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Posted on March 14, 2012 - 11:00am by Mcgunn


WTF is this?

This is a ScrewAttack game designed from the ground up by votes from g1s!


The game is a hybrid of an RPG and a Beat'em Up, thanks to your votes on the forum and in the blogs. There is plenty more to come soon!

It will include all of the SA screw and SA partners as playable characters

It will have unique abilities for each character that are unlocked at specific levels.

Editor's Note: This is not an officially licensed ScrewAttack project, but that shouldn't matter because this project looks AWESOME!

Please comment. All constructive commenters will make it into the game's credits, as this game is completely designed from the ground up by g1s during rounds of voting  (Check forum post for details)

UPDATE 4 (3/12/2012):

Brand Spakin' New Demo. Link at bottom of post. Includes: Character Selection, ScrewAttack HQ, Street Level(Work in Progress), Health, SpecialAbility, and XP meters. New characters: Jose El Mexicano, Tommy the Toucan.

After my computer died, causing me to lose 4-6 hours of work, I was able to redo it in only a few hours since it was still all fresh in my mind.


-As Craig is the only playable character so far, the character that you select from the character select screen only changes Craig's stats to that of your selection.

- Enemy AI is a work in progress, and they still cannot hurt you. However you can gain XP by killing them, and you can fill your special meter by attacking and killing them. (No special abilities implemented yet)


Arrow Keys - Move around

Z - Punch

Space - Talk/Action

Esc - Exit


Demo Version 0.004b:

.exe is HERE


.zip is HERE

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