Top Ten worst Pokemon names

Posted on November 3, 2012 - 11:20am by THEBERALE02

Alot,of Pokemon have great names like Alakazam but some Pokemon have real shitty names. These names are on here for unoriginality or basic humor.
Remenber, this is a list of the worst Pokemon names, not Pokemon.So,dont be hating in the comments.
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Yes,it's a seal Pokemon,we fucking get it. It's a seal Pokemon named seel. It's like if we called Pickachu fucking rat or if we called Pidgey bird. 
Now, no offfense to seel, but this is probably the most unoriginall name for a Pokemon ever.
So, lets move on.Trust me it gets better.
#9. Yanmega
So, Yanma somehow gets an eveloution for some reason.So,what do they call a stronger version of Yanma. They call him fucking Yanmega. Get it, Mega Yanma,Yanmega.Yeah it's so hillarious.
In Japan,its actually called Mega Yanma. So, its worse in Japan for once.
#8. Krabby
Um, get it a crab Pokemon is named Krabby.Ha ha thats so funny.
So,this is another example of first generation Pokemon having shitty ass names for some fucking reasons. How could you not think of anything better than Krabby.What about Lobstrosius or  Krustile.
Other than being a fucking pedophile, Mr. Mime has a stupid ass name. His name is Mr. so is he married, is he your superior. Why call a fucking Pokemon,Mr.That's like calling your pet dog Mr.Snickers or Mrs.Carly.
I have always wondered what they call him in Japan, maybe Mime- San.No,they fucking call him Mime.So why did they add the Mr. 
Oh and there are female Mr.Mimes,so Gamefreak is making tons of Mimes gender confused.
#6. Horsea
It sounds like what a 2 year old would call a horse. Enough said,another unoriginall Pokemon name from the first generation.
The first time i heard this name in 1999,i was surprised hostess wasn't going to sue the shit outta Pokemon. Not only the hostess refrence, but also the fact that a legendary bird gets such a silly name.
Ho-oh strikes so much fear into your heart, and thats why everyone played Silver. 
get it, because its an ice pokemon,rock pokemon,and steel pokemon.Get it, regiICE, regiSTEEl,and regiROCK.Yeah.
It's a crocodile pokemon named Krookodile.Thats so oroginall i could cry.
#2 Feraligatr
No,thats not a spelling mistake. His actuall name is Feraligatr. 
The story goes back to gen two and the fact that in that generation Pokemon could not have names more than ten letters long. The worst part is that they still have not fixed Feraligatr's name.
#1 Luvdisc
Luvdisc because Luvdisc is a disc shaped like a heart. 
That would be like if i called Voltorb,electoball or if i called metapod cylindriacacoon
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