Twitch Plays Pokemon starts fresh with Pokemon Crystal

Posted on March 2, 2014 - 11:00am by Patrick Breeden

Twitch Plays Pokemon returned early this morning with Pokemon Crystal.

The event began at 7 a.m. EST, and Twitch users managed to raise a level 12 Totodile as of this writing.

According to a countdown on the event’s top right corner, a Democracy mode is scheduled to begin. One presumes Democracy mode counts the number of votes for each action and takes the action with the highest votes.

The new Twitch Plays Pokemon event was scheduled after Twitch users finished Pokemon Red yesterday. The project reached 75,000 concurrent users, and today’s crowd reached 71,217 as of this writing. The thousands of users took well over 100 hours to finish a game that takes roughly 30 hours to finish.

Statistics were recorded for the first run of Twitch Plays Pokemon, and the results were impressive in terms of social interaction with a Pokemon game. The event finished with over 36 million views, over 122 million commands were entered by Twitch users and viewers watched over 1 billion minutes of Pokemon action – or inaction depending on when they tuned in.

Pokemon Crystal released in 2001 in North America exclusively for Gameboy Color. It is an updated version of Pokemon Gold and Silver and, according to GiantBomb, introduced the ability to choose a male or female protagonist.

What are you waiting for, g1s? Join in and play Pokemon on Twitch by clicking here!

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