Uncharted 3 Patch 1.13 Trophies add a lot to multiplayer

Posted on August 15, 2012 - 4:00pm by AgentKane

Editor's Note: I added the Spoiler Warning picture.

Recently with the new 1.13 patch, Uncharted 3 got a ton of new content from hats, taunts and now new trophies. Like Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3 never had that many multiplayer trophies. Both had only 2 but with each of the two map packs for Uncharted 2, multiplayer trophies were added. It wasn't the same for Uncharted 3 until now. Each map and co-op pack now has ten trophies added per pack and with five packs that adds up to 50 new trophies.

The lists for these trophies are [Type of trophy] Name of the trophy - What you have to do to receive the trophy

Flashback Map Pack #1

[Silver] Treasure Domination-Win a Plunder game without letting the opposing team score (5-0)

[Silver] And Stay Down-Win 50 matches of Elimination

[SIlver] Omnipotent-Complete a Co-op Adventure Map on Crushing Difficulty without losing a single life

[Bronze] All Together Now-Kill the three end bosses in Chapter 5(Harry Flynn, Eddy Raja, Zoran Lazarevic) within 20 seconds of each other on Hard

[Bronze] Air Mail-Get 25 Return to Sender Medals

[Bronze] Statuesque-Get the Cutator Metal while on Hard Difficulty

[Bronze] Payback is a...-Get 50 Retaliation Medals

[Bronze] Colonizer-Get 50 Expansionist Medals

[Bronze] Everyday I'm Tauntin'-Get 50 In Your Face Medals

[Bronze] How's That Taste?-Get 50 Fisticuffs Medals

The Fort Co-op Adventure

[Silver] Team Player-Win 50 Matches of Team Objective

[Silver] From All Angles-Get 25 Triple Threat Medals

[Silver] Hoarder-Complete the Artifact Treasure Set

[Bronze] Look Out Below-Get 10 Detonator Medals while on Hard Difficulty

[Bronze] Wild Wild West-Get 50 Gunslinger Medals

[Bronze] Eyes on the Prize-Earn 3000 Objective Points

[Bronze] You're Out!-Get 50 Strike Three Medals

[Bronze] It's Good to be King-Get 50 Three Kickback King Medals

[Bronze] Key Master-Get 100 Gate Keeper Medals

[Bronze] Hanging On-Get 3 Hang In There Medals while on Hard Difficulty

Flashback Map Pack #2

[Silver] Invincible-Complete a Co-op Arena Map on Crushing Difficulty without losing a single life

[Silver] Two by Two-Win 50 matches of Three Team Deathmatch

[Silver] Collector-Complete the Antiquity Treasure Set

[Bronze] Up Top!-Get 50 High Five Medals

[Bronze] Boom Goes the Dynamite-Get 50 Frag 'Em Medals

[Bronze] Overpowered-Get 50 Power Killer Medals

[Bronze] I Think You Dropped This- Get 25 Here, Hold This Medals

[Bronze] Detonator-Get 10 Mad Bomber Medals

[Bronze] We Can Kill It-Get 25 If It Bleeds...Medals

[Bronze] Pop Top-Get 100 In The Soft Spot Medals

Co-op Shade Survival Mode

[Silver] Treasure Collector-Win 50 matches of Plunder

[Silver] Overseer-Get the Curator Medal while on Crushing Difficulty

[Silver] Unstoppable-Get the Unyielding Medal while on Crushing Difficulty

[Bronze] Immortal-Complete a Co-op Arena Map on Hard Difficulty without losing a single life

[Bronze] Not Afraid of the Dark-Get 50 Lights Out Medals

[Bronze] Spartan-Get 150 In The Shade Medals

[Bronze] Get 150 Shade Survivalist Medals

[Bronze] Capital Punishment-Get 25 Executioner Medals

[Bronze] Head Crusher-Get 50 Head Hunter Medals

[Bronze] Hold the Line-Get 50 None Shall Pass Medals

Drake's Deception Map Pack

[Silver] Triumvirate-Kill the three ends bosses in Chapter 5 (Harry Flynn, Eddy Raja, Zoran Lazerevic) within 20 seconds of each other on Crushing

[Silver] Gladiator-Win 50 matches of TDM

[Silver] Fly on the Wall-Get 3 Hang In There Medals while on Crushing Difficulty

[Bronze] Deathless-Complete a Co-op Adventure Map on Hard Difficulty without losing a single life

[Bronze] Stealth Master-Get 50 Assassin Medals

[Bronze] Looking for Loot-Get 50 Three Medal Pickup Medals

[Bronze] Long Gun Lover- Get 50 Commando Medals

[Bronze] Double Trouble-Get 50 Double Down Medals

[Bronze] Boom, Headshot!-Get 50 Head Cracker Medals

[Bronze] I'm on a Roll-Get the Unyielding Medal while on Hard Difficulty

Now if you already have all the co-op and map packs then you should have these trophies already from just installing the 1.13 patch. Others however just need to get these packs off of PS Store or the GOTY edition. So is this enough for some trophy hunters to return to Uncharted 3?

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