Twisted Metal Marathon: Games of Vehicular Mayhem

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Jan-24-2012 - I Love Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal Marathon:

Jan-26-2012 – Games of Vehicular Mayhem

Feb-02-2012 – ???

Feb-09-2012 - ???

It’s been a long time coming, but Twisted Metal is finally making its PS3 debut and I am damn excited for it. I’ve been growing up in the video game world roughly since the series started and Twisted Metal is one franchise that has carried me from one home console to the next. So, because a new game is ready to come along, I’m here to get you all a bit pepped up for Twisted Metal so that you know what kind of game this is and more when it hits the stores.

To start I’m gonna give you an introduction to the games, their innovations, and give you a feel for the structure and play of the games; so let’s get started.

Twisted Metal Tunes:

Twisted Metal III – Microwaved, Pitchshifter:

Twisted Metal 2 – Las Angeles theme, The Pinnacle Group:

Twisted Metal (PS1) Nov 5, 1995

Twisted Metal was the beginning of a genre called Car Combat; a game style that emphasizes shooting enemy vehicles with various weapons, ramming competitors into environmental hazards (like off a giant building), and limited racing elements. Each character is competing for a single wish of absolutely anything (even what should be unattainable). However, it only goes out to the last one left standing at the end of the road.

You have a set number of lives, must use what you have, and play to your vehicles strengths to persevere. The stats of your vehicles include handling, armor, speed, acceleration, and the special. Everything except special is self explanatory; special is a vehicle specific weapon that is nothing like other weapons and must be used properly (like the bucket of a front-end loader). Throughout the games, competitors drive a multitude of vehicles: Monster Trucks, Formula 1 cars, Tanks, Motorcycles, Custom model vehicles, and so forth.

Introduced 3 hallmark weapons to the series:

-Homing Missile: seeks well, little damage

-Fire Missile: fair damage, some homing capability

-Power Missile: high damage, no homing at all

Trivia Video # 1 - All about a little company named 989 Studios

Twisted Metal 2 (PS1) Oct 31, 1996; Also on the PSN

This time around, all the remaining problems from before got resolved; such as having actual videos for endings instead of text scrolls. It introduced a rechargeable energy bar used for advanced moves that resolved Twisted Metal 1’s issue of weapons that were very situation dependant to make use of their potential. Some of the innovations included a freeze shot to stop your enemy in place, a rear fire option to fire most weapons at a trailing opponent or a deployable landmine. In addition to the originals Deathmatch option, a co-op game was designed to allow you and a friend to play the Tournament mode together.

-Added a much wider arsenal including ricochet bombs, napalm, remote control bombs, lightning, and teleports


Twisted Metal 2 (PC) Nov 30, 1997

This port is the only game of the series released on a Non-Sony platform. It suffered a bit from its age and elevated expectations on the PC; but it’s the first game to support online play as well as a save system.


OMG! Somebody painted their truck with a serious liking to Twisted Metal!

Twisted Metal III (PS1) Oct 31, 1998

New physics engine (more realistic), new characters + personalities, new look, and new weapons. All this made for largely, a bad turn for the series; a lot of stuff had issues or didn’t mesh well with Twisted Metal. Most of the weapons were okay and returned (somewhat revised) in Twisted Metal 4. Personally, I liked this game's music.

-Allowed for 4 person multiplayer


Twisted Metal 4 (PS1) Oct 31, 1999

Revisions were made to address never before seen issues with the last release. 4 also made a lot of crazy, but good additions. It’s still the only game yet to let you create your own car, even with a rather limited creation kit.
-First console game of the series to use a save system


Twisted Metal: Black (PS2) Jun 18, 2001

To reinvigorate the series, this game became a much deadlier contest. It was fueled with psychopathic drivers pursuing some very personal endeavors. The speed and sense of imminent danger was back with environmental hazards that could be triggered by a remote to activate, maybe a gun turret.
-Introduced a new game mode called endurance: players fight for as long as they could hold out against an unlimited number of re-spawning enemies



Twisted Metal: Small Brawl (PS1) Nov 26, 2001

A re-skin didn’t do anything new for the series except for recoating the title as a ‘for kids’ game. Real vehicles were replaced with remote control cars, missiles became fireworks, batteries restored health and turbo, etc.

Alright! Twisted Metal, Hot Chicks, & Rogue Trip!

Twisted Metal: Black Online (PS2) Aug 27, 2002

The first online Twisted Metal for consoles; complete with everything from Twisted Metal: Black except for any story based content.





Twisted Metal: Head-On (PSP) Mar 24, 2005

The first portable entry thus far made some minor additions; it included some totally optional mini-games that granted various rewards. There were also upgrade pickups to marginally improve weapons.



Twisted Metal: Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition (PS2) Feb 5, 2008

This was just a port of the PSP version; the only reason why it’s worth mentioning is the inclusion of a previously canceled game…





Twisted Metal: Lost (AKA - Harbor City)

Twisted Metal: Lost was a platter of interesting, incomplete ideas; including a game that ran heavily off of Twisted Metal: Black’s many design choices. It featured a large serving of special content videos and a mode that let players (for the only time ever) run around as Sweet Tooth himself, with a machete. In total, this compilation has more vehicles than any of the other series’ games.




In total, there are 133 vehicles:

-Full Roster Vehicles have endings

-Secondary Vehicles don’t have endings

- A >name_vehicle< cannot be played as; so 130 of the vehicles can be driven


Twisted Metal (PS3) Feb 14, 2012

This year's Twisted Metal has gone through some minor revisions to keep the formula fresh. There are only 3 characters and nobody will be bound to their go-to vehicle (you'll be able to use any vehicle with anybody). Helicopters can be piloted and a simple sniper weapon is entering the fray. The characters remind me of their Black counterparts and there is a new multiplayer mode: Nuke. It's a take on capture the flag with players taking on differing roles. The opposing leader must be captured and tossed in a wood chipper (ouch) which earns a designated missile to shoot at the enemy statue to win.


This week’s topic is about your favorite moment of Twisted Metal? Whether it was finally taking down Dark Tooth in Twisted Metal 2, flattening pedestrians, or going head-on in deathmatch, what was your favorite moment?

A glorious shot of Axel fighting like the war machine he is turns out to be this week's choice desktop. Oddly enough I can’t find this picture anywhere else on the internet. Remember to right click to save any image.

Extra Time! This harkens back to some promo videos for Twisted Metal: Black; a small handful of Dark, Gritty, and freaky character introductions. Kinda like a more extreme clip from a Head-On ending; but a total hidden treat for fans. Here we have No-Face:

Dollface, Sweet Tooth, Billy Ray, Mr. Grimm, Bloody Mary


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