Trololo man in critical condition!

Posted on June 1, 2012 - 3:40pm by Canadian Brony

Remember the Trololo guy?  Of course you do. Russian singer Eduard Khil has become quite the sensation on the internet, most notably on Youtube! But disaster struck this past week! As it turns out, Eduard had a stroke and is currently in hospital care. Not only that, but he's in a coma AND has irreversable brain damage! Here's what the article had to say:

"Russian singer Eduard Khil who became an internet sensation two years ago is in a coma after a stroke. The 77-year-old stage star is in intensive care as he has suffered irreversible brain damage."

"The Soviet stage legend who rose to international fame in 2010 when his I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home scooped the attention of millions around the world, is in St. Petersburg Polenov Scientific Research Institute of Neurosurgery. Medics fighting for Khil’s life say several important functions of the singer’s brain are irreversibly damaged."

"Doctors suggest Trololo man’s life could be saved, but he would need urgent surgery, reports. Even if the singer survives the operation, there are no guarantees of recovery."

Now before you rush to the comments saying "Don't believe everything you read on the internet!", let me make it perfectly clear that I'm aware that this could be some kind of sick prank. You just can't be sure about what resources to trust or not!

But assuming that this IS all real, let us take a moment to remember the Trololo guy for what he was known for:

Even if the doctors can't save him, he lived to be 77 years old. I'm sure he had a good life. May your fame live on Trololo guy. With the many fans that he has, I doubt he'll be leaving the internet anytime soon.

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