Top ten non- legendary Psychic Pokemon

Posted on July 29, 2012 - 6:11pm by THEBERALE02

#10 Sigyliph

Sigyliph is a weird lookin pokemon. However, he makes up for it in battle with a base stat total of 490 with his strengths being special attack and Speed. He can learn Dark pulse legally by move tutor which makes him even cooler.

#9. Bronzong

Bronzong is one of the best psyvhic types of Gen 4 as he has an amazing base stat total of 500. His strengths are his dual 110 in special Defense and defense. He also can learn severall steel moves such as Gyro ball and Flash Cannon.

#8. Reuniculus

a rather new edition, Reuniculous has a base stat total of 490.His strengths are special attack and hp. Reuniculus also can learn Thunder which is cool.

#7. Claydol

Claydol, like Bronzong has a base stat total of 500, Claydols strenghts are special defense and defense. He also can learn several ground type moves such as Earthquake and can also learn rock moves such as Rock Tomb. He also learns hyper beam at level 36.

#6. Espeon

Espeon, the second gen Eeveeloution is one of the strongest as it has a base stat total of 525. Its strenghts are Special Attack and Speed.Espeon can learn Shadow Ball which is very helpful in multiplayer.

#5 Alakazam

Alakazam the originall psychic type Pokemon gets #5 based on the nostalgia and his stats. He has a base stat total of 490, which isnt as good as Espeons.However, he excells in movest as he can learn Psychic, dark,fire, thunder, and Ghost atacks whichs makes for a pretty veratile Pokemon

#4 Starmie

Starmie, one of my favorite Pokemon not only for his high base stat total of 520 but also because of his moveset versatilty being  able to learn Psychic, Water, Ghost, Ice and Electric type moves. He also gets bonus points for the nostalgia factor.

#3 Gardevoir

Gardevoir is not only one of the strongest 3rd gen pokemon with a base stat total of 520 , he is also one of the icons of Pokemon due to him being used by your rival wally. He also has a cameo in smash brothers Brawl.

#2 Gallade

Gallade is a Gardevoir thats cooler looking and has a deeper movepool. Gallade has many Fighting type moves in his arsenal along with Psychic moves.He can also learn Earthquake, and Thunder Punch. Also, he is much cooler than Gardevoir and Espeon.

#1 Metagross

Metagross is the only non-legendary Psychic  Pokemon with a base stat total of at least 600. Metagross is actually comsidered a psuedo-legendary along with dragonite, tyranitar,salamance,and Garchomp. He also learns a variety of steel and lightning type moves. He is also immune to posion.

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