling in games as we know them. Bioshock as a series has always been about twists and turns that will take you completely by surprised. Not only is there a twist in every game, but they also had great gameplay. (Except for Bioshock 2. That game was meh at best. Come to think about it, I don’t remember any twist in that game.) Who can’t remember running through Rapture in the first game getting chills up their spine whenever a Big Daddy walked by. The atmosphere in that game was perfect. Try to imagine being in a city at the bottom of the ocean surrounded by homicidal maniacs that just want to kill. Just imagine what the player character is thinking about down there. “God it’s dark down here. I can’t really see anyth… Wait. What’s that over there? I swear I just saw a shadow move.” The series also had so much to offer. It had upgradable weapons, strange powers and collectible items scattered through out the game. And everything that Bioshock did right, Bioshock Infinite improved upon. This series is perfect at combining gameplay with story telling, in a way that needs to be explored more. I can honestly say that Infinite is my favorite FPS of this generation. Hands down. Not only does it run smooth, but it also gives me a feeling of reward that I never felt before. But it also felt completely different from the first game. Which is actually a plus to the series. Yes it played very much the same, and the story was blended in just as well. But it wasn’t as creepy as the first game. It does have it’s moments with the asylum and the creepy chapel, but that wasn’t the focus of the game. The focus was about Elizabeth and her struggle. This is one of those times that I can say a company got me interested with the story in a game. I can’t wait to see what 2K Games does with this IP with the next generation. They haven’t announced anything yet, but I can say that I am existed for what will come next. Now all they need to do is make a game that doesn’t take place in Rapture and stick to that setting. (I hate the nightmares.)

3. Uncharted
Indiana Johns is a great movie series. The movies are exciting and crazy. But, what’s better then watching an Indiana Johns movie? Playing an Indiana Johns movie. While this series focuses on the cinematic a little too much at times, I can’t say that I never enjoyed a moment in this series. (Except for that one fight in the second game. You know the one I mean.) The series felt epic and the stories all felt complete. They were handled in such a way that you didn’t need to play previous games in order to understand what was going on. These games were really the first ones that helped me feel like I was a gamer for the first time in this generation. It’s the only series where I beat the games on their hardest setting for the PS3. They are that good. Sure, I know this isn’t number one on my list, but damn it if I didn’t have fun playing these games. Like I said, they get too cinematic at times and it can get in the way of the game. But at least most of the epic moments happen during gameplay. So that’s something worth noting. Also, the multiplayer in three is really disappointing today. Didn’t stand the test of time. Unless you’ve been playing the game since day one, the multiplayer just isn’t worth playing. Other then that the series is great. Playing Co-op is fun, so there is at least that.
2. BlazBlue
Fighting games are awesome, especially when they are responsive as these games are. BlazBlue has an extremely complicated story, but that’s not what makes it great. What makes it great is just how well the games are balanced. The games play beautify and the sprites are just great to look at. I don’t know why I love this series so much, other then I straight up enjoyed it. Which is more then I can say for most fighters in the past six years. I know people love Mortal Kombat, hell I love Mortal Kombat, but the problem with Mortal Kombat is that it’s not BlazBlue. Don’t get me wrong. Mortal Kombat is a great game, but BlazBlue is better. It’s easy to learn and hard to master. Its characters are animated in such a way that one can’t help but fall in love with the combos as you continue to unleash them over and over again. But what I really like about it is just how much you have to earn your victories when playing with other people. Now newbs will go down easy. But if you go against someone who is at your skill level, man these fights will feel epic. This is the only fighter where I personally had a double KO. I have only ever witnessed three double KO’s in my life. Once when I was six and my brother was playing someone is Street Fighter. The third time I ever saw a double KO was about a year ago when I was watching two people playing online. I think it was between two G1’s. I can’t remember what game it was. Soul Caliber or maybe Street Fighter, I can’t remember. However, the second time I ever witnessed a double KO was when I was playing against a friend in BlazBlue. We were having a best out of nine fight. It was on the ninth round, he was playing as Jin Kisaragi and I was playing as Noel Vermilion. The fight was intense, I would win a round and he would win a round. Finally, it got to the ninth round. Everything was tie. I would get in a sweet combo and he would get in a sweet combo. I would do a super move; he would do a super move. The health bars couldn’t be any closer to empty when suddenly we both hit each other. We got a double KO and it’s a moment in gaming I will never forget. That’s why I’m putting BlazBlue here at number two. Until other fighting games can give me an experience like that, I don’t think I will give them the same level of respect.
Honorable mentions before I get to number one. The games I’m about to mention here are all good in their own right. They just didn’t make the list for whatever reason. Either they were too short, or they were just not as fun to play as these other games. First is Limbo, it has a great atmosphere and simply is enjoyable to play. I just have no idea what the game’s message is, or if it even has one. Next is Castel Crushers, it is simply colorful and just great to play. Though you do have to level grind to beat some levels and that did take the fun out of it from time to time. Mirrors Edge, I love this game. It was simply a great idea for a game and it was enjoyable to play. It’s just too bad it was too short for its own good and the story was just weak.
1. Mass Effect
I wanted to put this series somewhere else on the list. I wanted to put it at two or three, but I couldn’t justify putting this anywhere else other then number one. Oh yeah, I could point out all the plot holes in the games or the completely hypocritical ending, but then I remembered all the hours I poured into every individual game. Literally hundreds of hours for each game, nothing even comes close to the amount of time I spent playing these games. Sure, they aren’t perfect and they only leave you wanting more, but they also are just down right good games. Bioware created a series that everyone can find something to love. The player can’t help but feel like he is playing the role of Shepard. Yes, the creatures tried to make it seem like it was an RPG when it clearly isn’t. But at the end of the day that doesn’t matter. It is still the perfect metaphor for the seventh console generation. Starting out with a lot of hype and having a lot of potential only to go out with a bit of a disappointment at the end. Still though, I can’t think of a better series to come out of this generation. It not only holds a lot of great memories for me, it also holds everything I find to be good about the previous generation and everything bad as well. Look, over all, this series is great. Even with all its faults, the games still hold up in a way that no other series has. At the end of the day if I didn’t put these series at number one I would be doing this generation a great disservice. You can make a case for any other IP being put into this spot all you want, but no matter how hard you try to convince me, nothing did half of what Mass Effect did. In terms of the last generation, this is simply the best.

            And that’s it. My top five IP’s of the Seventh Console Generation. Every one of these IP’s are great to play and I can’t wait to see what will be done with most of them in the next generation. If you have an IP that wasn’t on this list then post it in the comments and let me know why you liked it. And until next time this is JoeShadowman saying, “I’m always in the shadows.” So enjoy those beautiful games you beautiful people.


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