Top Ten Non-legendary dragon types in Pokemon

Posted on July 26, 2012 - 11:15am by THEBERALE02

#10 Gyarados

Before you go down and rant in the comments, hear me out. Gyarados was used by Lance in both Red/blue and Gold/silver. He can learn 3 dragon type moves by leveling up and 3 by  tutoring and TM. He has a base stat total of 540, with his highest being Attack.

above : it even looks like a sea dragon


Haxourous not only is cool looking but has a 540 base stat. It is pretty average for dragon types, however he does have a high attack stat.Overall, Haxourous is an average Dragon type Pokemon

#8 Druddigon

Druddigon like Haxourous is an average Dragn type with a bases stat total of 485 and high Attack power, but he is a one-stage Pokemon, and a pretty decent one at that.

#7 Altaria

Altaria is one of those Pokemon that has a secondary type of Dragon.Its stats are again average with a base total of 480. However, he has the highest overall special defense of all Dragon type Pokemon which is helpful as it provides protection against special based pokemon such as Mewtwo.

#6 KIngdra

Kingdra is one of my favorite pokemon, being that its type combination is very unique . It has a base stat total of 540.Being dual water and dragon, it has a deeper movepool than most other dragoon types. Its stats are pretty average.Also, it isnt weak to ice.

#5 Flygon

The evoloution of vibrava, Flygon was Salamances brother Pokemon. ( LIke electabuzz was to magmar, or Ho-oh is to lugia). Flygon has a bases stat total of 520. His stats are well rounded with no advantage in any of his stats.

#4 Dragonite

dragonite was the originall dragon type Pokemon and the only pure non-legendary dragon type through the first two generations. Dragonite has a base stat total of 600, making him psuedo-legendary. His highest stat is his 134 in Attack.

#3. Hydreigon

being introduced in unova, Hydreigon has a base stat total of 600, making it a psuedo-legendary Pokemon. It specializes in offense with its highest stat being Special attack.It also has a really cool desighn with its three heads.

#2. Garchomp

Garchomp introduced in Sinnoh is one of my favorite dragon types.He has a base stat total of 600. His highest stats are his Attack and speed, making him deadly online. He learns a vast variety of ground and dragon moves such as Earthquake and Dragon Claw.

#1 Salamence

Salamence was one of the dominating forces of Gen 3. He has a base sat total of 600 with his srongest stat being attack. He is a formidable force in online competition being a psuedo-legendary.

In all actuality, one could put #1-3 in any order due to them having similar stats. My order for #1-3 was based on desighn . All 3 were cool but  i perferd Salamence due to his large wings and ferocious look which garchomp lacked and Hydreigon didnt do as well.


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