Uncharted 3 patch 1.13 introduces Tournament Mode and readies 137 pieces of FREE content

Posted on August 10, 2012 - 7:00am by Snark Bite


Uncharted 3's latest patch brings with it a slew of new content; aside from adding new DLC, Tournament Mode allows players the opportunity to win character items to use until the next tournament.

Editor's Note: I included the highlight reel of the new features in this post.

A new patch has just emerged on to the Uncharted 3 scene, patch 1.13 to be specific. The 263 MB download has quite the amount of content, the biggest of which is arguably the introduction of Tournament Mode. The way Tournament Mode works is that every person is given 10 Tournament Tickets each week; you can then use these tickets to change any regular TDM match into a Tournament match. If you win the match you accumulate points based on your individual performance.

Your tickets also diminish by the amount of party members you have, so don't expect to easily aggregate points by being in an overpowered team. If you run out of tickets but would like more before the next week, you can purchase them from the Playstation Store. Once you garner a certain amount of points you are placed in prize tiers from bronze to gold. The prizes are character items ranging from weapon skins to player accessories. These items are only accessible until the next tournament so they primarily serve as bragging rights.

The patch also preps the game for upcoming DLC, which includes more character accessories and taunts. If you're poor or uninterested in the latter, consider this your lucky day; new taunts and a character modeled after a person named "Spyder" who recently won an Uncharted 3 contest are initially unlocked... for free. Perhaps the most interesting character items are the addition of hats. You can unlock these hats like all the other items, by finding treasure sets in their respective game modes. These hats change the stats and abilities of your character, with one beneficial attribute while the other is negative.

"But wait, there's more!" Upon installing the patch, you also gain access to "Block Mesh maps" in 'The Lab' game modes. Think of it as the prototype of an actual map - No colors or comprehensive shapes (Just blocks, as the name implies). The total number of DLC pieces has been tallied to 137. Now seems like an excellent time to look back into Uncharted 3 if you were trying to find a reason to. I've recently just picked it back up myself, and would love to do a community night. If enough g1s are interested, I'm sure we can get a game set up.

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