Uncharted 3: Fort Co-Op Review

Posted on February 14, 2012 - 2:14pm by AgentKane


While the short campaign maybe too short for the price tag, it is a blast to play for the bad guys alone.

There are two parts to Uncharted 3'as Multiplayer; Competitive and Co-Op. Competitive has been getting most of the attention what with the new maps and skins. You can run around as a Helghast Capture Trooper from Killzone 3! However the Co-Op side has not been given the same attention. Now, that has changed with the new mission titled Fort.....oh god.

When I hear Fort, I think of the terrible Uncharted 2 and 3 map. Thankfully, the problems that plagued that map is not in this mission.

Now what makes this mission different? Well it is a prequel to the Co-Op storyline which is interesting. Also, YOU PLAY AS THE VILLAINS!!! I wanted this since the Co-Op missions in Uncharted 2! The Villains you play as are the loud mouthed Eddy Raja From Uncharted 1, the asshole douchebag Harry Flynn from Uncharted 2 and the big scary warlord Zoran Lazarevic From Uncharted 2. As with the other Co-Op missions you can't choose your character it given randomly but since they all play the same it's not a problem. The setting is taken from Uncharted 1 just like that terrible map.

The mission wil have you take down armored foes and trucks, take and deliver idols to spots and at the end you have to fight off a wave of fire Djinns from Uncharted 3. In fact these guys are harder than the ones in Uncharted 3. Depending on what difficulty you have it on, it will take to 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Right now the price tag is $5.99 ,£4.79/€5.99, and free to those who bought The Fortune Hunters Club pass. Now with the that price tag, the campaign does seem too short but since you can revisit it on different setting and you get XP for it then it is worth it.

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