Torru369's Death Battle Prediction Charizard vs Ridley

Posted on April 20, 2013 - 3:25am by Torru369


Torru369's Death battle prediction between Charizard and Ridley. Who would win and who would die.

To summarize the rules of Death Battle


1. Combatants do not know of each other unless it is canon.


2. All sources considered canon unless contradictng original work.


3. No outside help is accepted.t;<


Now the challengers:


Charizard is one of Ash Ketchum's original team from the anime Pokemon. Originally caught when his original trainer Damion left him to the wild. Upon being rescued and helped by Ash and his team he joined him. He would go on o be one of his most (if not the most) powerful members of his team. He evolved into a Charmeleon when stopping a herd of Exeggucuttor and further evolved into a Charizard to battle an Aerodactyl. After evolving however he gained a rebellious streak, only helping battle when he saw a powerful fire type to face, a tendency that cost Ash his match against Ritchie. This streak was tempered by humility when in battle with a Poliwrath he was encased in ice. Ash's hard work in recovering him once again gained him his respect. Since then Charizard has listened to Ash's commands and has been instrumental in many of his greatest victories, However he would once again get a lesson in humility when they came across the Charific Valley in the Johto region. The highly trained Charizard residing there showed that he had a great deal of work to be as strong as he could be. After proving his strength in battle with Team Rocket, he was welcomed to train there. Still Charizard was only a call away whenever Ash needed him, and has come back to help in some of his greatest battles.

Ridley is a high-ranking member of the Space Pirates, a band of interstellar marauders who pillage anything that serves their interest. He has been at the job for decades, he was already at his command when Samus Aran was a child. When the metroids where discovered at planet SR388, he would acquire the life draining beings to further Space Pirate studies. This however drove him and the pirates into conflict with the now Adult Samus Aran who defeated him and damaged the pirate base Zebes. When offsite crews of Space Pirates found the site and began rebuilding he was recovered. Ridley was taken to the station orbitting Talon IV where he was upgraded with cybernetic systems and weapons creating Meta-Ridley. When Samus came to investigate the station, Meta-Ridley left the Station as the station exploded. Samus gave chase and battled him when entering the Phazon crater. The Chozo defences came online and fired on him ending the battle. Ridley survived the encounter and returned to the Space Pirates homeworld, wherein he was infected when Dark Samus sent a Phazon meteor to terraform the planet. He would bow to Dark Samus now aiding her when she went Phazon meteors to other planets. During the assault on Norion he would once again battle Samus however he was unsuccessful in stopping her from activating the defenses that destroyed the Phazon meteor.  Returning to the Space Pirate homeworld, he was imbued with the power of the Phazon seed where he was dubbed Omega-Ridley, the final Leviathan Guardian. Where he would once again battle Samus, where despite his newfound power he would once again lose. Ridley survived however and when Samus eradicated the native metroid population of SR388 and brought the last metroid to a Federation base Ridley made another assault. Facing a surprised and underpowered Samus, she was unable to stop him from taking the last metroid. When she gave chase to the reconstructed base on Zebes, they would battle for one last time with Samus as the victor. Ridley's legacy survived however, when Samus went to a Federation base to give her Report on the situation she unwittingly gave the scientists what remained of the dna of his and the last metroid that was spilled on her armor in their final encounter. The scientists took the sample to the science ship Bottle Ship where he was cloned. The clone looked nothing like him though in its infant stage and the scientiss simply took him in as a pet. Clone Ridley would than play dead, where an unwitting scientist would be killed by him. In the confusion brought out by the rogue AI MB, he would quietly gorge himself on all the food he could find. While doing so he would once again meet Samus. She didn't recognize Ridley herself though and allowed him to live, ironicly the same mistake Ridley had once done with her. The clone would follow Samus and using his screams to stir the other projects on the Bottle Ship to attack her. This created a win-win situation with the clone, if Samus fell he would rid himself of his greatest rival if She won he had fresh kills in front of him. Feeding allowed him to return to his old strength, and the clone challenged Samus. Despite the advantage of surprise, Samus won the battle thanks to the aid of her comrade. The clone decided to run rather than continue the fight. While resting he was killed and drained by the likewise cloned Queen Metroid. The clone's husk was recovered by the Federation and taken to the station orbitting SR388. When the x lifeform once native to SR388 was brought on board and started an outbreak consuming and replacing all life on the station, the clones husk was infected and all dna was extracted. The x used the extracted dna and created a new body for themselves Ridley-x. This Ridley-x would then battle Samus Aran but would fall and be consumed by her now part metroid physiology. The station and SR388 would be destroyed, ridding the galaxy of all known traces of Ridley.


