Transformers Battle Card game coming to iOS and Android

Posted on August 6, 2012 - 12:00pm by THEBERALE02

Indie developer ngmoco has announced that they would develop a Transformers battle card game titled Transformers (working title) for the iOS and Android App stores. The game will play similar to Yu-Gi-Oh where you play cards from your deck to attack enemies or other players’ cards. There will be both character cards and cards that increase your characters power called supporter cards.

You can choose to play as a Decepticon or Autobot, both of which have different plot choices and end in different conclusions dependant on your choices throughout the game. During the game, you will get new missions which when completed add new items to your deck. Also, the characters and items in your deck are also influenced by your choices.

One cool feature about the game is that you can fuse character cards during battle to make the character card created stronger. For instance you could fuse a Bumblebee into an Optimus Prime to make the Optimus Prime stronger.

The game so far is expected to be for sale on IOS and android in September. So what is your favorite transformer? Mine is Starscream. Comment with your favorite.

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