Upcoming buffs to Legendary items in Diablo 3 are awesome!

Posted on August 22, 2012 - 10:56am by thegatekeeperBeta


A look at the upcoming buffs for Legendary items.

Editor's Note: One thing that I think should be mentioned. The Blizzard forums are burning with rage over some of these changes in patch 1.0.4. Legendary weapons had become so much more valuable after the reveal, the value of Magic Find items also increased. It made sense for people with high Magic Find items to cash in and make a bunch of gold off this shift in the economy. Somehow it wasn't communicated to those people that there was a change in the value of gold as well.

After the patch, you can now sell bundles of 1,000,000 gold for as little as a $0.25. Devaluing gold significantly. Previously at 100,000 gold, RMAH prices were around $2.50. Now at 1,000,000 gold, prices are only averaging $1.07. Basically everyone that traded their high Magic Find items for gold are fairly upset. See for yourself in the Blizzard forums and thanks Chad for dropping some knowledge on me. At least more people will use the Real Money Auction House and we still get the sweet Legendary update below. VIDEO GAMES!

Hey guys, Clive Bokley from EasyDiablo3 here with another post for you guys.

We all knew it was coming, but I bet none of you expected it to be this great. Legendary items were, from the start, not meant to be the best items in the game (as stated by Blizzard), but everyone expects them to be at least battle worthy.

Legendary items are for all intents and purposes just Rare items with a unique name. Sure they have 6 affixes and predefined stats, but it is common to find Rares with much better values. The only affixes unique to Legendaries at the moment are Bonus Damage Against Monster Types and Damage Reduction (%) From Type (yawn!).

That sure is about to change however. In patch 1.0.4, Blizzard has stated that they want Legendaries to be more unique, they want you to feel proud to have dropped one and not just pick it up like any other sword. And rightly so, I mean, can you expect less from an orange colored item?

Blizzard was not joking when they said they wanted Legendaries to be unique. Did you see some of their proposed affixes? These things are just epic!

Just think about it, you can have a shield that gives you the "Shielding" affix:

Diablo 3 Lidless Wall

Or boots that burn the ground you walk on:

Diablo 3 Fire Walkers

And these are just the tip of the iceberg, as they added more than 50 of them!

Not only are they adding new affixes, but also boosting up the item stats significantly. What was before a semi-good item will now have the potential to be godly!

Check out some of these comparisons:

Diablo 3 Legendary Items Buff

Want to play with an exotic build? Blizz is here for you too, as they are adding a bunch of new Legendaries that will help you optimize said build. Things mentioned were a spear for ranged Barbarians, a wand for melee Wizards, and a mojo for pet-oriented Witch Doctors.

Another great change is that many of the high levels are now getting promoted to iLvl 63 (instead of the previous iLvl 62) thus giving them access to the most powerful affixes available in the game!

Some other miscellaneous things to close off this post:

  • Set items are also getting reworked.
  • Sets are getting new names and new pieces, and they wont interact (give set bonuses) with pre 1.0.4 pieces.
  • Legendary and Set crafting recipes will persist after the patch, producing the new item instead.

Oh, I almost forgot. I saved the best for last! You didn't think they would change Legendary items and have them keep the same look did you?

Check out this video for the new looks and what some of the new procs look like:

Oh, and don't get too exciting about any current Legendaries you might own. Changes will only apply to new drops post patch 1.0.4.

I have all the faith in the world that this patch will bring back Diablo 3 to its former glory. What do you guys thing?

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