The Challengers Abilities


Charizard is a Flame type pokemon with a fire/flying type combination. This combination gives him several resistances most obviously to fire attacks, and increases the power of all fire and flying attacks he uses. As with all fire starters he likely has the Blaze ability, increasing the power of his fire attacks when near defeat. His strength is great enough to block a fire blast from a Magmar, lift a Golem, grapple with vehicles strong enough to drill through rock and stop an Articuno (one strong enough to toss a machine of team rocket's that held several pokemon easily) mid attack. Defensively he has taken several blows from high level enemies even to his weak points and kept fighting. His speed is considerable as well, traversing entire regions within a single day or even hours whenever Ash called for his aid. On that note supersonic speed seems to be approximately 100 base speed stat, his species' base speed stat, to a flying pokemon. This based on Garchomp the Mach pokemon's base speed of 102 and Pidgeot's entry of having Mach 2 and Dragonite's of Earth's circumference under 16 hours who have speed stats in the 200's under agility.


Charizard's attacks include his signature move Flamethrower where he expels a large stream of fire, Fire Spin where he engulfs the enemy in a flaming twister and Dragon Rage where he blasts the opponent with a sphere of draconic energy. His physical attacks are Steel wing where he covers his wings with metal to strike the enemy, Slash where Charizard gathers power in the claws and strikes, Dragon Tail where draconic energy encircles his tail and he does a somersault in mid-air to whip his tail at the enemy and his best physical attack is Seismic Toss where he grabs the opponent and piledrives them into the ground. His best move is Overheat where he glows hot and then expels a white hot column of flame at the enemy. This move weakens his special attack strength though and must be used sparingly.


He has weaknesses to several elemental attacks. These include water, electric, and a double weakness to rock attacks. While his intelligence and creativity are considerable for a Pokemon, he greatly relies on his trainer Ash's commands in battle.


Ridley is a space dragon and high ranking member of the Space Pirates. His strength is great enough to carry Samus with one hand without encumbetence and send an armored man flying 20 feet. His durability is great enough to withstand several of Samus's most powerful weapons (many of which can puncture armor, break several meters of rock and score and dent an entire blast room) and continue fighting. He is seen moving at high speed seconds after takeoff. He possesses an almost immunity to fire attacks, he is comfortable within the heart of a volcano and can survive several direct plasma attacks (approx. 4000 degrees cent.). His intelligence belies his bestial nature. Several times he has attacked while Samus has been preoccupied and unprepared. He also has made use of ambushes and sneak attacks, often fighting when the arena he is in makes the most of his strength while neutralizing hers.


In battle Ridley relies on his natural weapons (claws, teeth, tail etc.) to attack foes in close combat. His natural weapons can rend armor apart easily and his tail can harm Samus even in her Screwattack. He can expel flame from his mouth in fireball shapes, in both small and large forms, or as a stream. His most common attacks are full charges, grabbing the enemy to strike, breath flame and beat and winding his tail for fast quick strikes. He also appears to be able to camouflage himself. This ability seams to require he be immobile and with eyes shut though. His clone also displayed the ability to create a shield to deflect minor projectiles. This shield demonstratively does not protect him from physical force (Samus can still escape his grip by shooting him even if the projectile does not hurt him) and fades with time or when sustaining a heavy blow. 


Despite his intelligence, in the midst of battle Ridley loses himself to bloodlust , sadism and arrogance. His dodging skills are poor at best and regardless of his enemies intentions he does not cover his weakpoints while attacking. His greatest physical weakpoint is his mouth, which he often uses to attack with.




- Greater firepower

- More moves/Less Predictable

- greater experience facing equals/draconic foes

- keeps his mind in midst of battle

- has abilities beyond his normal powers



- Better natural weapons

- More Durable

- Faster

- smarter when bloodlust doesn't overtake him

- More Experienced KIller




While Charizard has the edge in skill and firepower at range, both combatants resistance to fire attacks would result in a stalemate. Thus the victor would be decided in close quarters. Charizard has skill and experience in fighting dragons on his side, Ridley has better natural weapons, is faster and more durable. But even if Charizard's skill could bridge the gap in strength, Ridley would likely outwit and outmaneuver his opponent if the fight went south. This Battles winner is Ridley.

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